Here’s Everything You Should Know About Jennie Pegouskie’s Roots and How She Got Famous

Jennie Pegouskie is a professional model, dancer, and performer. She is the stunning tough-as-nail lady who starred as Ed Sheeran’s love interest in the video of his hit song, Shape of You which was released in 2017. After her appearance in the video, Jennie garnered a massive fan base as she had thrilled a lot of people with her moves in the video. Various enquires have been made about the talented lady’s life and questions have also been raised about her puzzling mixed ethnicity, as Jennie has a combination of African, Asian, and Caucasian heritage.

How Jennie Pegouskie Got Her Mixed Ethnicity 

Jennie Pegouskie was born on the 14th of August 1988 in Seattle. She holds American citizenship but is of Blasian ethnicity which is a term used to describe a person who is half African, Asian, and Caucasian. However, the only known fact about her family’s lineage is that her mother is originally from Thailand. There is no available details concerning the identity of the dancer’s father and she has not spoken in public about him since her emergence in the limelight. Her other family members include a sister named Ann Pegouskie who is working as her production assistant and she also has a brother named Gattie Pegouskie.

For a better part of her growing year, Jennie had lived the life of a military brat as her family had to move around a lot. She also faced the attendant consequence of moving from one place to the other as she was always adapting as the new student in a class and trying to make new friends at every new location. However, her family at some point settled down in Seattle, where she is currently based. Jennie eventually completed her high school education at the Woodbrook Middle School in Lakewood Washington and thereafter, proceeded to the University of Washington where she studied Communication and Marketing, graduating in 2010.

Her Career Pursuits Before Ed Shereen’s Shape of You

Even though dancing and stage performances had always been her passion, Jennie Pegouskie, did not kick off her career full time in that direction as she had to put her college degree to good use for a while. She worked in the marketing department for some real estate companies in Seattle from 2011 to 2016 and during those years, Jennie continued to dance and model on the side.

Reports have it that sometime in 2013, she joined the dance crew of popular rap duo, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. Jennie toured numerous countries with them as they promoted their songs internationally. She also appeared with them on various TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Furthermore, Jennie had a minor role in the video for Macklemore’s 2015 song Downtown.

Jennie’s Success on Shape of You Got Her Bigger Deals

The project which eventually launched Jennie Pegouskie into the spotlight was playing Ed Sheeran’s love interest in Shape of You. More so, the story of how she landed the role is an interesting one. At first, Jennie was employed as a production assistant on the shoot. She was saddled with the task of helping the director find a strong and beautiful lady who would star alongside Ed Sheeran in the video which was shot in Seattle. Lots of ladies came in to audition for the role but Jennie caught the eye of the director and Ed Sheeran when she assisting one of the hopeful ladies on camera, and they decided that she would be perfect for the role.

Well, with the success the song recorded, it was definitely the right call to have given the role to Jennie as she rendered a perfect performance in the song’s video. To date, the video continues to attract lots of views on YouTube and it has close to 5 billion views currently. One cannot help but admit that the great chemistry between Sheeran and Jennie, as well as Jennie’s believable martial arts skills, were what made the video special.

Since then, Jennie has not rested on her laurels as she has gone on to seal lucrative deals in subsequent years. She partnered with Nike on their 2018 campaign Made to Play which encourages youngsters to not just stay cooped up inside the house with their phones but to engage in physical activity outdoors. She has also been serving as the Marketing Manager of the real estate firm, Avenue Properties located in Seattle.

More so, even though Jennie is one stunning lady who is quite comfortable appearing in videos, she has broadened her skills to include behind the camera productions. At present, Jennie Pegouskie owns a production company which she co-founded with Kamel Tentot in Seattle, Washington. The company produces music videos,  lifestyle, travel, interiors photoshoots alongside profile videos. It Jennie’s company that shot the Trust fund baby musical video for the boy band, Why Don’t We in 2018.

How Much is She Worth?

The fabulous young lady has no doubt been hardworking over the years. Jennie has created numerous streams of income for herself which include being a dancer, model as well as a Marketing Manager for Avenue Properties. More so, the enterprising young lady runs her own media firm and over the years she has sealed deals with Nike and other famous sports brands. With all these, Jennie’s net worth has been pegged at $1 million and this figure is expected to increase as her businesses progress.

Meet Her Long Time Beau, Kamel Bentot

Jennie Pegouskie
Jennie with Husband, Kamel Bentot: Image Source

It is known that Jennie Pegouskie has been in a romantic relationship with Kamel Bentot for a couple of years now. However, she has been quite frugal when it comes to the details of their relationship. Although the pair have not shared any pictures of their wedding ceremony, it is assumed that they are now a married couple as they often refer to each other as husband and wife on social media. More so, Jennie Pegouskie now goes by the name Jennie Pegouskie Bentot on her social media accounts.

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The adorable couple are also business partners as they co-founded their media business and like Jennie, Kamel Bentot is also a dancer. More so, he works as a professional photographer, videographer and choreographer.

Jennie Pegouskie is Quite Popular on Social Media

Since she attained celebrity status, Jennie has attracted a lot of fans to her various social media platforms. On her Instagram page, she has up to 50,000 followers and counting. She is also building a massive fan base on Facebook where she had garnered thousands of followers too. The dancer has also been able to keep her fans glued to her wall as she usually uploads pictures of her activities and places she has visited alone or with her partner. She even shared an interview she had on King 5 News about her experiences in high school on social media.

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