John Corby – Biography, Cause Of Death, How Did He Die?

It’s not the length of life but the depth of life that really matters about one’s existence. John Corby was one of a kind radio broadcaster who touched the lives of many of his listeners through his charming and friendly personality. He worked as an on-air personality for almost 30 years of his career at WTVN radio station. During that time, he cheered his audience with his heartwarming words and a soothing voice that many got familiar with every afternoon before he passed on.

Popular as WTVN radio host of the late afternoon drive-time show, John Corby stole the hearts of his numerous audience and fans who have gone ahead to express how much they miss the talented broadcaster, whom through his companionship every afternoon had grown to be a friend to many and not just a great broadcaster. The news of his unexpected death shocked many when it was announced on Saturday 20th January 2018.

John Corby’s Biography

The one of a kind radio personality was born in Nelsonville, Ohio, US on the 26th of March, 1956. He was brought up by his parents, John Michael and Betty Corby. Concerning his education, Corby attended Logan high school where he showcased his unequivocal special talent in athletics as his high school’s star athlete. He later enrolled at The Ohio State University and in like manner, he became a star as he fully participated in the varsity baseball and played the position of a catcher.

He kicked off his long term journalism career serving as an on-air personality for more than three decades at WNCI radio station where he landed his first gig as a news director. The brilliant broadcaster was handed an opportunity to showcase his special talent to the world as he started co-hosting the station’s morning show.

After having such a wonderful time at the radio station, he got recruited by WTVN. While at the station, John Corby became the listeners’ favorite during the ten years he spent as a radio host due to his overwhelming personality. Soon after leaving WTVN, the famous radio host had a short spell at KDKA situated in Pittsburgh before returning back to WTVN for his second stint.

During that time, John Corby touched the lives of many of his listeners, particularly in Central Ohio, through his cheering words and comforting radio shows. Aside from working as a radio host of the late afternoon drive-time show, he also publicized Billy Ray Vulgar and The Big Bass Brothers radio bits.

Over the course of his career at the radio station, John Corby grew to be loved by many of his audience who got familiar with his soothing voice that came at them smooth as melted butter from their speakers on WTVN station for almost three decades. He was a longtime talk radio host and on-air personality who never shied away from saying what he was thinking as well as understanding the needs of his audience. He spent almost 30 years of his journalism career in his home town, Ohio which made him a famous personality in Ohio.

John Corby’s Personal Life

John Corby
John Corby with Columbus Ohio Police Officer

John Corby married twice while he was alive. His first marriage was to Jennifer Long Corby. Unfortunately, the happy union was halted halfway when Jennifer passed away in 2006 at the age of 50. They had a daughter together, Emily Passias. Corby later moved ahead to exchange vows for the second time with Jodi. The couple was together until death separated them in the year 2018. Since her death, there have been no records of any romantic involvement for Corby.

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Cause of His Death, How Did He Die?

John Corby’s death was sudden and didn’t occur from any terminal disease. He passed away in the presence of his family members on the 20th of January 2018 at Mount Carmel West Hospital. Although some media websites reported that Corby died from flu complications, there is no substantial report confirming the cause of his death. He is survived by his wife, parents, daughter, sister, niece, and nephew. John Corby was a rare gem that would be sorely missed by his beloved listeners and fans.


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