What Is Jeff Foxworthy, The American Stand-Up Comedian Doing Now?

Jeff Foxworthy is an American stand-up comedian, actor, TV personality and OAP who rose to fame in the wake of his widely received You Might Be a Redneck” one-liners. His over a twenty-five-year career have seen the release of six major-label comedy albums, two of which were certified multi-platinum in the U.S. Foxworthy is also the author of several bestselling books, based on his redneck jokes, as well as an autobiography titled No Shirt, No Shoes…No Problem! 

Being the son of an IBM executive once locked young Jeff on the corporate path of life, but it took one success in the Great Southeastern Laugh-off held at the Atlanta-based Punchline comedy club, to convince the young chap of his destiny in comedy. Now known as a successful stand-up comedian, many are wondering what’s up with Jeff Foxworthy’s silence lately. While there are speculations that he’s ditched comedy altogether, we don’t find that to be quite true – at least not yet. Sit back and allow this piece to take through all the knowledge. Enjoy!  

Who Is Jeff Foxworthy? 

Jeff Foxworthy was born—Jeffrey Marshall Foxworthy— in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, on September 6, 1958, to parents Jimmy Abstance Foxworthy and Carole Linda. His father is famous for being an IBM executive. Theirs was a family rooted in the Southern Baptist tradition. Foxworthy himself recalls being observant of strict rules and codes of behavior he deemed “difficult” to bear.

Growing up, he attended Foxworthy Hapeville High School after which he went to Georgia Tech in Atlanta where he studied computer technology. However, he left there just when he was about to graduate. Aiming to follow in his father’s footsteps, Jeff Foxworthy worked in mainframe computer maintenance at IBM, where his father worked, for five years. His time there must have been funfilled, at least for his coworkers. Because they would later urge him to enter for the Great Southeastern Laugh-off at Atlanta’s Punchline comedy club in 1984. A competition he won.

Jeff Foxworthy; The American Stand-Up Comedian

Spurred by the victory, Foxworthy ditched the corporate line of work and delved into comedy full time. And by 1993, he’d released his first comedic album, You Might Be a Redneck If…, which topped the comedy album charts and sold over three million copies. In 1995, Foxworthy released Games Rednecks Play. The following year, the album was nominated for a Grammy in the “Best Spoken Comedy Album” category. 1998 saw the release of his third album, Totally Committed, which was released in May. 

The piece hit gold status and was nominated for the 1999 Grammy Awards. Two years after that, Foxworthy received a nomination for Best Spoken Comedy Album at the 43rd Annual Grammys. Between April 1999 and December 2009, Jeff Foxworthy hosted The Foxworthy Countdown; a weekly syndicated radio show. For the ten years that it aired, the show featured top 25 country hits and interviews with stars.

Jeff Foxworthy
Jeff Foxworthy (left), Bill Engval and Larry The Cable Guy

In all his career feats, Foxworthy is most popular for forming the famous comedy troupe, The Blue Collar Comedy Tour which included himself, Bill Engvall, Ron White, and Larry the Cable Guy. Together, they four toured and performed all over the U.S., beginning from Nebraska in 2000 and concluding at Washington D.C in 2006. 

Their common-man humor got them the heart and loyalty of the crowd so much so that they almost hit “The Beatles” status. Riding on his newfound fame, Foxworthy, alongside his Blue Collar comrades, co-created the TV series, Blue Collar TV for the WB network. The widely received show ran for two seasons from 2004 to 2006.

In 2013, now spreading his tentacles further, Foxworthy was host and co-producer of a biblical-themed game show The American Bible Challenge. In the same year, he also hosted The American Baking Competition; a food reality show. Asides the CDs, Jeff Foxworthy also poured his humor into books, too. In 1989, he authored You Might Be a Redneck If…Followed by his autobiography, No Shirt, No Shoes, No Problem! (1996). 

Although not a cook, he has also released a cookbook titled The Redneck Grill, which he co-authored with the artist R. David Boyd. In 2005, he released another, Redneck Extreme Mobile Home Makeover. Since that time, he’d gone on to publish several episodes of his famous dictionary; Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary: Words You Thought You Knew the Meaning Of (2005), Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary II: More Words You Thought You Knew the Meaning Of (2006), Jeff Foxworthy’s Redneck Dictionary III: Learning to Talk More Gooder Fastly (2007) and Rednecks in College. 

What Is He Doing Now?

While fans might not see Foxworthy shows on the channels as they used to, they can still catch him on TV—only when paying attention to the ads. Since 2015, Foxworthy has advertised for Golden Corral buffet chain and has appeared in over 20 different TV commercials for the company. Jeff has also appeared in ads for Purina animal feeds and the iScope; an iPhone accessory that enables hunters to take videos of whatever they spot through their gun’s lense.

Though all of the endorsement deals, brand ambassadorships and everything in between essentially branched out of Jeff Foxworthy’s successful stand-up comedy career. The Atlanta-born star hasn’t stepped on the breaks yet. Until 2017, Foxworthy still tours, attends fairs, comedy clubs, and casinos, and even co-headlined Jeff & Larry’s Backyard BBQ tour with Larry the Cable Guy.

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Today, Jeff leads a Tuesday-mornings-only Bible study session with homeless men. Something he’s been doing for years. What started with only 15 participants has grown over six times its original size. As Foxworthy puts it, when addicts on his group successfully go through rehab, the organization will provide housing for them for a year, and also provide counseling and support to reunite them with their estranged families.

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