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It is quite interesting that a felon who on his part was serving a jail term was also simultaneously being celebrated as one of the hottest dudes in time. In fact, he earned lots of nicknames, some referred to him as the hot felon while others described him as an American bad boy. That man is Jeremy Meeks.

Jeremy Meeks is a model who became popularly known after he was displayed on screens as a felon. He caught the attention of Jim Jordan who later led him to fame. He has gone ahead to appear in Vogue Magazine as well as walk the runways.

Jeremy Meeks Bio

The American Fashion model was born on the 7th of February 1984 in Tacoma, Washington Dc, United States. He is one of the two children belonging to Katherine Angier. He has a brother named Emery Meeks and is a native of Stockton, California.

Most times adolescents find it hard to manage the trials of life and often times, some of them tend to tread on the wrong path. This was the case for Jeremy who at the age of 18 served a two-year jail term for his involvement in battering and violating a much younger child. While in prison, he became a member of the North Side Gangster Crips.

After serving his jail term, he was arrested again on the 18th of June 2014 after he was caught in his car in possession of ammunition and marijuana. He was charged with five felony weapon counts and one gang charge and was also sentenced to 27 months in prison.

At this time he had gained notoriety as one of the most violent criminals in Stockton California. With his arrest, investigations carried out showed that he was initially convicted for theft in 2005 and forgery in 2007 in which he served less than 75 days for both crimes.

Jeremy Meeks never knew that despite his troubles, there was always a light at the end of the tunnel. While he was kept as an inmate, tongues waggled because of his looks and most headlines about his arrest sold because of its caption; as he was often tagged as a hot felon. Within a short period, he caught the attention of Jim Jordan who subsequently led him to sign a deal with White Cross Management. After serving his jail term, Meeks dived fully into a modeling career that gained him global recognition.

He made his first runway debut during the New York Fashion Week in February 2017 and then, Vogue Magazine got him on their cover page describing him as a buff bad boy. In the month of June that same year, he was one of the runway models who partook in the Milan Fashion Week, working under fashion designer Philipp Plein. He followed his exploits by appearing in a campaign for Isreali sunglasses fashion house Carolina Lemke. In 2018, Meeks was the face of the brand FashionNova Men.

 Wife and Girlfriend

Jeremy Meeks
Jeremy Meeks and Chloe Green

Upon his release from prison, a lot of Mrs. Meeks wannabee’s got the shock of their lives after they discovered that the hot model was married and is a father. The internet had a feel of the uproar.

Jeremy Meeks had met his better half, Melisa and dated her for a year before eventually taking her to the altar in 2008. Meanwhile, the couple had already welcomed a son -Jeremy Meeks Jr in the previous year before their union. So, Melissa became his wife as well as the stepmom to his son – Robert from his previous relationship.

The couple lived peacefully for nine years before their marriage hit the rocks after proof of his extra-marital affair with Chloe Green came to light. In 2018, photos of Meeks and Green frolicking at a pool also surfaced, consequently, his wife Melissa filled for a divorce. According to The Sun, Melissa works as a nurse at a juvenile detention center in Oakland, California.

Jeremy would go on to cement things with Chloe Green and on the 29th of May 2018, they welcomed a baby boy named Jayden Meeks-Green.

Family – Father and Brother

Ray Meeks, Jeremy’s father is no saint when it comes to criminal records. He was imprisoned for murder sometime in 1984 when his son was only nine months old. He stabbed a lady 36 times, killing her instantly. Also, he was held in charge of raping another woman. Ray spent over 34 years in prison before he was discharged.

Meanwhile, Jeremy’s mother Kathy was a former heroin addict who also possesses a long criminal record for several offences. She was imprisoned severally, leaving her son to the care of her older sister, Leanna.

His older half brother, Emery served a community order for robbery and also has a string of offences including buying an alcoholic drink for a minor. Carmella, Jeremy’s half-sister also has a slot as a criminal. She was jailed for minor thefts, hard drug possession and for a driving offence.

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Net Worth

Apart from his modeling deals, the archetypal California native is one of the hottest men on Instagram. He has modeled for a few organizations and has had a number of sponsored post on his page. All of these have contributed to putting his net worth at an estimated $5 million.

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