Did Jill Goodacre Retire From Acting After Her Marriage to Harry Connick Jr and How Much Is She Worth?

As one of Victoria’s Secret’s foremost models back in the ’80s, Jill Goodacre has etched her name in gold in America’s modeling space. The brand will remain indebted to the likes of Goodacre, Stephanie Seymour, and Frederique for establishing it as one of the world’s finest fashion brands and a go-to for female wears. But to call Jill Goodacre a model only, will be a rather short description.

This Texan-born beauty is also an actress and more importantly, the wife of Grammy and Emmy-award winning singer, composer, actor, and television host, Harry Connick Jr. Together, they have collaborated on several music videos. Sadly, Jill Goodacre had to retire from both acting and modeling due to personal reasons.

Jill Goodacre Launched her Modelling Career As One Of The Earliest Victoria Secret Runway Queens

Born in Lubbock, Texas, on March 29, 1964, Jill Goodacre is the daughter of William and Glenna Maxey Goodacre. Endowed with a stunning body and beauty, Jill started off her modeling career in the late 1980s as one of Victoria’s Secret’s first models; then, Victoria Secret was a relatively new company and Jill was among the initial people to model in its mail-order catalogs and retail stores in the 1980s and during the early 1990s.

In her heydays, the Texan beauty modeled alongside her friends, Dutch model Frederique, and Stephanie Seymour. Although there were a number of choices to make, Jill Goodacre mostly modeled swimwear, hosiery, and lingerie in the company’s catalogs, and along with her contemporaries; they quickly shot the brand to popularity. This aided the company’s growth from startup to one of the world’s giants in women’s hosiery, lingerie, clothing, and swimwear; this feat came with other benefits too. Today, Jill is considered as the “Queen Mother of all Victoria’s Secret Model” as well as the most important, and one of the best to ever to grace their runway.

She started to feature in several catalogs and retail store advertising and became the best-fit face for several other magazines such as Self, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, YN, and Sassy. She was the first model in Victoria Secret to have a family in New York and the very first model to attain celebrity status just by appearing in the brand’s catalog, Jill became a favorite of the readers of the lingerie catalogs in the 1990s.

The Runway Queen Moved From Modeling To Acting

Modeling was just the start as Jill Goodacre could never have guessed what walking runaways would do to her future career and success. The Texan is not just a pretty face but is equally well educated and talented in other fields apart from modeling.

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In 1994, She began to appear in television shows; a good example is the David Letterman Show, Jill also made a guest appearance in one of the episodes (titled The one with the Blackout) of the famous situation comedy series, Friends, alongside Craig Bierce playing herself; there, she was trapped with Chandler in an ATM vestibule. Other TV series that have featured the ex-runway queen include The Uninvited where she appeared as Rose in 1997; Jill Goodacre joined the cast of Simply Mad About the House in 1991, was part of 1981’s Play For Today, and was featured in Odd Jobs in 1886.

Jill made appearances in some of her spouse’s music videos and showed up in an exercise video by Sugar Ray Leonard. Harry Connick’s wife has also played some voice roles; notable among them is the animated sitcom Duckman.

Cancer Possibly Forced Her To Retire From Acting and Modelling

In 2017, it was revealed that Goodacre was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012. The reason for her dwindling visibility in the media had not been known until the couple announced the cancer bout in 2017. The once-celebrated model began to put on a lot of weight; a side effect of taking Tamoxifen – one of the recommended treatments for her ailment. The extra weight took a toll on her confidence and as a result, she became increasingly less visible in the media.

In an interview with PEOPLE, her husband Harry revealed that he was really scared to lose his wife as it reminded him of the fear of losing his mother to ovarian cancer when he was 13. With the news of her bout with cancer in 2017 also came good news, the couple also announced that Jill has been in her fifth year of remission. The 5-year mark according to physicians ins a good sign that the cancer may never return.

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Jill Goodacre continues to lend her expertise and influence to several up and coming models in the United States while staying out of the spotlight as much as she can. Occasionally, she supports her husband on the red carpet like the 2018 Met Gala.

The Ex-Model’s Net Worth Is Recorded In Excess Of $5 Million

The foremost Victoria Secret model earned a lion’s share of her wealth from her modeling gigs, though her acting roles will take the credit for a digit or two.

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Sources estimate Jill Goodacre’s net worth to be over $5 million. Although her days as a model are way behind her now, Jill’s streams of value and income have only multiplied. The goodwill and popularity she gained as an actress hasn’t faded in the eyes of the generation that best knows her.

Jill Goodacre Has Been Married To Harry Connick Jr For Over Two Decades

Jill Goodacre
Jill Goodacre’s and her husband Harry Connick image source

Jill met Harry Connick Jr. in 1990 by a pool at Los Angeles Sunset Marquee Hotel. They were attending a party as the model walked by the pool. According to Jill, Harry liked her warm handshake and her love for beer, and thus, a romantic relationship ensued which culminated in a wedding four years later on April 16, 1994, at St. Louis Cathedral New Orleans. Jill and Harry are still madly in love after over 26 years of marriage.

Born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Jill Goodacre’s husband is a musician, an actor, a talk show host, and a composer who has sold over 28 million albums on a global scale. Harry’s most popular album is When My Heart Finds Christmas which was released in 1993. He has dedicated some songs to his wife like, Jill, on his Blue Light, Red Light album which says so much about the model. He is also known for the daytime talk show Harry. Jill has also directed some of Harry’s music videos.

The Couple Are Parents To Three Daughters

Jill Goodacre.
Jill Goodacre (middle), her husband, and their three daughters image source

Together Jill and her husband have raised three beautiful daughters; Georgia Tatom (b. April 17, 1996), Sarah Kate (b. September 12, 1997), and Charlotte (born June 26, 2002). The family shuttles between New Canaan, Connecticut, and New Orleans, Louisana.

The three Connick girls have all followed different career paths, the eldest Georgia Connick is a photographer and videographer; she worked with her dad for the filming of United We Sing: A GRAMMY Salute To The Unsung Heroes. Kate Connick followed in her mom’s footsteps to become a model and is also established as a fashion designer with her own company called Kate Connick Clothing. Charlotte Connick began acting as a teenager, she had a role in 2011’s Dolphin Tale alongside Morgan Freeman.

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