Is Jeffree Star A Billionaire and How Much Does He Make On YouTube?

If looks can be deceptive then there’s no other person who proves this maxim better than Jeffree Star. A quick look at Star’s pictures would likely leave you wondering whether or not to tag him a male or female. But who says being controversial has to be a curse? For Star, his looks have caught the curiosity of millions of netizens who are now loyal followers. As a makeup artist and musician, Jeffree Star sits on an extensive empire that consists of a cosmetic and fashion brand. What’s more? He has since branched his tentacles into music; releasing a studio album in collaboration with popular music artists.

With so much said about his looks, more and more fans are now interested in the expensive apparel and accessories he puts on. Which begs the questions; how rich is Jeffree Star and where does he get all that money from? If you’ve ever asked these questions, then you’re in the right company.

Chronicling His Journey Towards Becoming a Multimillionaire

California could have been his birthplace, but when Jeffree came of age, he did what every forward-thinking creative in the United States would do; move to Los Angeles. Now, his purpose was far from “go have fun”. He relocated to pursue his makeup career shortly after graduation. In the early days, he joined the social networking site MySpace and used it as a platform for advertising his fashion design and musical skills. Soon, he became globally known because of his many uploads on the platform which pulled in a huge number of viewers. But he did not stop there.

Asides being an internet personality, Jeffrey Star took his career a step further, following the advice of Samantha Maloney who perceived that he would do a great job in the music space. Heeding her advice, he participated in the True Color Tour in 2007 and later released his first studio album, Beauty Killer, two years later. He also performed on various platforms to promote his music which later prompted his deal with the Senegalese hip hop artist, Akon. Unfortunately, Star’s collaboration with the music legend fell apart in 2013 with no publicized reasons except a statement from the makeup artist insinuating that joining Akon’s team was the worst mistake of his life.

Ditching music, Jeffree Star focused on his makeup career and soon launched his cosmetic line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, in 2014. The company makes several products from makeup accessories, lip scrubs, highlighter, eyeshadows, makeup bags, and many more! Aside from that, Jeffree is also famous for his fashion line, Beauty Forever, a label that sells t-shirts, tank tops, and headwears, with plans of branching into skincare soon. Having seen the tangible channels of his income, let’s show you some numbers. Shall we?

How Much Is Jeffree Star Worth Today?

Jeffree Star got eyes popping when he opened up on Shane Dawson’s documentary series titled The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, stating that he’s made over $20 million from his makeup launch. Besides, the UK news giant, The Sun, estimates his net worth at $200 million. Put in pounds, that amounts to £161 million. Sorry to burst your bubble, he is not in the billion-dollar range yet.

Nevertheless, he’s come a long way. Especially when you consider his net worth from the previous years. $150 million in 2019 and $75 million in 2018. If you’re wondering where all that came from, then we have news for you.

Remember all those details about the beauty products we reeled out earlier? Well, that’s just a minute part of Jeffree star’s income vehicles. In a sit-down with Shane Dawson, Star revealed that he’s been able to amass such fortune thanks to not putting all his eggs in the beauty industry alone.

He Earns Over $50 Million Annually

According to the YouTuber, several other investment streams make up that number. For one, Star owns properties around the world. Plus, he has stakes in the marijuana market. Well, not strange since marijuana is now legalized in most parts of the world.

He also owns an entire shipment and fulfillment center, a merchandise company, and even prints and does his manufacturing all by himself. In all, at least ten financial pipes keep pouring dollars into that $200 million fortune. With over $50 million pouring in annually, there’s enough to go shopping and still give to causes he cares for.

Though it’s not where the bulk of his money comes from, Jeffree is doing well on YouTube as one of the most popular creators on the platform.

YouTube Is One Small Piece of The Pie

Jeffree Star earns big on YouTube. As of this writing, he remains one of the most popular content creators on the video viewing platform. With 17.6 million subscribers and over 2.5 billion views and counting, there’s so much money to be made. Especially when sources reveal that his videos rake in an estimated $35K weekly. Finding it hard to picture that? Perhaps a breakdown would help.

Ace YouTubers like Jeffree Star make between $2 to $7 for every 1000 monetized views after YouTube zaps its share. Monetized views fall between 40% – 80% of the total views. These views depend on a host of factors such as the users’ viewing device (smartphone or PC), viewers’ location, how many ads on each video, how many viewers skip ads, ad inventory, ad type, ad engagement, content type, and so on. The cost of each ad view depends on an auction between advertisers based on the number of views; starting from a minimum of $0.01/view.

Given that, it is easy to see how sources arrive at the estimation of the star earning $140,000 every month from the platform. Nevertheless, it is imperative to point out that this is only a rough estimation based largely on intelligent guesses.

Jeffree Star Keeps Giving Back

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive job losses it brought across the United States, Star has been giving back in no small way. He sends some of his online followers money to ease the tension.

This isn’t the first time Jeffree has doled out money to his fans. He’s done this once every couple of weeks while most of the country is on lockdown, and he’s made it clear he plans to continue doing it while the pandemic continues.


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