US Secretary Of State, John Kerry To Visit Africa And Saudi Arabia

The United States’ Secretary of State, John Kerry is set to visit two African nations as well as Saudi Arabia this month.

John Kerry would be visiting Kenya, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia, with terrorism, counter-terrorism and bilateral trade being the focus of these meetings.

John Kerry will visit Kenya on Monday, August 22 , where he will meet the president of the East African nation, Uhuru Kenyatta. He will also meet with the foreign minister of Kenya, Amina Mohamed as well as other foreign ministers in East Africa so as to discuss regional security matters as well as other challenges such as the South Sudan crisis, Somalia and jihadists Al-Shabab.

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Mr John Kerry also plans to meet with the participants of the Young African Leadership Initiative network and the participants of the Mandela Washington Fellows programs during his visit to Kenya.

John Kerry To Visit Kenya, Nigeria And Saudi Arabia

The U.S secretary of state will be in Nigeria on Tuesday, August 23-24. He will be welcomed by the Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari. They will both discuss terrorism and counter terrorism in the region, as well as the Nigerian economy, anti-corruption and human rights.

The discussion with President Buhari will take place in  the capital, Abuja. He will move on from there to Sokoto state where he will deliver a speech on the importance of religious tolerance and resilience in the fight against terrorism.

Between August 24-25 he will be in Saudi Arabia to talk on the conflict in Yemen.

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The human rights watch has made a statement on the topics Mr Kerry should particularly focus on during his visit to these countries. Human rights watch wants him to use this opportunity to advice Kenya on closing the Dadaab refugee camp, the ongoing South Sudan crisis, as well as abuse by security forces.

In Nigeria they want the US secretary of state to push for more reforms in the west African country, while in Saudi Arabia, concerns should be raised about abused laws of war in regards to the Yemeni crisis.