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Have you seen the movies Jurassic Park (1993), The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997) and Jurassic World: Fallen kingdom (2108)? If you have then, Jeff Goldblum shouldn’t be new. He played as the intelligent mathematician who controlled the affairs of the dinosaurs in the 2018 Jurassic world movie.

The strong, intelligent and cute American actor has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry and has also bought the heart of many. Jeff is way old in the industry as he started way back as 1974 in the movie Death Wish, ever since then he has gotten so many roles and has evidently had some accolades for his acts. Pretty interesting right! There is more to Jeff and we are ready to take you down the lane on all you should know about this person.

Jeff Goldblum’s Age and Bio

The high-flier was born on October 22, 1952, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and had his tender years in West Homestead, Pennsylvania. He was born to Shirley; his mother, who was a radio broadcaster and later a manager in a kitchen equipment and appliances firm and his father; Harold L. Goldblum who was a medical doctor.

Jeff is one of a three sibling having an older brother- Lee and a younger sister, Pamela. Unfortunately, he lost Lee to the cold hands of death after he battled with kidney failure at 23. He was raised as a Jew and was once a member of an orthodox synagogue where he also performed the Bar Mitzvah- a Jewish ritual.

Detailed records about the hot-shot actor’s formal education are not available, however, we know he graduated from high school but we are not quite sure of his college education.

Nevertheless, he moved to New York when he was 17 and began working as a stage actor. He also took acting classes at the Neighbourhood Playhouse and under the Sanford Meisner. Apart from acting, Jeff is skilled in music and is also an excellent Jazz pianist and he is set to release his first music debut soon.


After his parents left Russia and Austria to the United States, Jeff Goldblum gained citizenship by naturalization in the United States. Different people had brought up speculations about the actor’s ethnicity, some say he is Ashkenazi Jewish American while a few who thinks being Jewish doesn’t determine one’s ethnicity refer to him as a Russian-American. We would rather prefer saying he is of a mixed ethnicity since he migrated from Russia and Austria and finally settled in the United States of America.

Meet His Wife and Kids

Jeff has walked down the aisle thrice with women. His first wife was Patricia Gaul and was married to him in 1980. Patricia is an actress who walked and worked closely with her husband. They both acted in the movie Silverado (1985). However, things didn’t turn out well with the duo and they decided to call it to quits in 1986.

By 1987, Jeff opened his heart again to love and married Geena Davis who is also an actress, you could guess the actor has a flair for those who ply on the same career part as he. They both acted in the movies; Transylvania 6-5000 (1985), The Fly (1986), and Earth Girls Are Easy (1988). Their union also never lasted and they went their separate ways in 1990 after finalizing their divorce.

Jeff Goldblum
Jeff Goldblum, Emilie Livingston, and kids

Well, the actor decided to take a break with love and was said to have been single for over a decade but he finally found love outside his career field with an Olympic gymnast named Emilie Livingston in 2014. The duo decided to tie the knots that same year on November 8, 2014. By July 4, 2015, they were blessed with a son named Charlie Ocean. Two years after Charlie was born, they had their second child River Joe on April 7, 2017.

As for if the actor is gay, we could agree with a big No! As there are practically no records of Jeff Goldblum suggesting he is gay.

How Tall Is He?

Even at his old age, Jeff Goldblum looks so handsome and stunning with the grey hairs lurking around his beards and hairs. He had one of his children while at 62 and you can say he doesn’t even look his age. The secret to the high-flier’s physique is his principles in avoiding fatty foods, eating a lot of vegetables and of course, he hits the gym at will.

He is quite tall and stands at 6 feet 4 and a half inches with a balanced weight of 90kg. Jeff measures 42-14-35 for his chest, biceps and waist size respectively.

Net worth

Jeff Goldblum has gotten a lot of appraisals and has been receiving a lot of accolades as a result of his intelligent and outstanding skills. He is respected by a lot in the Hollywood industry and is seen as one of the brassbound actors. He has also contributed creatively to the industry. Jeff has undoubtedly worked really hard and is estimated to be worth $40 million.

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