South Africa: A Stabbed Germiston Man Rescued From The Trunk Of His Car By JMPD Stop & Search

A Germiston man became the victim of 3 hijackers who attacked him, threw him in the trunk of the car and drove off. He was later rescued by the JMPD stop-and-search routine.

The discovery of the incident and the arrest of the hijackers took place during a joint roadblock between SAPS with JMPD at Chris Hani Main Road in Soweto.

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The security agency pulled the car over during one of their searches on Friday, during which they heard sounds from the trunk of the car. The men at work found the owner of the car in the trunk with a stabbing wound on his chest.

The 3 men were arrested there and then, while the paramedics attended to the stabbed victim and owner of the car.

The full story says that the Germiston man was hijacked on Friday morning by three hijackers. He was armed but somehow defending himself was a problem as the 3 men overpowered him.

They attacked him and then locked him up in the boot.

While questioned by the JMPD officials, one of the hijackers, who was driving, claimed that the boot was jammed and could not open.

Gratefully the excuse did not pay off. The suspicion was too evident to be waved aside.

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The officials called on the assistance of colleagues and the boot was forced open.

Edna Mamonyane of the Metro Police said:

“On opening the boot they found that the owner of the vehicle was stuffed into the boot of his vehicle, with a stab wound on his chest.”

South Africans applauded the smart and efficient way with which the officials captured the suspects.

On that note the JMPD request motorist to be patient with their random stop and search activities on the road. It said that discoveries like this are proof that those searches are necessary.

Edna Mamonyane added:

“Motorists get very angry when they get stopped at these roadblocks.”

“They found the owner of the vehicle in the boot with a stab wound on the chest. I said to my female officers: ‘This is a great job’, for them not panicking when they suspect something – now they have saved somebody’s life.”