Joe Perry’s Height of Success with Aerosmith, Best Solo Works and Other Fun Facts About the Singer

It’s not a surprise that Joe Perry is well known for his amazing voice, guitar skills, and for his contributions to the rock band, Aerosmith as he started playing the guitar when he was only ten. It is also known that it was due to the academic struggles he had during his young years that led him to discover a new passion for music and he eventually dropped out of school in order to focus on the pursuit of a music career. Since then, he has been able to attain an uncommon feat in the music industry winning several awards and accolades for his musical works.

The Formation of Aerosmith was Joe Perry’s Initial Attempts at Building a Musical Career

At birth,  the widely acclaimed guitarist was named Anthony Joseph Perry and he was born on September 10, 1950, in Lawrence, Massachusetts but was raised in Hopedale, Massachusets. The only details regarding his parents that have been gathered are that his dad was an accountant while his mom made daily earnings working as a high school gym instructor. He is the eldest of two children born to his parents, the other being his sister, Anne-Marie Pereira.

During his early years, Pery stumbled into the world of entertainment primarily because of his academic failures. His parents transferred him from his school in Hopedale to an all-boys boarding school, Vermont Academy. During his days there, he was exposed to a lot of musical works and at the age of ten, he began to learn how to play the guitar with his right hand despite being left-handed. With time, he gained expertise with the instrument but still lagged behind in his academics.

He later dropped out of school and relocated to Boston where he decided to pursue music fully and formed a band – The Jam Band – with his childhood friend, Tom Hilton. The duo later recruited Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, and Joey Kramer. Eventually, they changed the band’s name to Aerosmith.

His Success on Aerosmith

Aerosmith in the 70s

After the creation of the band, they struggled in establishing themselves in their hometown, not until the mid-1970s when they became one of the hottest bands of that period. Songs like ‘Dream On’, ‘Sweet Emotion’, ‘Walk This Way’, ‘Back in the Saddle’, and ‘The Last Child’, pushed them more to the limelight. The group also had songs ‘Dream on’, ‘Sweet Emotions’, ‘Last Child’, and ‘ Walk this way’ amongst others which were radio hits.

However, Joe and Tyler became drug addicts and they even took hard substances often times before hitting the stage for a performance. This affected the unity and creativity of the group, making them fall back into several years of struggling in the late 1970s. In the midst of the chaos though, they released the album, ‘Draw The Line’ in 1977 which became a hit and earned double platinum.

In the following years, the band embarked on tours, and come 1978, they released a live collection, Live! Bootleg and a single, Chip Away. They were also featured in the comedy film, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and went on a tour in 1979. Albeit, that same year, the band members faced lots of drug addiction problems and they eventually went on hiatus for about 5 years before joining forces again in 1984.

Joe Perry’s Solo Works & Continued Success with Aerosmith

Upon the fall out Aerosmith, Perry decided to step out as a solo artist under the name, The Joe Jerry Project and it’s reported that he left with a number of unfinished projects of the band which he later developed into his own. He initially released ‘Let the Music Do the Talking’ album in 1980 in collaboration with Ralph Mormon, David Hull, and Ronnie Stewart. This album was followed with the release of  ‘I’ve Got the Rock’n’Rolls Again’ in 1981 and ‘Once a Rocker, Always a Rocker’ in 1983.

The next year it was announced that the Aerosmith would be joining forces again and this comeback ushered Perry and his colleagues into the limelight again. They went on to release back to back hit songs all through the 1990s as they collaborated with big shots in the music industry like the songwriters, Desmond Child and Jim Vallance, as well as music video producers, Marty Callner and David Fincher. The band released hit albums like ‘Get a Grip’ in 1993 and several hit songs which made it a double-platinum album. They also dropped ‘Nine Lives’ in 1999 which also got certified as a double-platinum album. Throughout the 90s the band won 4 Grammy Awards, 10 MTV Music Video Awards alongside several other awards.

Joe Perry played for the first time with Aerosmith at the Super Bowl XXXV in 2001 and also recorded another double platinum album, ‘Just Push Play’. In the coming years, Perry continued to tour with Aerosmith which include a Global Warming Tour in 2012. The next year it was announced that Perry and Tyler would receive the ASCAP Founders Award and by June that year, they were also inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

The band went on more tours around the world in the subsequent years with the recent one being their tour of South America in 2017. That same year, Perry also released his 4th solo album entitled, ‘Sweetzerland Manifesto’ in which he featured the likes of Johnny Depp, David Johansen, and Robin Zander amongst others. His first song in the album ‘Quake’ had some of his bandmates from Aerosmith and it was dropped in 2018. The next year Aerosmith made plans with the guitarist to appear in  50 shows which spanned from April 2019 to June 2020 at the Park Theatre in Las Vegas.

The Musician has Made a Fortune from His Career

Joe Perry’s net worth of $120 million is no surprise to many as he has sold lots of records and has toured around the world with Aerosmith to the doorsteps of many. He has also been ranked as the 84th Greatest Guitarist of All Time by Rolling Stone. More so, for his many success in the music industry, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame as well as being the recipient of the ASCAP Founders Award.

Apart from all his music endeavors, Perry has also made several remarkable performances as an actor appearing in both lengthy films and television series. He currently runs a food company known as Joe Perry’s Rock Your world.

Take a Look at Perry’s Marital Life

Joe Perry
Joe Perry and Billie

The guitarist’s first marriage was to Elyssa Jerret and the pair were married between 1975 and 1982 but before their split, they had a son named Adrian. Joe later started a relationship with Billie whom he met in 1983 when she featured her in one of his music videos. Perry later wedded Billie in 1985 and had two sons with her, Tony and Roman. However, Billie had a son named Aaron from her previous relationship.

Perry has also credited his reunion with the Aerosmith to Billie Perry. According to the guitarist, she persuaded him to reconnect with the band even though she had never met his bandmates before. She pushed him to give Steven Tyler a call and from that onwards, Aerosmiths came back to life.

Rumor of His Death Circulated Sometime in 2018

Well, there is no reason to worry about the legendary guitarist, he only joined the list of celebrities who have faced the death hoax issue. Sometime in November 2018, Joe Perry was rushed to the hospital after he collapsed in his dressing room shortly after performing Aerosmith’s song Walk This Way with Joel and his band at Billy Joel’s Madison Square Garden concert in New York.

Sources say that he experienced shortness of breath while on stage although he was later diagnosed with allergies and anxiety. Shortly after that, rumor had it that he did not survive the incident but that turned out to be false. After receiving treatment for a few days, Joe Perry stormed Sioux City, Iowa, for his next tour. He is also known to have had a similar experience back in 2016 when he was performing with the Hollywood Vampires.

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