A Johannesburg’s ANC Branch Calls For Zuma’s Resignation… Again!

Once again, Johannesburg’s ANC branch, has called for the resignation of the incumbent president, Jacob Zuma.

The African National Congress (ANC) Sefako Makgatho branch in Johannesburg has called for the resignation of President Zuma and the entire National Executive Committee (NEC).

Sasabona Manganye, the Branch chairperson said:

“We once wrote a letter to the Secretary General after the Constitutional Court’s ruling and we made our recommendations very clear, informed by the conference resolutions of the ANC.

“The NEC failed to implement the resolutions of the conference which is the highest decision making body.”

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Prior to the municipal elections, it was predicted that the ANC will lose the 3 major South African municipalities: Pretoria, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth.

The election results showed that the ruling party actually lost control in Johannesburg, the nation’s capital Pretoria and Cape Town.

Despite the ANC’s 44.5% votes in the just concluded elections, for the first time in 2o years the party lost control in Johannesburg, the nation’s economic hub and largest city.

With that it is no surprise that President Zuma is very unpopular in Jo’burg. As a matter of fact the 3 major losses in the South African local government elections have prompted more calls from ANC factions to quit his position as president.

The Johannesburg’s ANC branch is lobbying other branches to support its resolutions.

Reports have it that the “party structures in the Nelson Mandela Bay and Buffalo City metros in the Eastern Cape called for the ANC leader to resign.” The ANC Youth League has equally called for an early conference to elect a new leadership of the ANC.

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The ANC has been dealing a great level of internal conflicts. Before the elections, about 12 politicians from the ANC party were murdered. That amongst several violations by the incumbent president has been a source of tension for the party.

The ANC’s Sefako Makgatho branch has accused Zuma of violating the constitution by ignoring the Public Protector’s remedial action on Nkandla.

“The NEC took a resolution where they accepted Zuma’s [Nkandla] apology. They did not follow the correct process. So it was more of a cover up than resolving the matter. It haunted us until today.”

The Johannesburg’s ANC Branch was disappointed that NEC still pledges loyalty to the scandal-friendly president.