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Jessica Graf became a national celebrity after she competed for the Big Brother 19 television series aired on CBS in 2017. She may not have won, but she emerged in the twelfth position and became really famous. But one interesting thing that kept her in the spotlight was her relationship with a co-contestant Cody Nickson which was highly publicised. She has also worked as a VIP concierge and has made her way to becoming a television personality, actress and a model in the entertainment industry.

Right now, Jessica does have a lot of things up her sleeves and has put her strength in achieving most of her plans. Here’s all you need to know about the Big Brother 19 contestant who has won the heart of many despite not being the winner.

Jessica Graf’s Biography (Ethnicity)

Named Jessica Furtado Graf at birth on the 11th of December, in the year 1990 the beautiful actress was born in Cranston, Rhode Island before her family made a big move to Los Angeles. She is an American with biracial Italian and Brazillian roots. Since she is not one to release details of her personal life, there is no info about her educational history but she does seem well schooled.

Big Brother 19 (U.S)

The Big Brother is an American reality television series which airs on the CBS network, the show was created as a game based on a Dutch Tv series founded by John de Mol in 1997. It houses a group of different contestants commonly called houseguests who are placed under constant surveillance without communication to the rest of the world while they compete for the grand prize of $500,000 and instant rise to fame.

Upon entry into the house, Jessica Graf’s career took a well-defined path towards stardom. She contested for the star prize alongside 17 other people including Alexandra Rose Ow, Cameron Heard, Christmas Joye Abbott, Cody Lee Nickson, Dominique Charde Cooper, Elena Ce’Anne Davies to mention a few.

In an interview, she once mentioned that she was in for the win and not to lose. She may not have scored the grand prize, but she sure got something that was just as gratifying; she found true love. At first, a lot of her fans thought it was one of her decoy plot to winning, however, it was quite surprising when fans realized she never planned it. Her relationship with Cody Nickson kicked off in the Big Brother house and went on even after they left the show. Many expected to hear of a breakup but that was not the case. The two finally got engaged on February 13, 2018.

Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson
Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson

She later appeared in the premiere of the Big Brother Spin-off Celebrity and hosted the Big Brother 20 in a power of Veto competition alongside her fiance.

As a couple, Jessica and Cody contested in the thirtieth season of the Amazing Race and to the surprise of many, they won. Prior to her days in the game contest, the stunning actress worked as a VIP concierge.

Family (Father)

Jessica was born to Albert Graf, who was of Italian descent and Cindy Helmick- a Brazillian. Unfortunately, her father, Albert passed away in 2014 and the reason behind his death hasn’t been revealed yet because the actress prefers to keep the details of her family off the spotlight and is very secretive about them also. But we do know she had a close bond with her father before his demise.

Other Facts

The Big Brother celebrity believes she lives a totally honest life and could be apologetic when required.

Jessica is a lover of dogs, she loves pizza and is a huge fan of the New England Patriots. She crushed on celebrity star Ryan Gosling before Cody Nickson stole her heart.

The actress was a cheerleader for the New England Revolution. She has lived in eight states and has a keen interest in yoga. Moreso, in her spare time, she loves eating with a crowd and doing makeups.

The hot-cake has a wonderful unique slim structure with a full bust which many often believe is fake.

She is also a lover of tattoos as she has some ink on the upper part of her thigh. Jessica has an amazing height for a female and stands at 5 feet 7 inches weighing 70 kg.

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