What Led To Jenna Dewan’s Divorce From Channing Tatum and Who Is She Dating Now?

It is difficult to describe Jenna Dewan and not mention one of the many important elements that make the American actress one of the darlings of modern Hollywood. From her dancing skills to her acting skills, and relationship with one of America’s most objectified men, Channing Tatum. Her status as the former wife of the Magic Mike star has continued to pique the interest of many. As much as her fans keep up with her career and continue to appreciate her performance in television shows like Witches of East End, Step Up, and Supergirl, they have wondered why Jenna and Channing failed to make it to happily ever after.

A Synopsis of Dewan’s Background

Jenna Dewan was born on the 3rd of December 1980 in Hartford, Connecticut to Nancy Smith and a former football player named Darryll Dewan. She is of mixed ancestry that includes Lebanese, Polish, German, and English. She was raised in several cities as her family moved frequently. According to Jenna, before she was seven years old, the family had lived in seven cities.

Usually, such instability would cause a child to retreat into her shell and hide away from the world, but that wasn’t the case for Jenna who grew up to become a cheerleader for Notre Dame Preparatory School in Townson, Maryland.

When her family moved yet again to Grapevine, Texas, Dewan continued dancing with her new school Grapevine High School’s cheerleading squad. Also at Grapevine, she took her positive spirit a step further and won prom queen. The actress graduated from the University of Southern California.


Cheerleading Prepared Jenna Dewan for Her Hollywood Career

After graduating from high school and university, Dewan continued the art of entertainment through dance by becoming a backup dancer for Janet Jackson in music videos like Doesn’t Really Matter and All for You. She toured with the music legend on the All for You Tour. All of this happened between 2000 and 2001, which was when she began her professional career.

Armed with a wealth of experience as a dancer, Dewan sought to utilize her dancing skills to feature in movies. She began auditioning for film roles and in 2016, she got her breakthrough with the role of Nora Clark in Step Up. As a dancer, which is still a huge part of her life, she modeled for Danskin, a dancewear manufacturer in 2016.

She Is Now Mostly Regarded As an Actress

Though it was dancing that gave her a taste of the spotlight, Dewan is now famed as an actress. Since her breakthrough role in Step Up, she has starred in films like Balls to the Wall, Setup, Falling Awake, and The Grudge 2. Most recently (in 2019), she played Mandy in Berlin, I love You and Jessica in The Wedding Year.

In television, she has multiple credits for shows like Supergirl where she played the younger sister of Lois Lane. She has also been a part of popular projects like Joey, Melrose Place, and Witches of East End. She has been a part of at least 40 films and television shows.

She has at least two awards to her name so far. The first was in 2007 when she won the Teen Choice Awards alongside Channing Tatum for Choice Movie: Dance Scene; this was for Step Up. She won another award with Tatum in 2012, the Peabody Award, and it was for being the executive producer of Earth Made of Glass.

How Jenna Dewan Met Her Ex-Husband

Apart from bringing about her breakthrough as an actress, Step Up also paved the way for the actress to meet her first husband. Dewan met Tatum on the set of the romantic dance film. As the story goes, the chemistry that formed almost immediately between the two after they met encouraged them to pursue a romantic relationship that led to an engagement and then a marriage.

Jenna Dewan
Jenna and Channing

It is said that they became lovers just after filming was completed for the movie. They dated for about two years and then decided to take things to the next level. Sometime in September 2008, in Maui, Tatum popped the question.

The next year, precisely on the 11th of July, they got married in Malibu, California, at Church Estates Vineyards. The couple expanded their family on the 30th of May 2013 when their daughter was born in London, England. She was named Everly Elizabeth Maiselle Tatum. Her two middle names were respectively Jenna’s and Channing’s grandmothers’ names. Fans anticipated more of such a bond between the couple but were met with the news of their separation.

The Truth Behind The Couple’s Divorce

If anything is certain about the separation and subsequent divorce of the couple, it is the fact that it was an amicable and peaceful one, with no feelings of resentment. In April 2018, the couple announced that they were bringing an end to their union which had lasted 9 years. In a joint statement that was largely met with shock, Jenna and Channing asserted that they had “lovingly chosen to separate as a couple.”

Affirming that they were deeply in love after they met and started dating, the couple proclaimed that they had had “a magical journey together” and still love each other. But then, they had realized it would be better they part ways to lead a joyous and fulfilled life.

The statement specified that there are “no secrets nor salacious events” at the root of the decision to part ways. Adding that they would remain a family and co-parent their daughter, Jenna and Channing promised that they won’t comment on their divorce beyond the statement and so far, they have stayed true to their words. Jenna Dewan filed for divorce about six months later and it was finalized in November 2019.

The Actress Is Now Engaged To Steve Kazee

An American actor and singer, one may be reluctant about describing Steve Kazee as an A-lister but his career has seen him win a Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actor in a Musical and a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. It was Once, a musical based on a 2007 film of the same title that earned him the gongs.

The actor born on the 30th of October 1975 was once in a relationship with actress Megan Hilty; they dated from 2005 to 2012. Much wasn’t heard of his love life thereafter until it emerged in October 2018 that he began dating Jenna Dewan.

Things have been pretty fast between the two as it was revealed that they were expecting a child in September 2019. They welcomed their son Callum Michael Rebel on the 6th of March 2020 and had been engaged for marriage the previous month.

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