Puzzling Facts About Jodi Arias’ Relationship With Alexander, His Brutal Murder and Her Recent Whereabouts

Jealousy can change the path of one’s destiny like it did with Jodi Arias Bikini, making her a murderer. Bikini made headlines in 2013 when she was convicted of first-degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison without parole. This was for murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander on the 4th of June 2008, after learning he wanted to date another woman.

Alexander was an American who worked as a salesperson for the multilevel marketing company, Prepaid Legal Services. Also a motivational speaker, it’s been many years he lost his life but the circumstances surrounding his death continue to command the interest of many as much as people wonder about the whereabouts of his killer.

The Attraction Between Jodi Arias and Alex Was Instant

Jodi Arias Bikini
Jodi Arias Bikini and Travis Alexander: image source

Bikini first got acquainted with her deceased ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, at a Pre-Paid Legal Services (PPL) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada held in 2006. Their attraction was mutual and their relationship developed very fast; before long, they decided to be closer to each other which resulted in Jodi Arias relocating to Mesa, where Alexander was residing.

Almost soon after, she moved back to stay with her grandparents in Yreka, California, which made the relationship a long-distance affair. According to Alexander’s friends, the relationship was so tumultuous that their friend got fed up and decided to call it off to move on with someone else. This was apparently the beginning of the end for him.

During their passionate romance, the enamored couple exchanged 82,000 emails but later decided to end it in June 2007 after five months as a couple. However, they never stopped exchanging sexually explicit text messages in the months that followed.

According to what the deceased’s bosom friend Sky Hughes told Huffington Post, Jodi was completely obsessed with Alex and wouldn’t let go; she usually threatened to take her life when he attempts to cut ties with her and would show up unannounced whenever she feels he is slipping away from her.

When Alexander eventually moved on with his life and started seeing other women, he had his tires slashed by Jodi who would also hack into his Facebook and stalk him. The late motivational speaker even told a friend that they shouldn’t be surprised if they find him dead.

Alexander Suffered a Gruesome Murder at the Hands of His Ex-Girlfriend

When Alexander complained that he was fed up with the relationship which was stressing him out on a daily basis, he lost his life. He was stabbed 29 times, his throat slit, and a gunshot to the head. Evidence pointed to Jodi Arias who was soon arrested.

Investigations revealed that Jodi arrived at the deceased house unannounced on the 4th of June 2008. However, the Californian native insisted that she came on Alex’s invitation. The two took graphic sexual photos of each other and proceeded to make a sex tape, which according to Arias, was Alex’s idea. She also said he had her tied up on the bed.

During the trial, Bikini first denied that she had anything to do with the death of her ex-boyfriend. Then she admitted that she was at the scene of the murder but didn’t carry out the insidious act. She further stated that two people attacked them at Alexander’s house and killed him.

Jodi Arias Pleaded Guilty and Was Convicted

After two years in custody, Jodi Arias Bikini pleaded guilty to the charges against her but insisted that she murdered Travis Alexander out of self-defense. She stated that her ex-boyfriend had a violent temper which resulted in her being a victim of domestic violence. Jodi went on to narrate how she had been physically abused by the deceased on several occasions.

Despite her pleas, Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder on the 8th of May 2013 and after two separate juries failed to reach a unanimous decision about the death penalty, she was handed a life sentence without the possibility of parole on the 13th of April 2015.

Following her conviction, she was sent to the maximum-security unit of the Perryville prison for women in Goodyear. Prior to that, Jodi was housed in the Estrella Jail in Phoenix where she was kept 23 hours per day inside the cell.

Defense Counsel’s Attempt to Appeal Her Conviction Failed

Jodi’s lawyer made some attempts to appeal her conviction in October 2019, citing instances where Juan Martinez who was the prosecutor ignored evidence, questioned witnesses improperly, leveled unfounded accusations, and courted the press.

However, the accusations of prosecutorial misconduct were denied as the evidence of guilt was very strong. However, Martinez was disbarred in July 2020, and according to Karen Clark who was the convict’s representative, “that may likely be an issue that would be raised by a competent criminal appellate lawyer” in the future.

Jodi’s sentence is without the possibility of parole, she is still serving time and as it stands right now, she’s never getting out. In May 2016, the Arizona convict was speculated to be gearing towards having a wedding ceremony with a male inmate at the Arizona State Prison Complex. However, the wedding is yet to take place.

She Is Having a Hard Time In Prison

Even in prison, the murderer has been reaching out to both the media and the public. On the 10th of January 2016, she put a call through to rapper Kareem “Lefty” Williams, who in turn released a weird music video in defense of the killer.

In the call, Jodi Arias shared details of her life in prison, she complained about being hated and not being able to respond to the so much love coming her way.

Jodi also complained about prison food; she said they get to eat hot dinner on weekends and something like sandwiches on weekdays. She compared it with hospital food. It was reported in 2017 that the prisoner was considering filling for supervised leave from prison to be present at the funeral of her dad, William A. Arias. From what is perceivable, she never put in the request.

The Incident Has Inspired Several TV Shows

As a result of the massive publicity of the incident, the Jodi Arias trial birthed several TV specials and documentaries. It was featured as evidence of a death penalty trial in an episode of 48 Hours Mystery: Picture Perfect. There is Jodi Arias; Dirty Little Secret, but the most recent is Lifetime’s Jodi Arias: Cellmate Secrets.

The case also dominated social media circus in 2013 as her trials were broadcast live. Two years after her conviction, Bikini was reportedly receiving marriage proposals every week while chatting with her fans on Skype from prison.


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