All The Endeavors That Make Up Jeff Bridges’ Career Portfolio and The Gist On His Family Ties

Jeff Bridges, veteran, and multiple award-winning actor, has spent six decades of his life dedicated to acting. He has appeared in more than 60 films and has been nominated for more than 10 awards from different prestigious award bodies. 

As a result of how long he has been working as an actor Jeff Bridges’ career has seen play diverse roles from drama to comedy to science fiction. The legacy of Jeff Bridges precedes him as he hails from a family of actors who have also left indelible marks in the film industry. But as an entertainer, Bridges works in a range of fields from music to photography.

Jeff Bridges Had His On-Screen Debut When He Was 2 Years Old

Jeff Bridges who was born in 1949 had his acting debut in 1951; a few months to his second birthday, he had his first screen appearance in the drama The Company She Keeps. As a child, he would make frequent appearances on Sea Hunt, an action television series that featured his father. For most of his childhood, Bridges had the opportunity to work in a number of films and television shows.

By the time he had his first lead role in 1971 in a film for television, In Search of America. The film was for television but it was not for the big screen, so it did not get as much attention as The Last Picture Show, which featured Jeff Bridges in his first lead role in a major film. For his performance, he got his first Academy Award nomination.

This made him one of the youngest people who have ever been nominated for an Academy Award. Following this, Bridges started to get nominated for other major roles. In 2010 he won the Academy Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in Crazy Heart. Tron, Against All Odds, The Big Lebowski, Hell or High Water, and True Grit are films that have featured him in lead roles. For the work he has done as an actor he has been nominated for 7 academy awards. 

The Actor Is Also Musically Inclined

Some of the films he has acted in, have required him to play characters who are musicians. In the 1980 film Heaven’s Gate, he played the guitar with Kris Kristofferson, a musician who was his co-star. As a child, he also learned to play the piano.

In Crazy Heart, his character was tailored after Kristofferson and in 2010, Jeff performed one of the songs from this film live on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Bridges in 2000 released his first album titled Be Here Soon. After what seemed an indefinite hiatus from music, the actor and singer released his second album Jeff Bridges in August 2011.

This came after he signed a recording contract with Blue Note Records/EMI Music Group in April that same year. In 2015 another album Sleeping Tapes followed. Jeff Bridges has not had as much success with his music as he has had with his acting, his eponymous album has not sold up to 400,000 copies. 

He Is The Author Of A Number Of Books 

Another form of art that Jeff Bridges has gotten involved in is writing. In 2013 he published his first book The Dude and the Zen Master, which he co-authored with Bernie Glassman. Glassman and Bridges met at a party where the two got into a conversation about a character in the film, The Big Lebowski which features Bridges. This discussion produced the book. 

Writing a book is not the only work he has done in authorship. In 2003, Bridges published Pictures: Photographs by Jeff Bridges. As a high school student, he used to take amateurish pictures. He continued even as an adult, as he took pictures on the set of movies using a Widelux F8 camera. He decided to start taking pictures on movie sets in 1984 when Karen Allen who was his co-star on the film, Starman encouraged him to do so. 

Jeff Bridges is also recognized for the work he does as a narrator, he has lent his very distinctive voice to the documentaries such as Lost in La Mancha, Lewis & Clark: Great Journey West, Raising the Mammoth, and Heroes of Rock and Roll.

Jeff Bridges Comes From A Family Of Actors

Jeff Bridges’ father Lloyd Bridges was an actor who rose to prominence in the late 1930s, while his mother Dorothy Simpson was an actress and writer. The actor grew up in Los Angeles, California, and had a very close relationship with his older brother Beau who is also a renowned actor.

The relationship between Beau and Jeff was formed on the basis of the surrogate fatherhood Beau provided to Jeff and his other siblings- Lucinda and Garret, as their father was always away working. 

Of the four Bridges children, Beau and Jeff are the only two who went on to become actors like their parents. Garret died as a child from sudden infant syndrome while Lucinda led a quiet life away from the spotlight.

He Met His Wife On The Set Of A Film

Jeff Bridges
Bridges and his wife, Susan Geston: Image Source

As a man who has spent a good portion of his life making films, it is only natural that he met his significant other on the set of a film. Jeff Bridges was cast in the role of Jack McKee in the 1975 film, Rancho Deluxe. During the making of this film, he met Susan Geston. 

Filming was happening in Montana, and Bridges was shooting the hot tub scene in a place called Chico Hot Springs when he saw Sue as he calls her; she was working as a waitress. He instantly asked her out on a date but she declined, twice. She had assured him that the town was really small and they would see themselves again. 

Bridges says that he knew that she was the one he wanted to marry on their first date. The couple have been together for more than forty years. Their union has produced three daughters, Isabelle Annie, Jessica Lily, and Haly Roselouise. Isabelle was born in 1981, Jessica in 1983, and Roselouise two years after in 1985. Of all their children, only Isabelle Annie has had her own children. 

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