Inside Jem Wolfie’s Insta Empire, How She Achieved It and Her Family Life

Jem Wolfie is a social media sensation who has utilized her knowledge about fitness and workout routines to garner an enormous following on media platforms. By publicizing herself through uploads of captivating content on many social media platforms, Wolfie has now become one of the most popular fitness and personal trainers in the United States. Her commitment to fitness and wellness has seen her author several e-books on workouts and fitness such as Workouts by Wolfie Weight Training Guide and Guide To An Hourglass Figure.

Jem Wolfie additionally works as a culinarian and having been certified at Polytechnic West in Perth, Australia, the beauteous model has ventured into the catering business as she has established many catering companies like Sugarveil Sweets and Good Eats.

Wolfie Had A Promising Sports Career Until Knee Injury Ended It

During her High School days, Jem actively played basketball. Her love and passion for the game date back to when she was about nine years old. She played basketball even at the State level including the Western Australian Basketball League for a few years. However, Jem’s basketball career didn’t last as long as she might have liked as a knee injury cut short her promising career at the age of 17.

After high-school, Jem started out as a chef apprentice at the Feral Brewing Company in Swan Valley, Perth. The job as a chef was tasking as she had to put in 70 hours of work every week. After she left the Feral Brewing Company, she got another job as a chef at Taylor’s Cafe. It was thanks to her experience from both places that she was able to start a business of her own called Good Eats. Although becoming a professional chef wasn’t her dream career, she does credit her then-boss Caroline Taylor as a significant influence over her career.

Jem Wolfie would later leverage on her strong social media presence on Instagram posting pictures and videos of the meals she had prepared (which were mostly
vegan diet) and as a result, received huge patronage. It was the first time Jem would use her social media page for commercial reasons.

Jem Wolfie Focused On Work-Outs After Her Sports Dreams Were Truncated

After the injury that ended what may have been a successful basketball career for her, Jem picked herself up, got to the gym, and began to work out. According to her interview with Perth Now, Jem revealed that she began posting her workout routines on Instagram not only to motivate herself to get better and stay consistent but to inspire others to do the same.

With her mother’s help, who is a fitness enthusiast, it was not difficult for Jem to learn about the shifts and trends in the fitness industry. She did many fitness tricks and every time she did, she dropped a video of her routine on Instagram. Gradually, her Instagram page began to pick up more followers. Noticing this
improvement, Jem took advantage of it by including fitness tips in her videos and her popularity soared. From nearly 10k followers in 2015, her Instagram page has over 2.7 million followers.

Wolfie hasn’t totally given up on basketball, she also began making basketball videos, a unique side that has set her apart from other Instagram fitness enthusiasts. One of her basketball videos went viral and got her the attention of Atlantic Records who called her up for an opportunity to use her skills to promote Cardi B’s new song; this was a major breakthrough for Jem.

Her Net Worth Is Not Bad For Someone Suffered A Major Setback Early In Life

Jem stands as a major source of inspiration to many who may have suffered major setbacks even before their career even began. With all her accomplishments, It is quite safe to say, Jem Wolfie is living a comfortable life with an estimated net worth of about $1.5 million. This figure will of course increase as she continues to take giant strides and decisions that will further expand her career and brand.

Instagram Is Not Her Only Source Of Income

For years, Jem Wolfie gave out her content for free. Aside from a few endorsements here and there, after she closed her food business to concentrate on her career as a fitness trainer/model, she had no other source of course. In her quest to upgrade her financial status, Jem realized she could actually leverage on her huge followership to boost her bank account. She told Perth Now. that she had wanted to provide more exclusive content to her fans and charge home for it because she believed that her content was of value.

Her quest led her to Google where she learned about a UK-based social media platform called FansOnly which allows content creators to charge followers a monthly subscription fee. With over 10,000 fans on the platform paying $15 monthly to view her contents, Wolfie is making a whole lot on the platform. FansOnly names her as one of her biggest content creators.

Jem Wolfie has published books too, they are mostly eBooks on food, she also owns an online store, Wolfgang Apparel, which sells hoodies and shirts, both of which she advertises on her social media pages. She has also been able to pool income from brand sponsorship/promotion on her Instagram page. Wolfie who has long had a keen ardor for modeling landed her first gig in 2015 when she modeled for Fat Burners. She has also been associated with other brands like Band Energy and Happy Way.

The Fitness Enthusiast Is of Mixed Background

Jem was born in Darwin, Australia on 7th August 1991. At the age of two, her family relocated to Perth, Australia where she was raised together with her two brothers. Her father hails from Czechoslovakia while her mother is an Australian native.

Not so much is known about her father but Wolfie does share a very close tie with her mother who is also a fitness enthusiast and has cited her as her idol as she has helped her to develop a passion for staying fit. Jem Wolfie attended Polytechnic West, situated in Perth where she honed her culinary skills.

She Doesn’t Seem To Have Found Love Yet

Although she is quite popular on social media, Jem has been able to keep her private life and affairs away from fans. There were speculations that she was dating an unknown basketball superstar in 2018. Wolfie, however, did not comment on the rumor. While her love life may be hidden from the public eye, wolfie does have a known companion, her pet dog, Mac whom she has described as her best friend.

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