Jicho Pevu is one of the most anticipated and watched television programs in Kenya. The Swahili term “Jicho Pevu” means the “investigative eye”. As the name suggests, this programme keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as investigations reveal the hidden and dark secrets that plague the society. The lead investigative journalist, Mohammed Ali together with his workmate, John Allan Namu go behind the scenes and bring shocking revelations that always leave viewers yearning for more. Over time, quite a good number of episodes have been aired. However, the following had the most effect on us and therefore made the list as the 5 most memorable moments of Jicho Pevu Series.

5 Most Memorable Moments of Jicho Pevu TV Series

 5. Top-cops Gone Rogue

One of the most dramatic episodes was “Jaramandia la Uhalifu”, in English, “Trail of crime”. The episodes investigated the deaths of most notorious criminals;”Wanugu, Wacucu, and Rasta”. The criminals were known to be behind a series of robberies, carjacking and murders. It would later on emerge that well-connected cops were working on both sides. During the day they were honourable cops, at night they worked with the crime perpetrators.

 4. Gunning-down of Top Cops

Like in any other state, Kenyans always trust that the security forces have their best interests at heart. They believe that they will even go out of their way to make certain the lives of the ordinary citizen is well protected. Well, from a particular Jicho Pevu episode, it was quite evident that top cops played a crucial role in abetting crimes. They would even go further and kill their own just to protect their interests. These revelations even had the names of the culprits mentioned some who to date still hold very high positions in the docket. “How well can I trust the police”? This was the question that came out from the episode.

3. The Westgate Attack

Sometime back, some gunmen brandishing heavy artillery took hold of a high-end shopping mall. In the event, a lot of hostages were taken and some even killed. The unfolding event brought the whole of Kenya to a standstill. The international media also got quite interested. Was it the infamous terror attack “Al Shabaab”? was it another group? or was it a robbery gone bad? These were some questions that Kenyans were asking. However, what came from the Jicho Pevu” episode was most worrying if not demoralizing. It turned out that the Defense forces, as well as Ministry of Security, were totally clueless and the best they could do was hoodwink or lie to Kenyans.

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2. The Stolen Election

In 2013, Kenya went into elections. Unfortunately, there was no outright winner. The shortcomings which led to lack of a clear winner were mainly blamed on system flaws or so Kenyans thought. The investigators broke it down to details. How the flaws took place, who was in charge and who would have been the likely winner. Actually, after the episode on the sensitive subject, many actions were taken to gag the media houses. These included the passing of the draconian Media Bill that sets to place a Government agency as the overseer and regulator of any news that is targeted for the public.

1. Largest Drug Haul in Kenya

This is arguably the most watched episode that many Kenyans still remember to date. The episode titled “Paruwanja ya Mihadarati” meaning the “under dealings of the drug world” revealed issues that many people never even imagined. The thought of top politicians, the people in-charge of the investigations, and also people mandated to protect the society being involved was most shocking. In fact, after the names of the people who were in the government but were aiding drug trafficking surfaced, many were of the opinion that they should have been reprimanded or even sacked. The top figures even went ahead to try to frustrate the media houses and journalists using their political connections.

Jicho Pevu Series without a doubt keeps and will always have Kenyan glued to their television screens. The two seasoned investigative journalists go out of their way to unearth issues, rackets or deceptions that shake Kenyans to their core. In fact, more often than not, the reporters, as well as people behind the program, have received death threats to edit the episodes. They’ve also been bribed with colossal amounts of money or assets simply to distort the story. Well, as far as it goes “Jicho Pevu” still remains as one of the most informative and “bone-shaking” investigative programmes in Kenya today.

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