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Jodie Foster is a name that can never be forgotten in the movie industry. The talented personality has graced Hollywood with her versatility, which is expressed in faculties of acting, directing, and producing. Foster indeed was meant to be a showbiz icon, beginning her career at the very tender age of 3. The actress, producer, and director who has garnered lots of accolades including BAFTAs, Academy Awards, Golden Globes and many others, stands on a very high pedestal in the competitive movie industry.

Foster’s success story is quite an inspiring one that should be heard by any aspiring entertainer. Questions have been raised in a bid to find out more about her and how she rose to prominence. Dwelling on these issues would mean digging deeper into the life of the star. Here are lesser known facts about Jodie Foster.

Jodie Foster’s Bio, Age

She was born Alicia Christian Foster on November 19, 1962, but later adopted the name ‘Jodie’, a nickname given to her by her siblings. Before she was born, her parents, Evelyn Ella ‘Brandy’ and Lucius Fisher Foster III were already separated. Foster grew up alongside her three siblings with her mother who lived with her partner in Los Angeles. Jodie, who never had a relationship with her father, toed the line of her mother who was a film producer.

But before she went into the film business, she was first a child model at the age of 3. By this time, Foster who taught herself to read could now read very well on her own and could speak very well too. She soon stepped into the world of movies and featured on her first TV show Mayberry R.F.D. She gave an impressive performance in the show despite having no acting training of any sort. Foster soon became a popular child actress starring in countless shows with her mother cum manager, Brandy, always by her side.

Jodie hit the big screens in the early 70s (while still in her teens) when she starred in the feature film Napoleon and Samantha (1972). The following year, she starred in Disney’s One Little Indian. After greeting the screens with the two movies, she went on to land other major starring roles. She featured in other movies like the Mark Twain adaptation Tom Sawyer (1973),  Martin Scorsese’s Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (1974), Taxi Driver, and many others while she gradually grew into an adult.

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Foster enrolled in Yale University and continued to make films on vacations. In the late 80s, she made her adult breakthrough when she starred in The Accused (1988), as a rape survivor. In 1991, she made her feature film directional debut with the movie Little Man Tate. She further took a step into directing the following year, establishing her own production company, Egg Pictures.

Net Worth

The talented actress and director is reaping the fruits of her steadfastness in the industry. Jodie Foster has a net worth estimated at a whopping $100 million. Foster has her movie stints as well as her endorsement deals and other investments to thank for her net worth. Jodie was tagged as the highest-earning actress by Forbes in 2005 and also ranked no. 54 on Forbes Top 100 celebrities in 2006.

Personal Life – Is She Gay or Lesbian, Who is The Wife, Children

Jodie Foster and kids

Jodie Foster’s personal life is quite interesting just like her career. Like her dynamic career, the actress and director has fed her fans and the general public with series of stories about her personal life which never escapes the prying eyes of the media. First, she marries a woman, has children and separates from the woman, leaving her fans confused. This is why the aforementioned questions keep popping up.

Even if you’ve been in doubt, Foster’s marriage to girlfriend Alexandra Hedison should be convincing enough to ascertain that the actress is a lesbian. Jodie in 2014, married Alexandra who is an ex-girlfriend to talk show host Ellen Degeneres. The two had dated for a few months before tieing the knot. Before Hedison, Foster was in a longterm relationship with Cydney Bernard.

Foster has two children with co-parent Cydney Bernard; Kit Bernard Foster and Charles Bernard Foster. However, the real father of the children isn’t known. It is rumored that their father could be late Hollywood producer, Randy Stone who was the best friend of the actress and director.

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