Jennifer Hielsberg – Bio, Family, Facts About Bret Bielema Wife

The reserved, calculated, and beautiful wife of Bret Bielema, Jennifer Hielsberg is a renowned American model and businesswoman who has graced a lot of commercials, headlines as well as magazines. Her modeling career which started at an early age has helped her in building a huge fan base

from around the globe.

While she has built an impressive career for herself, her share of influence went a notch higher after Jennifer Hielsberg got married to the American football oach. Together, they share a  beautiful daughter and although she has been a person of interest for a very long time, Jennifer is very reserved when it comes to details about her life, and family. Fortunately, we have succeeded in digging out most of the hidden facts about this endowed damsel. Read on…

Jennifer Hielsberg – Biography 

Born in the city of Tampa, Florida in the year 1985, Jennifer Heilsberg is yet to reveal the precise day and month she joined the population of the earth. Also, no one knows the identities of her immediate family as she barely speaks about them. However, it is common knowledge that she was raised in New York City.

With regards to the details of her educational pursuit, her high school details have been swept under the carpet but records have it that Jennifer Hielsberg graduated with a BA in psychology from the University of Wisconsin.



Jennifer Hielsberg is married to Bret Bielema, an American football coach. The couple first met at the popular Wynn Casino in the city of Las Vegas while Jenifer and her friends were playing blackjack. They subsequently dated for a while before exchanging their marital vows on the 11th day in the month of March 2012 in Madison, Wisconsin. The couple shares a beautiful daughter, Briella Nichole Bielema whom they welcomed on the 8th day of July 2017.

Facts About Bret Bielema Wife; Jennifer Hielsberg

From the obvious fact, Jennifer Hielsberg is quite reserved with the many details of her life, however, we have succeeded in compiling some  unknown facts about her in the following subheadings; 

Jennifer Hielsberg started out as a model. 

It has been proven that a greater percentage of kids raised in New York City and Los Angeles tend to fall in love with the entertainment industry and often times end up becoming stars in the industry if their dreams come to actualization. For Jennifer Heilsberg who was raised in New York, she was no exception.

Her passion as a model was developed while she was a teen. Her beautifully curved physique became one of the advantages she used in actualizing her dreams. Reports have claimed that Hielsberg was spotted by an unrevealed modeling agency who helped her climb to stardom. She has graced lots of magazine covers as well as commercials. Also, Jennifer Heilsberg worked with a few modeling agencies in the United States of American.

She built an impressive career working for several Finance companies. 

While being celebrated for her modeling career, Jennifer Hielsberg has worked for a few financial companies. She combined her modeling career while working for a few finance house.

Furthermore, there are claims insinuating that she initially trained as financial personnel before switching. Sadly, there is no concrete proof to this claim. On the model’s part, she has often spoken about her involvement with a few finance house but has been extra careful with revealing the names of these companies.

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Net Worth 

Jennifer Hielsberg’s major source of income is from her job as finance personnel. That notwithstanding, her modeling gigs have also topped her earnings. It has been estimated that she sits on a net worth of $500,000 while her husband who has worked tirelessly as a football coach sits on a net worth of $8 million.

Body Measurements

Though the exact details of Jennifer’s measurement are nowhere near the records, her beauty is one to behold. She often wears a killer smile on her long black hair. She has a slim physique but her curves are quite visible. As a model, she has mastered a few pictures poses that gives her one of the perfect looks on every of her picture uploads.

She is an animal lover

For the many things, Jennifer Hielsberg has fallen in love with in life, she has shown the world that she has a flair for animals. She owns two Yorkshire Terrier dogs named Lucy and Ricky


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