Jessica Ditzel – Biography, Family, Facts About Joe Rogan’s Wife

Will it be all laughs like the audience he entertains? Do they get to have fun from their husband’s funny demeanor? Or is it business as usual? While most women can only imagine what it feels like being married to a comedian, Jessica Ditzel has lived in that reality every day since she said “I do” to American stand-up comedian, and businessman, Joe Rogan back in 2009. Although so much is known about her husband, she tries to remain out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Well, we’re not having any of her furtive stunts. Today, we not only turn the spotlight on her, but we also roll out the red carpet for her to amble down the imaginary aisle amidst cheers from her husband’s loyal fans. This article pieces together her biography, family, and other interesting facts there is to know about Joe Rogan’s wife. Ready?

Jessica Ditzel’s Biography

Jessica Ditzel was born—Jessica Sloan Ditzel—in Sugar Land, Texas, the United States, on July 18, 1975, to a middle-class family. She and her older sibling, Trinity, spent the most part of their formative years in Sugar Land. However, sources believe that Ditzel later moved to Houston when she 13 and lived there up until 2002. Although there is very little information about her early childhood, education, and parents or what they do for a living, we know that Ditzel attended Doherty High School, Colorado.

Following her graduation from high school, she proceeded to California State University, Long-beach where she acquired her bachelor’s degree. However, what she majored in hasn’t hit public ears yet. Jessica Ditzel didn’t have what we would call a defined career path, as it were. She, however, took up a number of jobs; and eventually landed a modeling gig.

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She modeled for M Model Management in 2010. She also worked as a Management Assistant for the business establishment, Rent-A-Car. Ditzel equally worked as a Product Analyst for Volvo Motorsports. As of this writing, Jessica works as an Account Executive for California-based Robert Half Technology.


Except that she is the second of two children, not much is known about Jessica Ditzel’s immediate family. We’re not sure if her parents were Catholics, Anglicans or Evangelicals. Her elder sister goes by the name Trinity. So far, we don’t have Trinity’s relationship details. But we do on Ditzel’s. When Ditzel met Rogan, she was working as a cocktail waitress in a bar in a California-based bar.

Jessica Ditzel, her husband, Joe Rogan and their two little girls, Lola and Rose.
Jessica Ditzel, her husband, Joe Rogan and their two little girls, Lola and Rose.

The duo met first met in a bar on one of his outings. After dating for a while, they got engaged in 2008. And a year later, they exchanged vows. The low-key wedding ceremony was attended by close friends and relatives. So far, their union has produced two lovely children; They welcomed their first daughter, Lola, May of 2008. Their second daughter, Rose, was born two years later in 2010. As of this writing, Jessica Ditzel, Joe Rogan, and their two children live in Bell Canyon, California.

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Facts About Joe Rogan’s Wife

1. Net Worth

With multiple jobs, coupled with a short modeling career, Jessica Ditzel has made a fair amount for herself. However, we’re not sure how much that is. We’re also not privy to info about any other auxiliary support income streams she operates. However, sources reveal her net worth to be around $500,000. Put that side by side with her husband’s and it all shrinks into a hill of beans. A recent estimate puts Joe Rogan’s net worth at over $25.55 million.

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2. Three Daughters

While Jessica Ditzel has two children with Rogan, she has a third; singer Kayja Rose Connor, who was born on August 23, 1996, from an earlier relationship with the late Keven “Dino” Connor. Dino was a former member of the R&B group, H-Town. He was killed in a car crash on January 28, 2003. He was 28 at the time. Kayja Rose Connor took after her dad; she’s an R&B Singer.

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3. The Jessica Ditzel Crisis

Well, this isn’t some outlandish phenomenon. It only means that if you’re reading this piece, you’re one of the lucky few who landed on the right information about her. Okay, maybe you didn’t quite catch that. There are two other women been floated online as “Jessica Rogan,” the name Ditzel adopted after marrying Joe. She is being mistaken for Jessica Schimmel, daughter of late comedian Robert Schimmel.

Also, there’s a whole different lady by the name “Jessica Schimmel” who is neither Joe Rogan’s wife nor Robert Schimmel’s daughter. However, as we said, if you were looking up Joe Rogan’s wife, then you’re on the right web page. Voila.

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