Jeff Koinange’s Net Worth, Salary and the Cars He Drives

Jeff Koinange is an award-winning African journalist, news anchor, broadcaster, and politician. Through his work in the journalism world, the Kenyan who in the past worked for CNN has amassed a considerable chunk of his net worth estimated to be above KSh 50 million.

Jeff started his career as an author before working as a flight attendant with PanAm Airlines. His excellent service and voice got him a recommendation from a passenger who urged him to go into journalism. The young man took the passenger’s advice and has been able to make a name and huge fortune for himself in the world as a result. This is evident in the cars he drives and the luxurious life he lives.

How Jeff Koinange’s Net Worth Was Accrued

As of 2021, Jeff Koinange’s net worth is estimated to be above KSh 50 million. While the journalist got a massive chunk of his net worth through journalism, he still has other robust ventures that added to his wealth. Below is a rundown of how he earned a considerable chunk of his net worth.

He Started Out As A Flight Attendant

Jeff Koinange started earning in his early years as a flight attendant with Pan American airways. He is undoubtedly a person that carries out his duties well. While going about his job, he was motivated by a passenger to venture into journalism following his soothing voice. He subsequently enrolled at Kingsborough Community College in Brooklyn where he bagged an associate degree. He further went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New York.

Koinange Launched His Journalism Career In 1991

After obtaining his various degrees in journalism, Jeff Koinange started his career as a reporter at ABC News in 1991. He spent a year with the broadcasting company before leaving to join NBC News as a producer in 1994. In 1995, he inked a position at Reuters Television – his job designation was to cover Africa. Jeff’s mastery in the media world further inked him the post of Chief Producer covering Africa from 1999-2001.

Having built a career in three notable broadcasting companies, Jeff Koinange became a part of CNN in 2001. His outstanding skills landed him the position of Chief Reporter covering the whole African continent. His works were notable in the coverage of the civil war in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the crisis in Darfur, and the famine in Niger which inked him an Emmy award. He also covered news outside the continent of Africa, like the Iraq war and the Hurricane Katrina crisis. The award-winning journalist left CNN in 2007 after he was highly criticized by the Nigerian government following his coverage of the liberation of the Niger Delta. It was said that he staged all of his coverage of the area.

Few months after leaving CNN, Jeff Koinange joined K24, a Kenyan Television station that started its test transmission in the country’s capital Nairobi in December 2007. It is owned by Mediamax Network Limited. Jeff was employed as a Chief Anchor and hosted the Capital Talk Show till December 2012. He also has his own show, Jeff Koinange Live, which started on K24. Having made a name for himself with his international media career, he earned KSh500,000 per month, ranking him among the highest-paid TV personalities in Kenya at the time.

The TV personality also worked as a chief Anchor for Arise Television Limited, located in Johannesburg. He joined the network in January 2013 and left in August of the same year, spending only eight months with the station.

Currently, the anchor known for his deep voice works with Citizen TV. He hosts the Phantom Ordinare show on the TV station with Janet Mbuga. His Jeff Koinange Live show also moved with him to the station after a short stint on Kenyan Television Network. With a monthly pay of KSh 2 million, Jeff is one of the highest-paid news anchors in Kenya. His mouth watery pay owes to his experience as an international news reporter and mastery in media work.

Jeff Also Earns As a Radio Presenter

Jeff Koinange’s voice is top-notch. His very deep voice has enabled him to host a couple of shows on the radio. He hosted a breakfast show on Hot 96 Radio with comedian Jalang’o in 2017. Currently, he is co-hosting the radio breakfast show with comedian Professor Hamo after Jalang’o left the show in 2019.

A Rundown Of The Media Stations That Boosted Jeff Koinange's Net Worth
  • American Broadcasting Corporation News (ABC News)
  • Reuters Television
  • Cable News Network (CNN)
  • K24
  • Arise Television Limited
  • Hot 96 Radio Station
  • Citizen TV

Other Endeavors That Contributed To Jeff Koinange’s Net Worth

Jeff Koinange has represented Kenya as a judge at the new East Africa’s Got Talent reality show. The talent show which premiered in 2019, also featured Makeda, Vanessa Mdee, and Gaetano Kagwa.

The TV personality’s voice is something people wouldn’t mind getting to perform at any event. Jeff is also an MC who performs in various events in East Africa. In any event, he charges about KSh300,000 to Ksh2 million. With his outstanding skills in the field, he gets booked for about seven events in a month.

Jeff Koinange is also a writer. His autobiography is titled Through My African Eye. The book, which portrays his life journey, starting from his school days to his high profile days as a journalist, was published by Footprints Press Kenya.

A Look At His Endorsement Deals

Jeff Koinange has exploited his fame in bagging lots of ambassadorial deals for many companies. Endorsement deals are part of those things that go with any public figure doing great in their field. For the TV personality, his expertise in his field has made him a target figure for most brands in expanding their customer base.

He bagged an ambassadorial deal with Eastern African Breweries Limited as the brand ambassador of Tusker Malt in 2015. Three years later, the journalist became the brand ambassador of Shell Vpower.

The Luxurious Lifestyle Jeff Koinange’s Wealth Gives Him

Being worth about KSh 50 million, it is no surprise that Jeff Koinange lives a lavish lifestyle that fans have gotten accustomed to from most high-profile public figures. He is known to own vehicles and properties that are worth quite a fortune.

Jeff notably owns a Mercedes Benz G63, which he acquired at about KSh12 million. The exquisite features of the vehicle are the boxy styling and body-on-frame construction. The engine generates 416 hp and 450 lb-ft of torque, and the V8 advanced Biturbo gives up to 577 horsepower. The interior of the car is also luxurious.

In regards to his properties, he has two four-bedroom houses, with detached servant quarters, that occupy 0.67 acres of land in the Kitisuru area of Nairobi. NCBA bank once put up this property for auction for Jeff’s inability to repay the KSh130 million loan he took from the bank. The media personality occupies one of the mansions that has exceptional features like a cigar museum, and a unique whisky and wine museum. Both houses of the journalist are worth about KSh200 million.


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