Jharrel Jerome
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For most actors in their first major characters in films and TV series, we might not see them at their best. With time, they get better and even take up larger than life roles much to our admiration and thrill. But Jharrel Jerome is one actor who has joined a small group who are exceptions to this.

He became a fan favorite with his very first major acting project, Moonlight. Although most of the spotlight rightly went to Trevante Rhodes and Mahershala Ali for their performances, Jharrel received a lot of praises for his performance in Oscar-winning film. Years after, he has gotten a chance to stake his claim as an excellent performer, with roles in Mr Mercedes and When They See Us.

Jharrel Jerome a Fun and Art-filled Childhood

Right from his tender days, Jharrel Jerome was a fun child. He derived joy from being dramatic, and he gradually became the center of attraction among his peers. In fact, sources say he ruled his world as a child. He was born in the United Kingdom on the 9th of October 1997. Jerome had his formative years in the Bronx and is of Dominican descent.

There is a lack of information regarding the details of his immediate family. However, the actor doesn’t fail to flaunt his mom, Radoyka Jerome, on most of his social media pages. Regardless, he also shares a bond with his dad, whose name remains unknown. Jharrel isn’t the only child of his parents; he has a sister. More so, the actor has revealed that he grew among his aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

Regarding his education, Jharrel Jerome was one of the pivot stars who schooled at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School, New York City. There, he was a brainiac and had an amazing social life. Little wonder, Jerome had a lot of influence and was praised for his acting skills on most stage plays. He also revealed that it was while at the high school, he carved a niche for acting, music, fashion, and everything involved with arts. After high school, Jharrel went ahead to continue his studies at Ithaca College, New York.

He Has Enjoyed a Steady and Swift Rise as an Actor

As aforementioned, the actor took an interest in the world of arts when he was way younger. He had his first acting audition in his junior year and became a local star amongst his peers. It was his debut appearance in the 2016 film, Moonlight that catapulted him to fame. His very first movie on set became the project that made him a public figure. He became a college boy clad with the wings of glory.

Apart from his acting prowess in that movie, his kissing skills were remarkable as well. For his lip-locking skills, Jerome was awarded the MTV Movie Award for the Best Kiss along with his love interest in the movie, Ashton Sanders.

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Jherrel Jerome
A younger Jharrel Jerome in Moonlight: image source

In the same year, he appeared in the short films, Her Coloring Book and Wheels. Post-Moonlight, Jharrel Jerome appeared in films like Selah and the Spades, First Match, All Rise and an episode of Tales. In 2017, he began appearing in the mystery Sci-Fi thriller, Mr Mercedes. He has appeared in 28 out of the show’s 30 episodes so far.

TV Has Made Him a Multiple-Award Winner

Mr Mercedes has become a steady source of onscreen appearance for him, keeping money in his pocket. The show has helped the young actor to an estimated net worth of $500,000, a figure that is going to rise as he continues his Hollywood growth.

But while the show keeps his account in black, his performance as Korey Wise in the Netflix miniseries, When They See Us, has elevated him critically as an extraordinary young actor. He starred in three episodes of the show in 2019.

Jherrel Jerome
Jharrel accepting his Emmy award: image source

However, his portrayal of a member of the Central Park Five was so convincing, that he has earned ten award nominations for it, winning seven of them, including the Emmy Awards. Others include the Black Reel Awards, Critics Choice Award, Dorian Award, Gold Derby TV Award, Image Award, and a few others.

His work in Moonlight equally made him a fixture of award circuits, with several nominations and wins for his performance and as part of the cast. Both projects, Moonlight and When They See Us, have earned Jharrel Jerome 21 award wins, and seven nominations.

He has also been in TIME’s 100 Next list and BET’s Future 40 list. With records like this within the first five years of his career, the sky is only the limit for the Bronx native.

What We Know About Jharrel Jerome’s Personal Life

Radoyka Jerome, Jharrel’s mom, has been his support system from the very beginnings of his career. The actor revealed that during the early days of his career, his mom praised him despite his flaws. She was also the one that suggested he should pursue acting when he was in eighth grade.

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2,454. That’s the amount of miles between us. But whats a few miles to a life long connection? A connection that has engulfed my spirit for 22 years. A connection that has embraced my biggest fears, pushed me to all my limits, inspired my greatest achievements. 2,454 miles. Yet still, I could feel your breath on my ears, listening to you tell me I can do it. I can feel your touch on my shoulders, ending every battle that I have within myself. I can taste your home cooked meals every time I take a bite of this bland food out in LA. I can even hear you laugh as I crack jokes to my friends over here. Your laugh has never rung louder in my head. It replays and replays. 2,454 miles. Seems like a planet away. But whats a few miles to a life long connection? 2,454 miles. But I feel like I’m only 6 feet away from you everyday. Like I can reach out and give you a kiss whenever I want. 2,454 miles. But I’ve never felt closer to you. Thousands no longer seem so large. Thousands no longer seems so hard to overcome. What’s the word 'thousands’, to a man you’ve raised to make millions. Happy Mother’s Day my beautiful mother.

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In recognition of her support and push to become who he is today, he attended the Emmy Awards with his mother, where he won his first major individual award. Jerome also had a close relationship with his grandfather, whose name is yet to be determined. His grandfather passed away after a battle with cancer.

As for the rest of his family, there are currently not a lot of details regarding his father and sister, but multiple reports have it that they live as one happy family.

The handsome Actor Might Be Single

As for every other relationship that Jharrel may have had in the past, there are no records of them, and he has kept them from the public eye. However, Jharrel Jerome might be dating a woman named Migella Accorsi. His relationship with Migella has been the closest thing to a public relationship for the young actor. The love birds have been seen together in a few public places, showing off lots of PDAs.

Jherrel Jerome
Jharrel Jerome with his alleged girlfriend, Migella: image source

However, in recent weeks, there has been an erasure of their relationship from his Instagram page. We do not know for sure if it means they broke up or part of the actor’s transition to a more private online presence. As such, we can’t say if the actor is in a relationship.

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