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Johnny Hekker is a record-holding punter of the NFL. As a result of this, he has consolidated himself in the hall of fame of American football. His punting of the ball over 65 yards in the Super Bowl match of 2019 has made him arguably one of the best punters in the history of the game. Although the team he plays for, Los Angeles Rams lost their game that day, he still remains untainted and not smeared by their defeat. Many questions have been asked about this Johnny since he stormed the limelight; you will find answers to some of them below.

Johnny Hekker Bio

On the 8th of February in 1990, Johnny Robert Hekker was born in Washington, Richmond in particular. There is currently no information available on the type of childhood he had or who the immediate members of his family are, however, details about his high school education are available to the public. This is as a result of the fact that his pursuits in the game of football began while he was in high school.

Bothell High School in Washington was where he had his secondary education; it is not known if he played football in the years preceding his senior year. Nevertheless, while he was a senior, he played on the football team called the Cougars and was the quarterback for one of their games. The game was for the state championship and they lost it.

His NFL Career

Hekker’s career as a punter in the NFL began while he was at Oregon State University, he played for the university’s football team. His skill as a punter was one that was noticed from the very moment he joined the university’s team. By the end of his career in college football, sports analysts were already referring to him as a prolific player. This is hardly a surprise as he averaged 45 yards within the space of punting ten times in the 2008 Sun Bowl game.

As a college football player, Johnny Hekker was already decorated with a number of awards and accolades, including the rank of third best punter in the history of Oregon State University. Records have it that he attained 41.3 yards for each punt he played. he also got the Rat Guy Award for the best punter in the nation.

Johnny Hekker began his professional career as a free agent who was undrafted with the St. Louis Rams. Soon, he was nominated as the NFL rookie of the week. This was for punting three times over 165 yards with a punt average of 48.7. The 2012 season was a particularly good season for Johnny Hekker. He was able to pull off a total of 82 punts, an average of 45.8 over 3,756 yards.

Johnny Hekker still plays for the St. Louis Rams (now Los Angeles Rams) and his performance has improved with each season that passes. His punting records is one of the best in the league.

Net Worth

Johnny Hekker is a rising star who from the beginning of his career has maintained an upward trajectory, thus making him a very valuable player for his team. In view of the deals he has had since he kicked off his professional career, it is believed that the total value of his wealth is $12.9.

Johnny Hekker’s Spouse

Johnny Hekker and Makayla Hekker
Johnny Hekker and Makayla Hekker (image source)

Johnny Hekker met his wife Makayla when they were at Oregon State University together. The couple met when Makayla was a freshman and was part of the gymnastics team in the University. Just like her husband, she is also an athlete but those days are behind her. The day they met, she had won an award for her gymnastic and Hekker decided to seek her out on social media, thus they began their romance. Makayla has revealed that the day Johnny Hekker asked her to marry him is the happiest day of her life.

They got married in 2015 and currently have a child.

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His Weight and Height

The American football demands a lot in terms of a player’s physique. Johnny has had nothing to worry about in this regard as he is taller and bigger than the average football player. Hekker stands at the staggering height of 6 feet 5 inches, this is perfect for his weight of 109 kg (241 lb).

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