A Breakdown of How Jeff Probst Amassed His Net Worth and Facts About His Personal Life

The entertainment industry is one big umbrella that covers a range of activities reality TV inclusive. Reality TV shows are a part of the entertainment industry that gets a lot of attention for their proximity to real life. Jeff Probst is a reality TV show host, who hosts the American version of Survivor. He has been nominated for a number of awards including an Emmy for the quality of work he does.

The wide reach and impact of the entertainment industry make it easy for different people to have significant levels of fame in their chosen careers as entertainers. For Probst, he has had an immensely successful career and this is predicated on how much people enjoy the show he hosts.

Jeff Probst Has Made A Lot of Earnings From Hosting All Seasons of Survivor

On the 30th of May, 1997 the American version of the reality show Survivor had its premiere on CBS. This show features strangers who are placed in an isolated location, where they have to provide shelter, food, and fire for themselves. The goal is to see how well humans will fare without the comforts of modern life. When this show premiered, Jeff Probst was brought on as the show’s host.

More than two decades and 40 seasons after, he is still the host of this show, and it has been an interesting journey working with Mark Burnett the show’s creator. The seasons of Survivor feature either 13 to 16 episodes but in most cases, the total number of episodes is 15 per season. Jeff Probst who has hosted every single season of the show has his salary paid based on each episode he hosts.

It is estimated that he is paid $200,000 per episode which brings his salary at the end of each season to $3,000,000. However, he ends up getting more than that at the end of each season. The reason for this is that Jeff Probst also works as one of the producers of the show and for this, it is estimated that he gets to make more than $4 million at the end of each season.

Jeff Probst
image source Jeff Probst and Survivor Contestant Ethan Zhon

The job that Jeff Probst does on Survivor is one that he wanted because he believed the show was something very special. The reality show host has built a career that is fraught with one-liners and catchphrases that are peculiar to him and the show. The line he says to contestants after they have been evicted was once included in the 100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrase in 2006.

He was also the recipient of the first Emmy award for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program in 2008. He then went on to win it three consecutive times – in 2009, 2010, and 2011. The reality show host and executive producer has been praised for how well he interacts with contestants, as well as how he transcends the level of just being a host to becoming a sort of counselor to the participants on the show.

Jeff Probst is an advocate for maximizing all the resources that are available to people and he has managed to do this in his life. There is no specific information on how much he earns from all the jobs he does. But it has been reported that he has a net worth of $50 million. The bulk of this he owes to Survivor.

He Has Earned From Other TV Gigs

The work that Jeff Probst does on Survivor paved his path to getting other jobs as a host. One of these jobs was his own show on CBS called The Jeff Probst Show. The show ran for a year between 2012 and 2013 before getting canceled as a result of low ratings. He has also made frequent appearances on Jeopardy and Celebrity Jeopardy.

Jeff Probst has also been part of fictional television shows and movies, he has made cameo appearances in hit shows like How I met your Mother, Two and a Half Men and Life in Pieces featured him in cameo appearances. Probst has started to work on a series of books for middle schoolers. It is set to be a series of three books and the first one titled Stranded has been released. It is interesting to note that the book has undertones of the show Survivor.

Jeff Probst Has Dated A Former Contestant Of Survivor

A year after he began to host Backchat, Jeff Probst got married to Shelley Wright, a psychotherapist. The two were married for five years before they got divorced in 2001. The next time Jeff Probst was romantically linked to anyone was in 2004 when he started to date Julie Berry. Berry was one of the contestants on Survivor: Vanuatu. Their relationship began when filming for that season ended. The couple dated for four years.

The TV Host Is Married To Lisa Ann Russell

Jeff Probst
Probst and wife, Lisa Ann Russell Image Source

The next woman Jeff Probst dated was Lisa Ann Russell. Their marriage took place on the 5th of December, 2011. Jeff Probst has no children from his previous relationships but with Lisa Ann, he has two children – Michael and Ava.

They are the children she had from her previous marriage to Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Jeff is their stepfather and has explained a number of times that he and Lisa Ann share joint custody of the kids with Mark-Paul Gosselaar.

Jeff Probst’s Career As A TV Host Began In 1995 

Before Jeff Probst became the star he is today, his career had not so little beginnings. His first mainstream job was as a host of the FX show Backchat which premiered in 1995. He was required to read letters sent in by viewers and fans of the show. The show ran from 1995 till 2007. It had to end because of a dearth of letters, as viewers were not writing in and the writers of the show had to start writing the letters.

During the same period when he worked on Backchat he was the host of a VH1 series, Rock & Roll Jeopardy, this show was adapted from the popular TV game show Jeopardy. Hosts of this show typically earn a salary from $20,000 upwards per episode, it is however not clear what Probst earned while he was on this show.

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