The Heights of John McEnroe’s Tennis Career Before Retirement, Later Pursuits and Family Life

An icon and legendary tennis player, John McEnroe is a man whose name rings a bell across the globe as a result of his amazing career achievements which includes being rated as the top tennis singles player in the world from 1980 to 1985. More so, he achieved other feats such as claiming the US Open titles for 3 consecutive times, and in doing so, he became the first male tennis player to have achieved such a feat since the 1920s.

His outstanding career wins include; 77 Singles titles, 7 Grand Slam Singles titles, 78 doubles titles, and 9 Grand Slam Double titles, among others. Following his achievements, McEnroe was inaugurated into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, a well-deserved record for a career he started a long time ago.

John McEnroe Started Winning Tournaments As A Teenager 

The genesis of John McEnroe’s career in tennis can be traced to when he was an eight-year-old growing up in Queens and he would play tennis at a local club, Douglaston Club. By the time he was nine, his parents had him join the Eastern Lawn Tennis Association. As he started to progress he joined the Port Washington Tennis Academy and continued to hone his skills right through his teenage years.

Playing as an amateur in the 1977 French Open mixed doubles with Mary Carillo, the tennis player who was 18 at the time, bagged the championship title for that year. More so, as a student at Stanford University, he helped his team to emerge victorious at the National Collegiate Athletic Association championship and won the singles title.

McEnroe then kick-started his career at the Association of Tennis Professionals tour in 1978. In that year he was able to get to the semi-final for the US Open Grand slam but lost the game. After this, he became unstoppable. John McEnroe won all five major tennis titles that year.

The 1980s Were The Best Of His Career Stint

The best years of John McEnroe’s career happened in the 1980s, this was the period that saw him clinch the world number one title in 1980 up until 1984, giving him a total of 170 weeks of being the world’s number one tennis player. This was also when he won 95% of his Grand Slam titles.

However, being the world’s number one tennis player for so long proved to be too much for McEnroe and in 1986, he went on a hiatus that lasted for 6 months. This was not the only time the athlete took a break from playing the game. John McEnroe who was known for his on-court irascible attitude obtained a two-month suspension, as well as paid fines of $17,500 and $1,500 on two different occasions during his career.

Notwithstanding his flaws, the player was notably gifted at winning doubles, it has been said that he is a great team player for a sportsman who does not really play any team sports. More so, the success he accrued in his career includes the work he has done representing the United States at many team competitions. He has led his country to victory at 5 Davis Cup competitions. In a similar manner, he also aided his team to clinch the World Team Cup twice.

Retirement Saw John McEnroe Pick Up Interest In Music & Showbiz

After having a remarkable playing career, McEnroe ended his career professionally as a single-player and a doubles player in 1994 and 2006 respectively. This made him explore other interests and the first thing McEnroe decided to go into was music. He created a band called The Johnny Smyth Band for which he served as the lead singer and guitarist, especially as he had taken guitar lessons from Eric Clapton, and Eddie Van Halen who are his friends. Lars Ulrich stated that McEnroe has a natural instinct for music. However, the foray into music lasted for just two years, and in 1997, McEnroe quit his band before they could make their first album.

The former tennis player went on to try his hands at broadcasting. He currently provides commentary at Wimbledon for BBC and serves as a pundit at other television networks such as NBC, ESPN, CBS. In 2002, he wrote his memoir entitled, ‘You Cannot Be Serious’. He has also been featured in multiple movies and TV shows such as Anger Management, CSI: NY, You Don’t Mess With The Zohan, 7 Days in Hell, Never Have I Ever among many others where he mostly plays himself.

What’s John McEnroe’s Net Worth?

John McEnroe had a long and legendary career as a tennis player. He became known globally for his left-handed technique and groundbreaking career achievements. As a competitor, John McEnroe has won more than $12 million in prize money. Being an athlete also gave him the opportunity to earn money from endorsements, his first endorsement was with Sergio Tacchini, a maker of men’s sportswear. He also worked with the Dunlop brand and Bic Razor.

As of now, it is unclear how much he made from his endorsements or how much he makes from his movie appearances and sports commentary. Regardless of the details of his earnings, John McEnroe’s net worth of $60 million is representative of the gargantuan success he has had in his life.

John McEnroe’s First Marriage Did Not End Amicably

John McEnroe has been married twice. The first time he tied the knot, it was to the famous actress and author, Tatum O’Neal in 1986. Their marriage took place in 1986 during the six-month period when he took a break from tennis. In the time that they were together, the couple had three children. Two sons – Kevin and Sean and a daughter – Emily. Kevin was born in 1986, Sean arrived two years later in 1998, and Emily McEnroe joined them in 1991.

John McEnroe
O’Neal with her kids – Image Source

Sadly, their marriage hit the rocks in 1994 after being married for 8 years but things had ended before then for the pair as they had gotten separated in 1992. This happened because O’Neal had an addiction problem that she was struggling with. Their divorce was highly publicized because of this but by the time it was finalized in 1994, she was able to get joint custody of the kids with McEnroe

His Second Marriage Was To Musician Patty Smyth

John McEnroe
John McEnroe with his wife, Patty Smyth: image source

In 1997, the same year that John McEnroe quit music, he got married for the second time. This second union was to Patty Smyth, a music artist and songwriter. Both of them met in 1993, but it is not clear how or when their relationship actually began.

The couple has expanded their family with the arrival of their two girls named Anna, born in 1995, and Ava McEnroe, who made her arrival four years later in 1999. The two are still together and they live in their Manhattan residence.


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