Johannesburg: The City Of Gold At 130 Years

Joburg residents gathered for a launch event at Museum Africa with the Joburg Heritage Foundation in celebration of Johannesburg’s 130 year birthday on 4 October 2016.

During the occasion, Mayor Herman Mashaba addressed all who were there and gave a special tour of the museum together with the public.

Johannesburg is one of the most economic vibrant and largest cities in Africa. In fact it is one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world. It was founded 130 years ago in 1886. It is not clear what informed the name of the city.

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A lot of novices could actually mistake Jo’burg for the capital of South Africa. It is the economic hub with a lot of significance in South Africa’s political affairs. For instance it has a large population with an estimated 4,434,827 as at 2011. It also houses S.A’s Constitutional Court.

South Africa is replete with several mineral resources. Jo’burg happens to be one of the mining friendly locations especially when it comes to gold and diamonds.

Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, is a gold reef that was discovered in June 1884. It was found that there were incredibly large deposits of gold there. As a result there was a rush in the mining and trading of the natural treasure. This informed the popular name “city of gold” attached to the area.

Gold was the first major attraction that influences the economic growth and the founding of the city as well.

Until the 1990’s Soweto became a part and parcel of Johannesburg. This gave Johannesburg much more historical relevance. Soweto used to be an acronym for “South-Western Townships”. It was then populated by black South African gold miners.

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Johannesburg is a one of a kind. It has God-given attributes that has made it an international destination.

Here are other quick and interesting facts about the culturally diverse location:

  • The Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) is South Africa’s only stock exchange which ranks as one of the top 20 top exchanges in global market capitalization.
  • With 10 million trees it has become the world’s largest man-made, urban forest.
  • Johannesburg houses an approximate 150 heritage sites, half of which are national monuments.
  • Jo’burg is surrounded by 40% of all the world’s human ancestor fossils.
  • Did you know that it takes a minute long longer to boil an egg in Johannesburg? This is because the city is situated at an elevation of 1,753 m (5,751 ft), so the air is not as dense.
  • About 36 of the best golf courses in SA are situated in and around Jo’burg.