Who did Joel Kinnaman move on to when He Divorced His Wife and how Successful an Actor is He?

The acting business is a cutthroat one. Consistency and persistence are two qualities needed if one has hopes of having a breakthrough in the industry. Unless you are the Swedish-American actor, Joel Kinnaman. The actor has forged a successful acting career for himself despite taking a 12-year hiatus from the profession. Sometimes, when you got it, you got it. He has gone on to appear in several box office hits and has firmly established himself as an acting powerhouse.

His personal life also made for an exciting read. It is only natural for a good-looking fella like Joel Kinnaman to find himself linked with diverse beauties within and outside Hollywood. He has been married once, and fans are curious as to what could have led to his divorce. Does that also mean he is back on the market and ready to be snapped up once more?

He was Married to a Swedish Tattoo Artist for Three Years

Joel Kinnaman met Cleo Wattenstrom – a renowned tattoo artist in Sweden – in 2014, and they began a relationship later that same year. In April 2016, during his appearance on the talk show, The Talk, to promote his film, Suicide Squad, he revealed that he had married her in a low-key ceremony.

When the host, Aisha Tyler, described her as his girlfriend, he corrected that she was now his wife. Joel, however, refused to shed more light as to when they got married and other details. The pair had always managed to keep their relationship out of the spotlight even before their wedding.

Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom
Joel Kinnaman and Cleo Wattenstrom: image source

In 2018, news broke that the couple had divorced. The reason behind the divorce, like most things about the couple, remained undisclosed. However, the divorce has done nothing to dim their friendship as they have been seen hanging out occasionally. Wattenstrom even sent a message to Kinnaman on Instagram on the occasion of his birthday.

Joel Kinnaman is now Dating Swedish-Australian Model, Kelly Gale

Perhaps not one to mope about regarding his divorce, Joel Kinnaman was soon spotted with his new beau in 2019. He was seen walking and holding hands with the Swedish-Australian model, Kelly Gale, at Coachella Music Festival.

It was the first time they were seen together, and it set the rumor mill spinning with news of a probable romance. The rumors were eventually confirmed when there were subsequent multiple sightings of the couple.

Kelly Gale is a Victoria Secret’s star and has graced the covers of several fashion magazines. She earned the Playboy Playmate of the month in September 2016. Kelly had previously been dating her high school sweetheart, Johannes Jarl. They, however, broke up in 2018.

The new couple made their first red carpet appearance together at the premiere of the TV show For All Mankind. It solidified the suspicion that their relationship was indeed serious. There is a 15-year age difference between Kinnaman and Gale, and this has raised a few eyebrows. Gale dispelled these concerns by revealing the secret behind their relationship is respect, honesty, and loads of love.

He had Previously been in a Relationship with Olivia Munn

Before there was Cleo Wattenstrom and Kelly Gale, there existed Olivia Munn as Joel Kinnaman’s beau. The actors dated for two years from 2012 – 2014. Having first met each other in 2011, they quickly became close friends.

They were first confirmed as a couple in March 2012 and shared a lot of cute PDA moments. Kinnaman described her as being ‘a hoot and lots of fun.’ The couple eventually separated in 2014 as a result of distance.

Due to being frequently away from each other as a result of work commitments, they decided to separate amicably. The separation did not ruin their friendship, and they continued being good friends with one another.

Deets About His Multicultural Family

Joel Kinnaman was born Charles Joel Nordstrom Kinnaman on the 25th of November 1979. His father, Steve Kinnaman (Changed from David Kinnaman), is an American who was drafted during the Vietnam War but deserted the military while in Bangkok. His mother, Bitte, is a Swedish therapist.

Kinnaman possesses both American and Swedish citizenship. On his father’s side, he has Irish and Scottish ancestry while he is of Ukrainian Jewish descent on his mother’s side. He has five sisters, one of whom is the Swedish-American actress, Melinda Kinnaman.

Before filming Altered Carbon, Joel Kinnaman underwent a surgery to correct pectus excavatum, a medical condition he had growing up. The surgery process involved inserting two metal bars to push the sternum outward and correct the deformity.

How did He get Started as an Actor?

Joel Kinnaman began his acting journey in 1990 as a child actor, and his older sister acted as his first plug. He made his appearance in the Swedish soap opera Storstad.

His sister was the girlfriend of one of the show’s directors, and he invited Kinnaman to audition. After securing the role of Felix Lundstrom and featuring in 22 episodes, he decided it was time to leave acting.

Joel Kinnaman did not appear in a single movie or TV show for 12 years. He restarted his acting journey in 2002 when he began studying at a drama school. While there, he featured in numerous films, including Hannah Med H and Tjenare Kungen (God Save the King).

After graduating from Malmo Theatre Academy in 2007, he found work at the Gothenburg City Theatre. He began generating media buzz when he appeared in a stage adaptation of the novel Crime and Punishment by Russian author Fyedor Dostoevsky. The success of his performance brought him more work, and he starred in nine Swedish films in just over a year and two months.

Joel Sought to Expand Internationally After His Breakthrough in Sweden

Kinnaman got his breakthrough in Sweden when he got cast in the movie Easy Money, a Swedish thriller. His performance as Johan ‘JW’ Westlund in the film brought him mainstream media attention in Sweden and international film markets. It also earned him the Guldbagge Award for Best Actor.

Kinnaman desired to expand his acting horizon beyond Sweden, and this pushed him to employ an agent in the United States. He was subsequently rewarded with his first appearance in an international movie when he starred in The Darkest Hour in 2011. He solidified his global credential when he held down a four-season starring role as Detective Stephen Holder on the AMC TV series The Killing from 2011 to 2014.

His First Major Box Office Hit was in RoboCop

In 2012, he appeared in two Hollywood movies, Safe House, starring Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington, and the indie film Lola Versus. The major news arrived later, though, when he got cast in the lead role of Alex Murphy/RoboCop in the remake of the 1987 film.

The movie was released in February 2014 and grossed over $230million, making it his highest-grossing movie as an actor at that time.

Kinnaman had two major movie appearances in 2015. He played the role of Liam Neeson’s son in the mop thriller Run All Night and starred in the mystery drama Child 44. He later had an ensemble cast featuring Tom Hardy, Gary Oldman, Noomi Rapace, Paddy Considine, and Jason Clarke.

Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman in Suicide Squad: image source

He was selected to play the role of Rick Flag Jr. in the DC superhero movie Suicide Squad. The movie grossed over $740million at the box office and is Kinnaman’s highest-grossing movie in his entire career. He will reprise the role of Rick Flag Jr. in the Suicide Squad sequel scheduled for release in 2021.

Joel starred in 15 episodes of the American version of House of Cards as Governor William Conway. He also played the protagonist in Netflix’s Altered Carbon. In August 2018, he got cast as Edward Baldwin in Apple TV+’s alternate history space drama series For All Mankind.

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