Jen Carfagno of Weather Channel – Bio, Salary and Career Achievements

When it comes to the turf of weather reports, people like Jen Carfagno will be trusted to know just what to say. The weather reporter who has been in the business for close to two decades at The Weather Channel is your go-to person for all things weather. She caught the passion for her work from way back when she was still a growing child and held on to that passion until it turned into a career path that she was earning from. Besides reports on TV, Jen is also hailed as an expert many event planners have come to depend on to predict the perfect wedding weather.

The weathercaster’s career run is very remarkable because she did not exhibit the restlessness that is often associated with reporters and their search for the next best thing. From the start of her career, she has stuck with the channel that gave her the first taste and has not looked back since.

Biography of Jen Carfagno

Born Jennifer Carfagno in the state of Pennsylvania on July 19, 1979, the reporter spent much of her childhood days in Collegeville where she nurtured her great desire to become a competent pilot when she comes of age. However, that passion died too soon probably because she gradually got drawn towards a new love for the weather as she grew. During her early years, Collegeville had 4 kinds of weathers which piqued her interest.

Jen schooled at The Perkiomen Valley High School where her resolve to be a weather woman was further solidified and before she was done with high school she knew for sure that she wanted to study a course related to the weather. Armed with this conviction, she gained admission into the Pennsylvania State University to study Meteorology. Beaming with the hope of becoming a successful meteorologist, Jen took her studies seriously and often woke up before daybreak to examine the weather from where she would deduce the forecast for the weather that day. When it was time for an internship, she went for a place that would give a boost to her career and she found it at The Weather Channel TWC.

Career Achievements

After school, Jen Carfagno found a slot as a full-time staff at The Weather Channel TWC in 1998 after gaining for herself a year’s experience in reporting weather forecast at the well-known organization. She had put in a lot of effort during her internship days learning to be confident in front of the camera, and the organization took note.

She has spent over 20 years and counting with the outfit and has not been linked to any scandals or controversies as is often the case with reporters. She is seen from Mondays through Friday from 5 am to 6 am reporting on AMHQ Early. She did this daily in the company of her co-hosts Jim Cantore and Stephanie Abrams. Apart from co-hosting on AMHQ Early, she also hosts Weather All the Time graphics in TWC. Besides weather reporting, Jen is a professional when it comes to Weather Channel weddings.

Jen Carfagno’s immense contribution to the Weather Discovery Center did not go unrewarded, she was honored Jen for her professionalism, support and willingness to participate in most of their events most especially the Groundhog Day. On 1st of February 2019, she was inducted into the Meteorologist Hall of fame. The grand event took place at the Weather Discovery Center in Punxsutawney

Jen Carfagno’s Salary

In a career timeline that has lasted over two decades, Jen Carfagno is probably one of the most regular faces on TWC and with such a long commitment, it is expected that she receives a wholesome figure in salary. The weather reporter and co-host makes $25,000 on a monthly basis from her job and about 300,000 dollars yearly. Her estimated net worth is summed up to $1.5 million which is a good figure for a reporter of her rank.

Personal Life

Jen Carfagno
Jen, husband and kids

Apart from the fact that we know Jen Carfagno’s husband to be named Neil, no other information has been released about him. Some sources say that Neil is a sports commentator, but the reporter herself has not taken time to respond to the story or tell what her husband actually does for a living. They both lead a happy married life alongside their daughters Kelly Carfagno and Natalie Carfagno. Her pictures on social media speak a lot about a family that spends fun times together.

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Other Facts about Jen Carfagno of Weather Channel

She has a unique and attractive physique that is accentuated by her curvy measurements of 36 inches for her bust, 25 inches for her waist and 37 inches for her hips. She stands at an average height of 5 feet 5 balanced by a weight of about 52Kg.

All through her career, the weathercaster says her most fun weather reporting are the Hurricane-related ones.

She enjoys activities like cooking, traveling and taking exercises, she is also fond of country music

Jen Carfagno is a member of the Chi Pi Honor Society

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