Jennifer Ashley Harper – Bio, Family, Facts About Dave Matthew’s Wife

The name of Jennifer Ashley Harper will not ring a bell until that of her superstar husband is mentioned. Jennifer is not a mainstream celebrity but she has earned public attention as the wife of Grammy Award-winning music legend Dave Matthews who is renowned as a lead vocalist, a guitarist, an actor as well as a songwriter. Jennifer’s professional life has never attracted public attention which may be due to the fact that she has none. However, she is busy at the home front being a good mother and a loving wife.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s Bio

The wife of Dave Matthews holds an American nationality with white ethnicity and she was born on the 30th of November 1967. Information about Jennifer Ashley Harper’s formative years is sadly lacking and in the same vein, nothing is known about her academic qualifications.


Jennifer’s family details have never come under the radar of the media, so no one knows a thing about her parents since they have never been identified. It is also not known whether she is an only child or has siblings.

Other Facts About Dave Matthews Wife

Net Worth

It is very difficult to predict Jennifer Ashley Harper’s net worth since her emergence to the spotlight is mainly because of her husband. Her profession is not known but she just might be a homemaker, taking care of her husband and children. However, her husband’s net worth was estimated at a jaw-dropping £300 million at the latest review and he is one of the largest landowners in Virginia.

Her Relationship with Dave Matthews

Jennifer Ashley Harper may not be a celebrity in her own right, but the details of her personal life is out in the open because of her celebrity husband, Dave Mathews, who is renowned as a Grammy award winner in the world of music. Jennifer’s spouse is best recognized as the lead vocalist, guitarist as well as songwriter for the musical band popularly known as Dave Matthew’s Band. The iconic musician has also had some gig as an actor in the past. Dave started experimenting with musical instruments during his formative years and today the famed musician has achieved legendary status in his chosen field.

The exact date of the couple’s wedding is not public knowledge but according to available records, they tied the nuptial in 1994 but prior to their union, they dated for almost ten years before the decision to culminate their relationship in a marriage ceremony.

Their marriage has successfully counted down a decade and is fast approaching a second decade. From the inception of their marriage till date, their story has always been that of success as they welcomed three children within a very short time. Jennifer Ashley Harper first gave birth to twin daughters named Grace Ann and Stella Busina on the 15th of August 2001. The twins soon became sisters to August Oliver – their younger brother who announced his entrance on the 19th of June 2007.

Along with his younger sister Jane, Dave also takes care of his older sister’s two kids after their mother Anne was murdered by her husband in 1994 (the husband took his own life afterward). Together the Matthews family live in Seattle, Washington. Dave revealed that he is agnostic in a 2001 interview but it is not clear whether his wife is with him on that or has a different belief.

Even without believing in the existence of God, the husband of Jennifer Ashley Harper is a notable philanthropist and has contributed a lot to charity. Along with other famous musicians like John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, and Neil Young, Dave is part of the Farm Aid board of directors – the board is charged with the responsibility of raising money for family farmers all over the United States.

Even after almost two decades in matrimony, the love between Jennifer Ashley Harper and her husband seems to be growing stronger as the years roll by. On his own part, Jennifer’s spouse is a loving husband and caring father who always makes out time for his family, even with his busy schedule, he always puts family first. The Matthews family is always seen going on vacations as well as spending quality time together.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s twin daughters Grace Anne and Stella Busina are grown-ups, presently in their late teens while her son August Oliver is slowly approaching his teens. On their own part, the couple has come to be a good example of what a celebrity marriage should look like as they try to be good parents to their children.

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s Height

Jennifer Ashley Harper’s height and body weight have never attracted media attention which may be may be due to the fact that she is not a mainstream celebrity. However, she has good height with matching weight. From her photos, it is glaring that she is blonde with brown eyes.


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