Joice Mujuru Accuses Mugabe Of Wasting Money

Opposition leaders in Zimbabwe are getting tougher by the day.

Former vice president and ally of President Robert Mugabe, Joice Mujuru is no exception.

Mujuru recently accused President Mugabe of wasting government money while Zimbabweans are going through hardships which resulted from his incapacity to lead the country.

The president is said to have spent about $60 million on international travel.

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Mujuru who is the leader of the Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) party voiced her opinion during a political rally in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital.

She accused the members of ZANU-PF which she once belonged to of wasting time that should be spent on discussing ways to turn around Zimbabwe’s economy on unimportant things.

“Our traveling this year should be limited because there is a lot of work to do for the people. You cannot be boarding airplanes always because there is a lot of work for people this year.”

“After a year you should take stock of what you have done for the people,” she said as her supporters applauded her at the venue of the rally, the Rainbow Towers hotel in Harare.

She mentioned that her party the ZimPF is all-inclusive, leaving no one marginalized.

“From the day we started, it was like we lit a matchstick at a gas station. Everyone was waiting for the formation of a party which is all inclusive even to those who were not interested in politics,” she said.

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Mujuru and Mugabe were once allies, however all turned sour when the First Lady, Grace Mugabe accused Mujuru of planning to kill and depose Mugabe. This led to the sack of the former Vice President.

As Mugabe’s Zimbabwe continues to struggle with the repercussions of a failed economy, the opposition continues to rise, proffering solutions to the economic lapse.