Jenny Slate and Chris Evans – A Timeline of Their Relationship and Eventual Breakup

After the movie Gifted was released in 2017, a lot appreciated the love scenes played by  Jenny Slate and Chris Evans who both stole the heart of many on set. However, only a few knew that the love chemistry between them was far away from what we saw on set and had turned out to be real. Before guesses became facts, the two were already an item which led Jenny Slate’s divorce in 2016. From then on, each of their fans continued to keep tabs on them and anticipated the formalization of their union. Sadly, many got the shock of their life when the couple broke up for the first time in 2017, they, however, had a comeback a few months later giving hopes to many of their fans.

Recently, the couple has again topped the headlines with yet another breakup and this time, they both meant it, thereby breaking the heart of many. With so many questions popping up on the internet, we decided to give you the full gist about how they met by compiling a timeline of their love story below.

A Timeline of Jenny Slate and Chris Evans’ Relationship

How They Met

Actors are most likely to date someone in a similar profession because that’s where they spend most of their time. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate met on the set of the movie, Gifted. Their respective roles in the film as love interest required some level of deep connection which they achieved shortly before filming started in October 2015.

After their first meeting and throughout their time on set, Chris and Jenny bonded over game nights he organized for the cast and crew. Nothing got started in 2015, maybe because Jenny was still a woman married to Dean Fleischer-Camp. But that was just a temporary barrier between the two.

When They Started Dating

Of course, creating a tango with someone you crush on would certainly birth something, either a fling, relationship or even being together forever. That was exactly what happened between the lovebirds, their tweet flirting and niceties eventually led to a relationship after Jenny Slate’s divorce. Big hints were dropped in April 2016 when the two of them appeared on Anna Faris’ podcast, “Unqualified”. It was a joint interview and there was nothing that suggested they weren’t an item when they showed up in the joint interview. The two lovebirds spent the entire interview time flirting with each other, further confirming what most of us assumed that Chris Evans and Jenny Slate are dating.

When Jenny’s divorce was official in May 2016, a US Weekly report confirmed that Slate and Evans’ Relationship began on May 11, 2016. On June 25, 2016, the couple chose the old school route of announcing a new relationship by attending a red carpet ceremony for the premiere of The Secret Life of Pets. Chris Evans being an avid tweeter, followed the premiere with a tweet calling Jenny Slate a personal favorite. Over the next couple of months, Jenny Slate and Chris Evans did a lot of couple things like attending a friend’s wedding in July 2016.

Their First Breakup

The couple spent the fall and winter periods of 2016 out of the news, possibly enjoying their relationship out of public view or going through the issues that led to their first break up on February 8, 2017. US Weekly, which reported the beginning of their relationship also reported its ending.

On March 17, 2017, Jenny Slate, in a full interview talked about Chris and their relationship. There was a lot of respect and love expressed in the interview with words like “I’d love to be his friend one day” spoken in an interview that read like a breakup letter. Chris Evans returned the sweetness of her interview with one of his own on April 3, 2017, with USA Today, declaring that he’s grateful to have met her and that she will always be in his life always. Over the next few months, Jenny talked about Chris in several interviews in promotion of their film, Gifted.

Heart-warming Reconciliation

After a few months of plastering tabloids and the media with interviews about how great they knew each other to be, the duo started leaving hints that they were back together, or at least on their way back.  One of the hints was a flirty exchange on Twitter on October 21, 2017. A video on November 1, 2017, posted by Chris Evans about his dog but had Jenny Slate’s distinctive voice in the background.

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On November 30, 2017, People magazine confirmed that the couple were back together and a December 25, 2017 post by Scott Evans on Instagram told us that not only were they back together, but they were also meeting each other’s families, sparking engagement rumors. On January 9, 2018, the rumors were further fueled by a source who told OK! Magazine that the couple were making plans to get married in the summer or spring of 2018.

Eventual Breakup

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans
Jenny Slate and Chris Evans

Unfortunately, our hopes of this beautiful couple going down the aisle were shattered on March 22, 2018, when Chris Evans profile published in the New York Times revealed that the two were no longer an item. He did, however, learn from the relationship as the profile suggested, reading the book “The Mother of All Questions” by Rebecca Saint, deciding to speak less and learn to listen to other perspectives more. With a track record of going on and off, we can only hope the two find their way to each other again.


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