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The popular fitness preceptor, Jem Wolfie is a social media sensation who has utilized her enormous following on media platforms to become one of the most popular fitness and personal trainers in the United States. By publicizing herself through uploads of captivating contents on many social media platforms. Her commitment to fitness and wellness has contributed to the success she has encountered in her chosen career field as she has gone ahead to author several E-books on workouts and how to stay fit such as Workouts by Wolfie Weight Training Guide and Guide To An Hourglass Figure

Jem Wolfie additionally works as a culinarian and having been certified at Polytechnic West in Perth, Australia, the beauteous model has ventured into catering business as she has established many catering companies like Sugarveil Sweets and Good Eats.

Jem Wolfie Biography (Age)

Jem was born in Darwin, Australia on 7th August 1991. At the age of two, her family relocated to Perth, Australia where she was raised together with her two brothers. Her father hails from Czechoslovakia while her mother is an Australian native. Wolfie shares a very close tie with her mother and has cited her as her idol as she has helped her to develop a passion for staying fit. She also has a very strong likeness for the game of basketball which led her to participate in basketball games right from the age of 9. She continued playing even at State level until she sustained a knee injury which forced her to quit playing at the age of 17. Jem Wolfie attended Polytechnic West, situated in Perth where she honed her culinary skills.

Career Achievements

After graduating from Polytechnic West in 2010, the media figure began to develop herself in the culinary field as she had jobs in cafes, restaurants and catering companies situated in Perth, Australia. Later in 2014, she ventured into entrepreneurship having established her first catering business under the name of Sugarveil Sweets, dealing mainly with the production of bliss balls, cakes, and desserts which she also distributed across Perth.

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Then in the following year, she founded her second catering company, a meal preparation venture called Good Eats that was situated in Perth. However, Jem Wolfie folded up the outlets in 2018 and created an online presence for her catering business. She also moved on to write short culinary-related E-books which include Wolfie’s Kitchen where she penned down tips on how to take charge of the kitchen and ‘Meal Prep Like a Boss’ which entails how to organize weekly meals along with tips on how to readdress nutrition habits and build confidence when it comes to meal preparation.

Coming to her career as a fitness preceptor and model, Wolfie has harbored a keen ardor for modeling as she landed her first gig in 2015 when she modeled for Fat Burners. She has also been associated with other brands like Band Energy and Happy Way. Following the knee injury she sustained while playing basketball, Jem Wolfie quit athletic events and then began to work as a fitness preceptor and has trained a good number of people through publicizing her workout videos on social media and equally on her official page.

She has also provided fitness guides in the form of short E-books which includes ‘Guide To An Hourglass Figure’ which focuses on resistance band workouts and body weight workouts, aimed at building thickness and curves in order to create an hourglass-shaped body. Through her works, Jem Wolfie has been able to amass over 2.5 million Instagram followers as of April 2019. The figure is steadily on the rise.

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Jem Wolfie’s Family Life

Jem Wolfie
Jem Wofie with her pet dog, Mac image source

The social media celebrity is yet to be hitched and does not have any child. She has not revealed much information about her love life which prompted her fans to assume that she was having an affair with the basketball star, Dunk after she uploaded a picture of herself with the superstar in 2018.

Wolfie, however, has not commented about the rumor as she seems busy caring for her pet dog, Mac, that she has described as her best bud.


The super hot fitness preceptor is 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 m) in height and her accumulated body mass is 61 kg (134 lb). Her other body measurements are given as Bust – 36 inches, Waist – 25 inches and Hip – 38 inches.

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