John Gotti Net Worth And How He Made Money As A Crime Boss

The A&E miniseries Gotti: Godfather & Son took its plot from the life story of John Gotti, the late Italian-American crime boss who dominated organized crime in New York during the 1980s. The miniseries was about John Gotti Jr. as the son of the late American Mafia boss; reflecting on the close affinity he had with his dad, in addition to inside info on what led to the Gambino crime family leader’s imprisonment, as well as his own exit from organized crime. Given the unending interest in the late criminal and the empire he left behind, people can’t help but wonder how much the notorious mafia made during his lifetime. Read on to get the estimate of John Gotti’s net worth as stated by reliable sources as well as how he made his wealth.

What Is John Gotti’s Net Worth?

Several sources have pegged John Gotti’s net worth at a handsome $30 million. The New York native amassed his wealth at the peak of the criminal activities in the Gambino crime family empire. Despite his rise to power as the patriarch of one of the most powerful mafia families in New York, Gotti actually spent his formative years as a poor kid with a family background that is best described as impoverished. However, the notorious underdog quickly scaled the ladder of power, becoming one of the highest earners in the worlds of the dreadful American Mafia under the tutelage of Aniello Dellacroce.

His major source of wealth was his position as the leader of the Gаmbіnо сrіmе fаmіlу which was reputed to be the biggest and also made massive wealth during their heydays. At a certain point in his life, Gotti was viewed as one of the most influential as well as dangerous crime bosses in America.

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No one is privy to information regarding John Gotti’s annual earnings; however, an insight came from Sammy “The Bull” Gravano – Gotti’s former mob associate and the author of the publication Underboss. According to the book, Gotti’s net worth accrued from annual earnings of not less than $5 million. While he claims to have no proof to back up the figure, Gravano pegged the crime boss’ annual income within a range of $10 and $12 million but not less than $5 million.

How He Made And Spent Money As A Crime Boss

John Gotti had quite an expensive taste; reports from the Chicago Tribune said that the notorious underboss gained popularity in the public realm as the “Dapper Don” for his habit of wearing Brioni suits worth the sum of $2k, and satisfying his expensive palate at several of the finest restaurants in New York. He made his wealth from stolen vehicles, narcotics, labor racketeering, pornography, prostitution, and of course gambling.

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Confirmations have come from different sources about the underboss being a compulsive gambler in his prime, his gambling impulses extended to the likes of Monopoly and Scrabble. According to Paul Polisi – Gotti’s former associate, the crime boss was known for betting large amounts of cash. Polisi revealed in his memoir that Gotti was not adept at playing cards and hardly ever recorded a win but he was a great hand with the board games.

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Polisi went further to reveal that their gang once played the game of Monopoly using real money as opposed to the fake cash, besides; would-be players had to buy in with the sum of $3,000. It is said that when the crime boss really wanted to gamble, he could spend over $30K per night. His gambling impulses were reportedly seen as a massive depletion on the profits of the Gambino family’s. At one point in his life, the underboss actually let the sum of $60K go down the drain in the span of one dice game.

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According to an article from journalist Selwyn Raab, John Gotti rose to power by organizing a hit on Paul Castellano – the then Gambino family leader. When Gotti took over power on the 15th of January 1986, the Gambino family’s wealth experienced a quantum leap, his tenure made it possible for the family to reap yearly earnings of $500 million further feathering John Gotti’s net worth on the long run.

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