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Every great lover of WWE wrestling matches should be familiar with the ‘Good ol JR’, which was the slogan of one of the greatest wrestling commentators of all time, Jim Ross. He has been working in the wrestling world for more than four decades now. He attained global fame for his one of a kind commentary in the World Wrestling Entertainment matches, be it Smackdown, Wrestle Mania, SummerSlam or Raw, Ross’ voice created a good vibe for these matches. This led to his induction into the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame in 2007.

Having a great knack for sports commentary especially wrestling, Jim Ross became part of WWE members of staff where he rendered a worthwhile longterm service that greatly sold him to the world. Aside from working for WWE, the iconic wrestling broadcaster has put his great talent for commentary into play at other wrestling promotion agencies such as New Japan Pro Wrestling and What Culture Pro Wrestling. Having had quite a successful career, the great commentator of all time proceeded to pen down his autobiography titled Slobberknocker.

Jim Ross Biography (Age)

On the 3rd of January 1952, the famous sports announcer was born in Fort Bragg, California, United States. He completed his elementary education from Westville High School and there he participated in his school’s sports events as he was a pivotal member of the football team, Westville YellowJacket as well as being in the basketball team where he won numerous sports-related honors.

The sports broadcaster began his career while still in college as he served as a commentator on college radio. Jim Ross further worked as a referee and made his first match call during the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Later in 1993, Ross began calling matches for the World Wrestling Federation as his services were required. He has had a somewhat sloppy career with the Wrestling promotion agency as he had often been fired and re-hired at intervals. He also suffers from a medical condition, Bell’s Palsy which has caused a certain degree of dent to his thriving career.

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Furthermore, the legendary sports commentator had worked as an announcer for several wrestling promotion agencies such as Smoky Mountain and NFL’s Atlanta Falcons. He has equally served as the host of many programs for WWF which includes Raw Is War, Action Zone and Shotgun Saturday Night. He additionally carried out a backstage job of recruiting new talent for the WWF/WWE, while he held the position of the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations.

Jim Ross
Jim Ross with Jerry Lawler

Having cemented his name as one of greatest wrestling commentators for WWE Raw and Smackdown, Jim Ross coached and produced new announcers for World Wrestling Entertainment. And aside from calling Wrestling matches, the dextrous sports announcer has called several boxing and mixed martial arts fights. He has also participated in numerous in-ring wrestling matches for which he had gone against top wrestlers like Triple H, Alberto Del Rio, as well as teaming up with Steve Austin and John Cena.

In addition, Jim Ross works as a podcaster and blogger. He launched his first podcast in 2014 titled The Ross Report and later in 2018, he relaunched it as The Jim Ross Report. The name of his blog is JR’s BBQ blog. Ross founded a restaurant called J.R.’S Family Bar-B-Q in 2007 at Oklahoma which later folded up three years later. He is an ardent supporter of Oklahoma’s American football club, Oklahoma Sooner and as a result of his avid support, he has a regular football ticket. Jim Ross’ thriving career has been crowned with a series of awards such as Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award and Lou Thescz Award.

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Net Worth

The iconic sports commentator who has spent more than four decades in the wrestling world serving as an announcer, referee among his several other roles has made a lot of money from his flourishing career. With all his endeavors, Jim Ross is said to be worth around $4 million.

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What Happened To Him?

The legendary sports announcer took to his Twitter account to announce of the horrific facial injury he sustained in November 2018. He uploaded a graphic photo of the injury which was horrible to behold. Jim Ross hinted on the post that concrete went over him which suggested that he might have had a horrific fall onto the pavement. However, he made a full recovery from the injury.

Jim Ross’ Family – His Wife

Jim Ross first met his late wife, Jan Ross on an airplane where she was serving as a flight attendant and they went on to tie the knot in 1993. Sadly, Jim Ross’ wife was involved in a ghastly accident from which she suffered a fatal brain injury that led to her death at the age of 55. She passed on at Oklahoma City’s OU Medical Center in March 2017. Ross has reportedly been in two marriages which produced two daughters and he presently has two granddaughters.

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