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Joe Jo has definitely earned his reputation as the king of quality content and a dominator of the YouTube sphere. With an audience as large as 4 million subscribers, this young star is definitely an internet sensation. Joe is an Asian-American YouTuber, comedian, and entertainer. Perhaps what makes this YouTube star so famous is how his jokes and contents are well received in the Asian-American community as they are relatable. But asides making content for the members of this community, he also vlogs about his personal life alongside music and even does sketch comedy. Now his fan base is spread across different parts of the world.

Who Is Joe Jo?

Interestingly, he was not born as Joe Jo. His full name is Joseph Masato Jitsukawa and he was born on the 13th of April, 1985 in California, United States of America. Turns out his parents had lived in Asia but relocated to America to pursue a career in classical music. Back in Asia, their art had not been appreciated and this prompted them to move. Joe holds an American Nationality and is of Asian descent.

The YouTuber was raised in a very supportive and warm home. Even though it was an Asian home, he was raised to enjoy music and all forms of art. Regarding his education, Joe finished high school in California and attended East L.A. Community College but was eventually transferred off to Kansas L.A. College was a very interesting place for Joe because it marked the beginning of his career. Joe said that while in college, he stumbled upon the very popular book by Robert Kiyosaki titled Rich Dad Poor Dad and it changed his life. This book inspired him to drop out of college and start his own business.

Alongside his friends, Joe Jo began to organize yard sales in order to gather funds. After saving up money from yard sales, he began an eBay business where he sold all kinds of car parts. Asides from just selling, he also dabbled into the business of logistics and even shipping. His friend who turned business partner, Barton Kwan encouraged him to go back to college to complete his study and Joe obliged. However, he would eventually regret this decision.

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Joe said that his decision to go back to college was not driven by the desire to earn a degree but rather because he wanted to be surrounded by people in his peer group. After school, he started to apply to different jobs but didn’t get employed. He eventually went back to the business of logistics regretting leaving it for college in the first place. But the universe had so much more in store for him. If only he knew!

How Did He Become Popular?

Joe Jo and his friend Barton Kwan met each other at a Mixed Martial Arts Gym. The two immediately hit it off and became the best of friends who constantly goofed around. They loved to copy and mimic their other friends and even random people around them; soon they began to record these imitations on camera. They made their debut on the YouTube platform on the 18th of August, 2007 with the channel named “JustKiddingFilms”.

Joe Jo
Joe Jo on YouTube

At first, they didn’t have a good mastery of how YouTube worked and they believed that people could only view their videos if the links were shared with them. However, their number of views and engagements on YouTube continued to rise every week and they realized that they could make a business out of it. YouTube saw potentials in them and invited them to the YouTube monetizing program which had just been created. Even though they started out making badly edited videos, with time, they gained the necessary skills and began to put out more quality content.

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The powerful duo also has other related channels such as “JustKiddingParty,” “JustKiddingNews,” and “JustKiddingGamer” and these channels in total have amassed over 4 million subscribers. Joe Jo also has a personal channel which is named “Joe Jo” and on this channel, he posts random videos, daily vlogs, and even music.

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How Much Is Joe Jo Worth?

Joe Jo has built a successful career out of making YouTube videos and we were not surprised to see that he is worth a lot of money. As of this writing, it is believed that the total value of his riches is around $2 million.

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