These Are All The Ways Jessa Hinton Expresses Herself In Entertainment and The Truth About Her Sexuality

Blessed with a sweet-looking face and a truly awesome physique, Jessa Hinton is a former Playboy model who has won the admiration of people with her curvaceous figure. But more than just being a model, Jessa is also known for working in a plethora of fields, from modeling to podcasting and what have you.

As a model, Hinton has adorned the face of many billboards and served as the cover girl of Super Street Bike. She regards herself as a Jill of all trades and has also dabbled in acting, appearing in a few movies like Secretaries. Similarly, she has been featured on many reality television series such as Playboy Cyber Girls, for which she earned the title of Miss Cyber Girl in 2009.

The model serves as the host of TV shows which has sold her to the world. In addition to that, she hosts her podcast titled Anything Goes with Jessa Hinton. Having kick-started her career as a teenager, Hinton has transitioned into a big name in show business.

The Model Worked Towards Becoming a Gymnast as a Kid

Born on the 10th of April 1984 in Los Angeles, California, United States, Jessa Hinton grew up wanting to be a gymnast. She also loved dancing and looked forward to showcasing these talents to the world. In fact, she actually competed in gymnastics for about eight years.

However, as a result of an ankle injury, she had to quit gymnastics and decided to teach it instead. Talking about her injury with Esquire, she explained that she still has three tiny little pins in her ankle. She has since moved on to other things in showbiz which has rewarded her with fame and fortune.

Hinton’s Romance With Modeling Began When She Was 14

Jessa Hinton has made a lot of waves as a model and has graced the covers of several well-known publications over the years. It all started for her when she was discovered at a wedding at age 14 by a talent manager. However, she waited until she was 18 years before she started modeling proper.

Jessa Hinton
Jessa Hinton on Bizsu Magazine cover

Hinton kickstarted her modeling career participating in runway shows as well as being featured in modeling campaigns. After appearing in various brand promotions and ad campaigns, the gorgeous model gained fame and became publicly acknowledged as she began to clinch more modeling deals, including gracing the cover of many magazines like Kandy and Playboy. In fact, she was named the Playboy Playmate of the Month for July 2011.

Having established herself in the glamour world, Jessa Hinton started working for several brands for which she became the cover of many billboards situated in Las Vegas. She went ahead to appear in many commercials for big brands like Monster Energy which increased her fame. The model was also associated with a hair products manufacturing company, Enzo Milano.

Jessa Hinton Made Her Acting Debut as Tammy in an Episode of Baywatch

Apart from modeling, Jessa Hinton is also an actress. She started featuring in television shows right from the age of 16 in 1999 when she appeared in an episode of Baywatch, an American drama television series to play the role of Tammy.

She has also starred in other series like 7th Heaven and has been featured in Playboy TV shows such as Cyber Girls for which she was crowned Miss Cyber Girl in 2009. In 2013, she appeared in Snake & Mongoose.

In addition to that, she works as a reporter and host. The adept television personality has effectively showcased her brilliant communication skills by serving as the host of many television shows which include Top Rank Boxing and Victory Poker. On the shows, Hinton has had the privilege of interviewing many big names in the television industry as well as in the world of sports, including Manny Pacquiao.

She’s Also a Brilliant Fashion Designer

Jessa Hinton

In addition to the foregoing, Jessa Hinton has played a pivotal role in the NOH8 photo campaign along with signing an ambassadorship contract with a brand called Milwaukee’s Best Beer. She has also moved on to create her podcast titled Anything goes with Jessa Hinton in 2005.

Aside from carrying out exceptional works as a model, Hinton has also worked in the capacity of a designer, having founded her own fashion line for bikinis called Affliction. She started designing bikinis since she was around 11 years old and has never stopped.

The multi-talented TV figure has indeed announced herself in show business having juggled through many careers that have attributed to her global recognition and fortune.

Jessa Hinton Once Dated a Social Media Star Named Dan Bilzerian

Information about who Jessa Hinton is dating at the moment is quite scarce. However, we know that she used to be in love with a man called Dan Bilzerian.

Jessa Hinton
Jessa Hinton and Dan Bilzerian

Bilzerian is an American actor, internet personality, and gambler who is very big on social media with more than 32 million followers on Instagram alone. He has often been described as the ‘King of Instagram’.

Bilzerian and Hinton dated for a while and were quite public with their romance. However, their love met a dead end when the gorgeous model discovered that her beau used to organize private poker games that were allegedly graced by prostitutes and also involved the use of hard substances.

After leaving Dan Bilzerian, she started dating Sam Asghari, a handsome model and personal trainer in 2016. However, they soon parted ways as well.

The Proudly Bisexual Woman Has a Son

Jessa Hinton is a proud mother. She has a son whom she has often talked about on her Instagram page.

The father of Jessa Hinton’s son is unknown. The model always shows her son off but has relentlessly refused to reveal who the boy’s dad is.

Also, she has often related that she loves children and would soon adopt a child.

The multi-talented entertainer has never minced words about her sexuality and according to her, she likes both men and women.

Hinton has often publicly stated that she is bisexual. She has also revealed that during her high school days, she was attracted to both boys and girls but more strongly attracted to girls. That was when she realized she isn’t straight.

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