Jhonni Blaze – Bio, Here Are 5 Things About Her That You Didn’t Know

You may have seen her on the big screen, in music videos, on red carpets, in the news, on the cover of magazines or on Instagram where she is popularly referred to as the twerk queen. It doesn’t matter how you know her as long as you do. Jhonni Blaze is a woman with a dark past who is definitely creating a bright future for herself. She sends a message to the world that you could have a dark past and still succeed. She has achieved this success by being unapologetically herself and we applaud her for that!

Jhonni Blaze – Bio

Jhonni Blaze was born on the 10th of June, 1990 in New York City. She holds American nationality but her family is of German and African American descent. She grew up with 7 other siblings and her parents but not much is known about the rest of her family as Jhonni doesn’t talk about them. Her family reportedly had it rough and Jhonni got used to a hard life. As a child, she had a very hot temper that earned her a special nickname.

Perhaps as a way to deal with the harsh realities of life, Jhonni started getting into trouble from the tender age of 15. She got involved with substance abuse and promiscuity all through her teenage years and most of her adult life. Before you extend any sympathy to this fierce lady, you should know that she doesn’t regret anything from her past. She has repeatedly been vocal about issues of self-identity, claiming that everyone should have the confidence to be who they truly are. According to her, her past experiences all formed and shaped the person that she is today.

When Jhonni was 17 years old, she applied for Julliard Performing Arts School but unfortunately wasn’t accepted. This, however, did not stop her from chasing a career and making the best out of life.

Looking at her career path, Jhonni Blaze is a model, stripper and video vixen. As a vixen, she has featured in a lot of music videos of some of your favorite artists including French Montana, Chris Brown, Jim Jones, Jadakiss, etc. As a model, she has been on the cover of countless magazines including TMZ, King, XXL, B.A.D.D, Hip Hop Weekly, IDYMES, and Straight Stuntin. It seems editors can’t get enough of her caramel skin and sinful curves. She has also been featured in movies like Straight Stuntin Chronicles: Vol 3 – The Man in the Mirror and was even in the cast of Love and Hip Hop, a very successful series.

Who Is Jhonni Blaze Dating?

Jhonni Blaze
Jhonni and Bryshere

Jhonni Blaze has played her fair share of the dating game. In 2014, this beautiful woman confirmed that she was indeed dating Rich Dollars but the relationship was quite short-lived as it ended that same year. The two former love birds went on to co-star in Love and Hip-Hop. In May 2015, Jhonni dated American singer and songwriter Bobby V and their relationship lasted 2 months. Her most recent relationship perhaps would be that with TV series Empire star, Bryshere Yazz Gray known popularly as Yazz. Yazz plays the role of Hakem Lyon on the show but the two lovebirds separated in 2017.

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Here Are 5 Things About Her That You Didn’t Know

1. Jhonni Blaze isn’t her real name!

You read that right. Her real name is Jzapal Jackson. Growing up, she was known to have an extremely hot temper and the other kids gave her the nickname “Blaze”. This makes sense as Jhonni’s temper was blazing and by fifteen had started drinking alcohol and abusing other substances.

2. She Plays Musical Instruments

Not just one instrument but lots of them. This super talented woman plays the piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, violin, clarinet, and even drums! We approve!

3. She is a musician

Perhaps the most interesting detail about this young woman. She has released a couple of songs in the past such as Ride or Die and Revolver. In fact, her single Problems amassed over 62k likes on YouTube.

4. She used to date Drake

This happened in September 2014 when the two of them hooked up and began a relationship. The tabloids went crazy of course, and things became scandalous when Jhonni accused him of sending her death threats.

5. She is a Philanthropist

Jhonni repeatedly contributes to a charity that helps underprivileged children in the African country of Ethiopia. Bless her soul!

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