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Anyone who followed the 2012 American basketball season would be familiar with the slang “Linsanity.” A name coined after the Taiwanese-American basketballer Jeremy Lin. That year, he played as a point guard for Harvard University recording the most outstanding performance in the school’s basketball history. Afterwards, Lin surprisingly never made it as a drafted player but was later assigned to the D-League of the National Basketball Association (NBA) from where he worked his way up playing for different teams.

Records have it that the basketballer is the first Taiwanese-American to ever sign in with an NBA team. Despite being an undrafted agent, he has made the headlines ever since his remarkable performance in 2012 and has also been one of the basketball stars that pulls traffic on search engines. We perceive you are one of them, so let’s meet Jeremy Lin.

Jeremy Lin’s Bio

The basketballer was born and named Jeremy Shu-How Lin on August 23, 1988. From his name, there is no doubt that he has Asian ancestry being a Taiwanese-American. Torrance City California was where he was born and he had most of his childhood memories recorded within its suburbs. Later on, he moved to the San Francisco City of Palo Alto with his Christian family. Everyone who has come in contact with the basketballer has pointed out one basic fact, that he flaunts his belief in God and is an easy-going fella.

For his education, Jeremy Lin enrolled at Palo Alto High School where he was an active member of the school’s basketball team and as a senior, he led his teammates. He also emerged as the Northern California Player of the Year. Later on, he furthered his studies at the University of Harvard.

During his days in college, he was no doubt a player with good stock who hoped to find his way into the NBA and start pursuing a professional career in earnest. However, it turned out to be the reverse for him as no team drafted the American-Taiwanese in the 2010 NBA draft. Jeremy was considered not to have the strength and stamina to defend, create shots or make finishing plays in the rim and these are all vital qualities for his position in the NBA.

Lin joined the Dallas Mavericks for the 2010 NBA Summer League where he worked off his butt to see that he got called up by an NBA team as he felt reluctant to play overseas. Following his impressive performances in the Summer League, the Golden State Warriors came calling for his services which was a dream come true.

In the course of his career in the NBA, after his 2010-2011 season with the Warriors, Jeremy Lin has played for the New York Knicks (2011–2012), Houston Rockets (2012–2014), Los Angeles Lakers (2014–2015), Charlotte Hornets (2015–2016), Brooklyn Nets (2016–2018) and recently the Atlanta Hawks. His career has nonetheless turned out well over the years in contrast to how he kick-started.

Here’s What We Know About His Family

Lin Gie-Ming and Shirley Lin are the parents of the basketball star. His parents are immigrants from Taiwan, they moved to the United States of America sometime in the 1970’s and settled in the beautiful state of Virginia before finally moving to Indiana.  There, they both had their University education. Having lived in the States for quite a long time, they acquired citizenship by naturalization.

Jeremy Lin’s paternal parent is linked to the Hoklo people from Beidou, Changhua while his maternal parents are said to have immigrated to Taiwan, more so, they are originally from Pinghu, Zhejiang in China.

The basketballer has other siblings; an older brother named Josh who practices as a dentist and a younger brother named Joseph who played for the Fubon Braves; a Taiwanese basketball club side.

Jeremy Lin
Jeremy Lin’s Family

Gie-Ming taught his boys the tactics involved in the game of basketball and was also their first coach. He took his time and trained them at the local court in the Young Men Christain Association where they lived. On Shirley’s part, she is referred to as one lady who understands and supports her husband. While Gie trained the boys, she took her time working with coaches. She was always on the lookout for her boys and ensured that they also gained academic excellence.

Like they say, climbing the ladder of success is not easily attained, Shirley had a lot of criticism from her friends because they saw her acts of letting Jeremy Lin spend time playing basketball as foolishness. Today, we all know the story has changed because Jeremy has not only made it to the top but is one man whose name rings a bell in the NBA.

Is He Married or Does He Have a Girlfriend?

The basketballer always places God in everything he does, he once spoke in an interview on his type of woman. In his opinion, his babe must be all God-knowing and must be a practising Christain. He also said that she must have a charitable heart.

Currently, no one knows the marital status of the basketballer. There are neither details of his girlfriend nor his sexuality. However, sometime in 2012, Alek Blankenau who was his former teammate and friend in an interview with GQ told the crew that Jeremy was in a relationship with a lady at that time.

Come 2013, the world got a shocking video of a lady named Kristina Wong claiming she just got married to the basketballer. In the video she was all dressed in a wedding gown and had her train of bridesmaids, ironically, there was no groom. After much hither to say, Jeremy Lin denied ever being involved with her. It was later discovered that the said lady was just his die-hard fan who claims to be in love with him.

Prior to the whole marriage dilemma, Jeremy Lin was once said to be in a relationship with the television personality Kim Kardashian. Later it was discovered that it was just a hoax.

The Lin family is known for their enormous height. His parents are quite old but are said to currently stand at 5 feet 6 inches despite the effect of old age on them. Records also have it that his maternal grandparents are about 6 feet tall each. On Jeremy’s part, he stands at 6 feet 3 inches with a weight of 91kg.

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