Johannesburg’s Mayor Wants Illegal Immigrants Out Of His City

Reporting on his 100 days in office, Jo’burg mayor, Herman Mashaba, registered his problem with illegal immigrants, stressing the criminality surrounding their entrance into the city and SA at large.

Johannesburg is the economic hub of South Africa, wielding a lot of significance in SA’s political affairs too.

Due to the lucrative nature and potentials of the city, it is only natural that immigrants consider to begin their search for greener pastures there.

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It is also not a surprise that the influx would warrant dubious means of entering the country and dwelling in the city of Gold.

Jo’burg mayor, Mashaba said he is all out to walk hand in hand with human rights attorneys in the process of dealing with these foreigners like the “criminals” that they are.

“You see, for me, when I call these criminals criminals, I want them to understand that they are criminals,” 

“They are holding our country to ransom and I am going to be the last South African to allow it.”

He accused the national government of opening borders to criminals; an oversight he says the DA will put right in 2019 when it takes over.

“But in the meantime I have already started engaging embassies in our country for them to know their residents in our city are here criminally.”

“We will engage the provincial and national government to help us in this regard but I don’t believe anyone can expect us to tolerate activities of criminality.”

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In October, Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu shared a similar sentiment over illegal migrants in South Africa.

He prompted the government to employ the services of spies once again to look into the affairs of illegal foreigners who are taking advantage of SA’s porous border.