Jimbo Fisher’s Net Worth and His Salary as a Coach

Jimbo Fisher has an estimated net worth of about $13 million. He is an American college football coach and former player. 

Jimbo Fisher had a good run as a professional football player, but his career as a college coach is what propelled him to the forefront. Everything from his career at Florida State University up to his current stint at Texas A&M University has been quite a pleasant roller coaster.

Judging by the length of time he has been active in the industry, Jimbo Fisher has definitely amassed a fortune and an impressive net worth. Seeing as he is a public figure, the curiosity surrounding his finances is not surprising. Based on that, here is all the information about his net worth, salary, and earnings as a coach.

Who Is Jimbo Fisher?

He was born John James “Jimbo” Fisher Jr. on October 9, 1965. The quaint town of Clarksburg, West Virginia, is where he was raised. Little to nothing is known about his early childhood, but his early sports career is well-highlighted.

At first, he attended Clemson University where he played baseball before moving on to Salem College, (presently known as Salem University), in Salem, West Virginia. There, he kicked it up a notch and began to play as a quarterback under the guidance of coach Terry Bowden.

They formed quite the bond seeing that he transferred to Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama once coach Bowden went there. It was there that he played his last season for the Bulldogs which led to him receiving the title of Division III National Player of the Year. In addition to this, he still holds an array of awards at Samford University.

Unlike most people, Jimbo Fisher did not turn to coaching as a second choice. Yes, he started off playing a season in the Arena Football League in 1988 for the Chicago Bruisers, but soon after, he went back to Samford where he served under Terry Bowden as a graduate assistant coach.

In this capacity, he worked with quarterbacks from the year 1988–1990. Soon, that led to him landing a position as the full-time offensive coordinator and quarterback coach. This was the start of a long and undoubtedly fruitful career as a college football coach.

Jimbo Fisher’s Net Worth

Being that he is one of the current coaches to secure a national championship, there is no doubt that he’s doing quite well. Jimbo Fisher has a net worth of about $13 million and there is no doubt that the number will continue to rise.

When looking at the $30 million he raked in at Florida State and the $75 million he is set to earn at Texas A&M, it is safe to say that he is certainly set for life, especially taking into account the fact that his annual income makes him one of the highest-paid NCAA coaches in the United States. Even more so, it makes him one of the highest-paid football coaches in general. Taking a look at a breakdown of his salary should prove to be quite interesting.

Jimbo Fisher’s Salary And Earnings As A Coach

As it is for most first jobs, his stint at Samford University earned him a figure so little it is not mentioned. Nevertheless, he moved to Auburn University by 1993, where he began raking in $72,000. Though this was still meager, it got the wheels turning. He continued to move around for some time until he found himself working as an offensive coordinator at FSU from 2006 till 2009. A piece in Business Insider states that his salary peaked there was about $630,000.

Jimbo Fisher’s first season as the head coach of the Seminoles had him make $1.6 million. It was then that his annual income began to appreciate every year. Based on that, it is highly likely that he made over $30 million over the period of 8 years he spent there, contributing to his net worth. By 2016, he kicked it up a notch by signing an extension of his contract. That would have kept him in Tallahassee up till the 2024 season and earned him $5.5 million per year. That stint did not last though.

Maybe it was for the best, as he went on to sign the mother of all deals – a 10-year, $75 million contract in 2018 to lead the Aggies. At this point, his base salary alone was $500,000. In addition to that, he was entitled to a supplemental income of $7 million in 2018. Included, as well, was an array of bonuses that could bump his annual income by a whopping $1.35 million. Judging by all the rewards, he made a wise choice when choosing career paths.

List of Jimbo Fisher’s Income sources

  • His professional football career
  • His coaching career
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