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You might have somehow stumbled upon a Twenty One Pilots record; and by so doing had a glimpse of the lead singer, Tyler Joseph. But how much do you know about the rock rapper, his family and things like that? Do you even know he’s got a charming wife called Jenna Black? Well, Jenna and Tyler became one in 2015.

Following her engagement and subsequent wedding with Joseph, the lucky lady was immediately shot to the spotlight with fans across the globe wanting to know more about her. Jenna has since garnered much fame across social media sites, drawing over one million Instagram fans and almost twenty thousand Twitter followers.

Jenna Black’s Bio

She was born as Jenna Elizabeth Black on June 12, 1993, in Ohio, United States. Her birth sign is Gemini. She is a white American.

Jenna Black grew up in Ohio. She was a cheerleader during high school and also played football. She later studied American Sign Language (ASL) in college. On finishing her education, Black began working as a volunteer. She also became a parishioner teaching children Catechism.

Jenna’s life, however, took a different turn after she caught the attention of Tyler Joseph. Jenna met Tyler through the latter’s high school mate named Mark. It happened that Jenna is a sister-in-law to Mark through whom they became acquaintances. Tyler later asked her out a number of times but Jenna showed no admiration or interest; she only treated him as a casual friend and was not at all moved by his celebrity status. Jenna’s unimpressed attitude rather impressed Tyler who said he couldn’t “get enough of it”, and so chased on until he caught her!

Jenna Black’s Marital Life with Tyler Joseph

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Jenna and Tyler eventually started dating officially in January 2013. In July 2014, Tyler proposed and got a “yes” during a trip to Paris. Then on March 28, 2015, the duo exchanged vows and became one! Jeanna also dropped her maiden name “Black” and took up Tyler’s becoming Jenna Joseph. Their wedding ceremony was a beautifully elegant one held at the Irongate Equestrian Center in Hartford, rural Ohio.

Jenna Black is a warm, inspiring and caring lady. From the time she started dating Tyler, she has lent him all the support he needs from a romantic partner, going on tours and attending important events with him. Her nice personality has endeared her to the hearts of fans since she started appearing by Tyler’s side. The latter described her as his “most-prized possession” on their first wedding anniversary. Twenty One Pilots’ other half, Josh Dun once pointed out also that Jenna makes Tyler a better person.

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Jenna has also inspired some of Tyler Joseph‘s songs. She has as well made a number of appearances in Twenty One Pilots videos. In 2015, she featured in their hit love single, “Tear In My Heart” from Blurryface. She later appeared in “Jumpsuit” from Trench (2018).

Black has also made a film appearance. In 2016, she played the role of a second lady in the fantasy thriller, Pagulu.

Facts About Tyler Joseph’s Wife and their Family

1. Jenna Black’s Family

Jenna is the youngest of the five children of Gregory Black and his wife Debbie. Her siblings comprise two sisters, Carrie and Kristin; and two brothers, Brennan and Jared. She has on a number of occasions, shared photos of her parents and siblings on social media. In addition to her siblings, Jenna also has some nephews and nieces.

2. Tyler Joseph’s Family

Tyler Joseph on his own part is the first of the four children (three sons and a daughter) of Christopher Anthony Joseph and his wife, Kelly (Stryker) Joseph. Both of Tyler’s parents have worked as school teachers and basketball coaches. His father later became a school principal.

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Joseph’s siblings include brothers Zack Phillip and Jay Thomas; and sister, Madison Grace Brett. Just like Jenna, Tyler also has nieces and nephews from Zack and Madison.

3. Where Do They Live?

Jenna and Tyler live in their home in Columbus, Ohio. Both of them were born and raised in Ohio, and so have their biological families also residing in the same town. Both Jenna and her husband come from Christian families. Although the couple is yet to have kids of their own, they are very fond of their family members including their nephews and nieces with whom they often take photos and post on social media.

4. Jenna’s Height/Features

Jenna Black is a blue-eyed, blonde beauty. With a slim stature, she stands at an average height of 1.72 meters. Jenna loves to always keep it light and simple when it comes to her makeup and clothes.

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5. Her Favorite Snacks

Jenna salivates at the mention of doughnuts. She also loves cookies, especially Oreos.

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