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Beyond being an Australian stand-up comedian, Jim Jefferies is an actor and a writer known for his views on political issues. While his endeavors as a comedian have brought him fame and fortune, including the admiration of many across the globe, Jim initially had no plans to build a career as a stand-up comedian. Even though what motivated him to embrace this profession is best known to him, it is no secret that the entertainment path he initially considered was classical music and musical theatre.

If you have been wanting to learn more about the comedian, here is your treat! Apart from his bio, this piece looked at his net worth, personal life, and much more.

Jim Jefferies Biography

Jim Jefferies was born on the 14th of February 1977 in Sydney, Australia. He was given the name Geoff James Nugent at birth but he later took on the name of Jim Jeffries, amending the spelling of the last name much later to Jefferies in order to eradicate any confusion with another entertainer with a similar name.

His parents were pretty simple people as his mom worked as a teacher whereas his dad made cabinets and also did maintenance work. When Jefferies was older, he moved to Perth to study musical theatre and classical music. He went to the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, but would not complete his studies. He left months before the completion of his degree and ran after a career in stand up comedy, first in Sydney and later in the United Kingdom. The comedian initially took baby steps, doing short jokes for his stand up routine. Slowly, he found his ground in the field and moved on to long-form jokes and then, hour-long sets. He had minimal success at first until in 2007 when he was attacked at the Manchester Comedy Store while he was performing on stage.

The attack spread his name and fame abroad and the comedian soon included footage of that attack within his act. It can be seen on his 2008 DVD which he titled Contraband. In 2009, the comedian created and debuted an HBO special titled I Swear to God and it made him even more famous in the United States.

Jim Jefferies who is now a star in his own right has performed at various festivals including the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and the Glastonbury Festival. He also had spots on Comedy Central’s Edinburgh and Beyond. In 2016, this comedian put out a Netflix Special which he titled Freedumb and also began The Unusual Punishment Tour.

Jim Jefferies also has acting credits to his name. The first being a low budget Australian feature film (Me and My Mates vs the Zombie Apocalypse) which was released in 2014. He has also helmed a podcast and created a TV series (Legit) in which he starred as himself. The show received some positive reviews for its plot and for casting people with disabilities.

Net Worth

Considering all the different things that Jim Jefferies has delved into in the course of his career and how his fame has grown over time, it is not surprising that he has managed to net himself a neat sum of money. His net worth is estimated to be a cool $5.5 million.

His Son, Wife/Girlfriend

Jim Jefferies
Jim Jefferies and Kate Luyben (image source)

Jim Jefferies is not married. He may have come close with his ex-girlfriend – actress Kate Luyben, but the two broke up after dating for a long while since 2012. They, however, had a son together in November 2012 and named him Hank. The comedian is not known to be in any serious relationship currently.

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Thoughts on Gun Control

Gun control is not an issue that most Americans take lightly so when Jim Jefferies went on an onstage rant about it in 2014, no one could really tell how it would turn out for him.

The rant taken from his 2014 TV special, Bare saw the comedian questioning gun ownership in America. The clip went viral after it was cut from the rest of the footage and Jim Jefferies became kind of a poster boy for gun control in the United States. In fact, the clip does resurrect almost every time there’s a shooting incident in the country.

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