Who is Jeff Magid – Emily Ratajkowski’s Ex-Boyfriend and How Much Is He Worth?

Many people gain fame by the virtue of their association with the glitterati and that was the lot of the musician Jeff Magid. Though a musician and music producer/composer, Magid, earned headlines on news tabloids when he became enmeshed in a romantic relationship with the beautiful superstar model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski.

His relationship with Emily came to an end in 2017 after which Magid went ahead with his career aiming to attain more heights. This article details information about his career, net worth and more.

Who is Jeff Magid?

Jeff is among the stars that celebrate their birthdays in January; he was born as Jeff Magid on January 11, 1977, in Los Angeles, United States. Details about his family are not known to the public.

The American musician finished his high school education from Luella High school before proceeding to Brown University, Rhode Island where he bagged a Bachelors Degree in Arts.

His career did not start as a music producer but as a singer. With the acquired wealth of experiences and capital he garnered in the music industry, he thought it wise to extend his tentacles into music production. He eventually acquired his own music production company named RBI Productions.

With the acquisition of the label, he has collaborated with and produced songs for other artists like Chicago, Gregg Allman, Dinasaru Jr, Kansas, and Quiet Riot to mention but a few. His notable tracks include Make It, Birth Control and The Ritual.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Ex-Boyfriend

Jeff Magid
Jeff Magid and Emily Ratajkowski image source

The story of the song composer’s love life can’t be said to be complete without the mention of Emily Ratajkowski. Emily is an American superstar model, born on June 7, 1991, in London to American Parents.

She spent her childhood in California where she schooled and started acting at a very young age before turning into a full model. She is also a social justice advocate and a promoter of women’s right.

Their paths first crossed in 2014 when the iCloud was hacked and nude pictures of female celebrities including that of Emily were leaked online. Consequently, Emily was subjected to intense tongue-lashing.

Coming to the rescue of a downtrodden Emily was none other than Jeff Magid. In the midst of great despair, he became her knight in shining armor. From serving as her comforter, Jeff became her lover much to the envy of many.

They became something of a power couple with many of their loved-up photos scattered around their individual social media pages. They subsequently moved in together in Magid’s Los Angeles apartment.

When everyone was expecting the wedding bell to sound, the social media darlings broke the news of their breakup in January of 2018 quoting “work commitment” as the reason for the breakup.

When the news of their break-up was about to get stale, Emily shared wedding pictures of her marriage with the movie star, Sebastian Bear-McClard. While Emily went on to find love, Jeff Magid has since been very quiet about what goes on in his love life. He remains active in his music production business.

His Net Worth and Other Details

With well over a decade and a half in the music industry, collaborating with and working for big acts in the industry, Jeff Magid has indeed joined the number of artists that have dug the pot of gold.

Though his popularity is somewhat tied to Emily, he had and still has a way of making his money and living the comfortable life of a celebrity. Per credible sources, Magid net worth is pegged at $7 million.

Height and Weight

Jeff Magid does not only have the money but comes along with the good looks and amazing physique. He projects a height of about 5 ft 9 inches (1.80 m) and weighs 77 kg (170 lbs).

He is an Activist

On several occasions, he has proven to his fans and the world at large that he does not support oppression of any kind. He has participated in several demonstrations, lending his voice to the grievances put on the masses by certain government policies.

One such occasion was when President Donald Trump wanted to ban Muslims and kick them out of America, Jeff Magid was at the forefront of the demonstration. Coincidentally, his ex-girlfriend, Emily is also an activist and they have worked together to send messages across to people concerned through demonstration.

He Loves Hats

The music producer is not only skilled in music art but also he has a good dress sense which he usually compliments with a hat which gives him a stylish signature countryman look.

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