7 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessi Smiles, The Famous Internet Celebrity

Jessi Smiles joined the long line of people who have achieved fame through social media platforms on the 21st of June 2013, she accomplished this with her debut video titled Right Now which garnered multiple likes overnight, crossing the threshold of 100,000 following within 30 days. Jessi was one of the first to popularize the Vine network and gained massive popularity for her funny parodies.

The internet sensation’s social media accounts still include her YouTube channel which is for the purpose of sharing make-up tutorials, vlogs, challenge videos, story-time videos and many more. Jessi has recorded several successful collaborations with other social media stars and has also worked as an actress on the set of productions like Epic Rap Battle of History and the web series of Miley Cyrus vs Joan of Arc. As a songwriter, Jessi Smiles has singles like “Bitch” and “What if I” via iTunes and YouTube, she equally has the endorsement of top-notch brands like Boost Mobile, Wendy’s, and American Eagle Outfitters under her belt. Television shows such as Good Day L.A and True Life has featured her in the past and the popular YouTuber made it to the final stage of the 9th Shorty Awards as a YouTube Comedian.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessi Smiles

1. Birth details

Jessi Smiles’ birth record says she was born in Miami, Florida on the 17th of August 1993, she is the daughter of Rubin who earns a living as a technician with AT&T. Her mother Christina later went into a second marriage with radio personality and television presenter Joe Ferrero. Consequently, Jessi and her brother Joey went to stay with their mum and Joe through whom she acquired three step-brothers out of which one is autistic.

2. Her Rise to Fame

Jessi Smiles’s first job started during her teenage years as a makeup artist, she later got to hear about Vine from a model. Jessi wasted no time in launching her own channel and started uploading hilarious videos even though a lot of people didn’t see her as funny. Her uploads soon proved them wrong by getting a lot of attention within a short time. By the time she hit 5,000 followers, the internet personality was suddenly exposed to a larger audience when one of her funny videos emerged on Vine network “popular” page doubling-up the number of her fans overnight and before a month, the internet star had already crossed one million followers.

She recorded more success following her collaboration with Viner, Curtis Lepore, grabbing over 3.6 million fans before deciding to leave the platform for reasons best known to her. However, Jessi Smiles is now active on YouTube with thousands of subscribers on her JessiSmiles channel.

3. Social Media profile

In addition to her YouTube channel, Jessi Smiles has presence on other social media platforms like Facebook where she has over 6.8k followers and Twitter with over 255k fans. She is also active on Instagram with more than 452k fans.

4. How Much is Jessi Smiles Net worth?

According to reports, Jessi Smiles earns $120 per day but her annual and monthly incomes are not public knowledge. Be that as it may, several sources have pegged her net worth at $50,000.

5. Controversies About Her

The Youtuber’s relationship with Curtis Lepore gave rise to controversies which drew public attention. It was like a whirlwind affair for the duo as they started dating within a very short time after they met. Their break up followed as swiftly as the dalliance, which later led to accusations of rape from Jessi Smiles who claimed that Curtis had raped her while she was fast asleep. However, the rape charges did not last long as it was soon dropped following Curtis plea of guilty; the charges were later reduced to a misdemeanor after 12 months.

6. Who is Jessi Smiles Married to?

Jessi Smiles
Jessi Smiles, her husband Nassim Ssimou and their baby (image source)

It was by chance that Jessi Smiles met her soul mate Nassim Ssimou, he was standing outside an LA Gay club when she came along. Theirs was love at first sight which led to them cohabiting with the news of an impending wedding and the birth of their first child coming in quick successions. Their wedding finally took place in 2017 but the venue and exact date were withheld from the public, though it was reported that family and close friends were in attendance. However, their son Noah joined the family in August the same year, and the duo is living in marital bliss at their North Carolina home.

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7. Jessi’s Body Statistics

The YouTuber stands at 5 feet, 8 inches which is same as 176cm. she is a typical peroxide blonde with beautiful blue eyes. However, the details of her other body measurements have never been reported and her shoe and dress sizes are not known.


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