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A glimpse at the picture of Jeffree Star would make you wonder what gender he belongs to. His looks are quite deceptive and he has used that as a platform for fame moving into the world of art as a makeup artist and a musician. He also runs his own cosmetic and fashion line and has gone ahead to release a studio album in collaboration with popular music stars. With his looks, there have been questions regarding his sexual orientation and his life in general, the article below gives a clearer view of his amazing personality.

Jeffree Star’s Biography (Age)

The makeup connoisseur was born in Orange County on November 15, 1985. He is of white ethnicity and holds American nationality. Jeffree Star schooled at Pacifica High School Garden Groove California but later relocated to Los Angeles in order to pursue his makeup career shortly after he graduated.

Following his graduation from high school, he joined the social networking site known as MySpace and used it as a platform for advertising his fashion designs and musical skills. Soon, he became globally known because of his many uploads on the platforms which pulled in a huge number of fans.

In addition to being an internet personality, Jeffrey Star took his career in music a step further following the advice of Samantha Maloney who perceived that he would do a great job in that line of work. Taking to the advice, he participated in the True color Tour in 2007 and later released his first studio album, Beauty Killer in 2009. He also went ahead to perform on different platforms in order to promote his music which later prompted his deal with Akon. Unfortunately, Star’s collaboration with the music legend fell apart in 2013 with no publicized reasons but with a statement from the makeup artist insinuating that joining Akon’s team was the worst mistake of his life.

On leaving the music industry, Jeffree Star decided to focus fully on his makeup career and soon birthed his own cosmetic line known as Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Amongst the many products of the company are makeup accessories, lip scrubs, highlighter, eyeshadows, makeup bags and many more! He is also famous for his fashion line, Beauty Forever; a fashion line that sells t-shirts, tank tops, and headwears. Recently, Jeffree Star publicized his intents of running a skincare line in the near future.

Net Worth

We could refer to Jeffree Star as one of the most multi-talented people in the world. He has laid his hands on different occupations related to arts and has excelled in most of them. It is quite surprising that he has never made appearances as an actor, he probably still has that in mind for the future. Star’s earnings from all his endeavors have been estimated to be worth $50 million.

His Mom

Jeffree Star’s father Glen Steininger was among the many who fell to the hooks of suicide. He took his life when his little boy was six, leaving him to the care of his wife; Laurie Steininger who later single-handedly groomed her son to what he is today. Laurie works as a model and has been a great influence on her son who took makeup lessons unconsciously by watching her. Today, the makeup artist takes delight in raining praises on her because of her contributions and support in his life.

Boyfriend – Is Jeffree Star Gay?

Jeffree Star
Jeffree Star and Nathan Schwandt

From when he was a child, Jeffree exhibited traces of transvestism and androgyny, he acted directly opposite to his gender and took the path of a female. Stating that he is a man who possesses a feminine body, he is openly gay and has dated different men in the past. He dated musician Tyler Carter (2015) and Chris Crocker (2005-2009).

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In 2016, he started dating Nathan Schwandt shortly after they met on Instagram. Nathan who was born on August 18, 1993, is a Michigan native and also a part of Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Jeffree’s love for Nathan can be seen publicly on his Instagram page where he proudly stated that he is a wife to Nathan and a mother to 5 Pomeranians; Drama, Diamond, Daddy, Diva, and Delicious. The couple resides in Calabasas, California.


Jeffree stands at 6 feet 1 inch and carries a body weight of 73kg. He has a slim figure and has maintained his physique by working out and dieting. Being a makeup artist, Jeffree wears lots of makeup and is also a tattoo lover. He dyes his hair in different colors and has a lot of tattoos.

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