Jennifer Pfautch – Biography, Family, Facts About Omari Hardwick’s Wife

Beyond being a well-known publicist, Jennifer Pfautch tasted real fame when she got associated with popular actor Omari Hardwick. Jennifer who was first in a long term relationship with Omari has been like some sort of lifelong support to the popular actor from way back during his struggling years until he rose to become one of the well-respected actors of Hollywood.

Jennifer wears many hats as a loving wife, a doting mother and a professional who runs a website. She has equally gained a good following with her presence on social media platforms as well as her website. But her life has not been a walk in the park as many apparently think when they resent her for being Omari’s choice for a wife. Read on for details on why the star actor has not wavered on his decision to be joined to her.

Jennifer Pfautch Biography

Pfautch was born in Saint Louis Missouri, but her age and birth date are not known because she has so far kept all information regarding her background a well-guarded secret. However, from the much that has been gathered, her nationality is American. Regarding her early education, she attended a private school in the United States whose name she has withheld. She moved on to obtain a degree in 2004 from the Lutheran University California even though it is not sure what she studied.

Since she came into the limelight, Jennifer Pfautch has made her mark as a producer and publicist having worked with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Beyond her work with stars, the versatile publicist also runs a website which in recent times takes a good majority of her time. On the said website, Jennifer posts all manner of inspirational quotes, words of wisdom and recipes for the many visitors she has successfully garnered on the page.


Jennifer Pfautch is married to popular actor Omari Hardwick, the duo sealed their love in a small and intimate ceremony witnessed by a few guests. Soon after their marital alliance was made known to the world, criticisms began to come up first from the black community because she is white and subsequently from Hardwick’s fans. The criticisms ranged from complaints about her personality to downright insults and name calling.

The celebrity family’s major controversies stem mainly from the fact that Omari’s over 2 million fans that are mostly blacks are not in support of the interracial marriage. Most wish he went for a fellow black but since he did not, they took to social media to speak against the union.

But true to his status as a gentleman and a loving husband, Hardwick would often come to his wife’s defense against anyone who dares to call her names. In a bid to defend his wife, Omari always confronted his fans via social network platforms but that still hasn’t chilled their minds. In one such event, Omari took to Twitter to express his heartfelt desire that all those who had something to say about his wife would experience being a celebrity for one week and see how it felt to be in his and Jennifer’s shoes.

Consequent of the criticisms also, the couple chose to keep all details concerning their union as far away from the media as possible. The union has seen to the birth of two beautiful children – Nova and Brave who was born in 2016.

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Facts About Omari Hardwick’s Wife

• Jennifer has a decent presence on various social media platforms with her Instagram account ‘mrsjaeh’ being where she has garnered the most followers. She has over 50,000 followers on Instagram, and her Twitter handle is ‘jenniferpfautch’.

• As has been seen, Jennifer Pfautch is very secretive as she has always kept her life and family away from the public, hence, not much is known about her financial status.

• Her husband’s success has been linked to the support of Jennifer who is said to have been his boost from way back when he used to sleep in his car.

• It was Jennifer who talked Hardwick into the excellent work he did at portraying the character of Ghost St. Patrick in the drama series Power. He got more famous and richer playing the role and now has a net worth of over $1.5 million.


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