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Joji is a former YouTube star that used the platform to garner fame and dominance through a series of video contents uploaded in his channels. His channels include DizastaMusic, TV Filthy Frank, and Too Damn Filthy. The major content of the videos uploaded in his channels ranges from rap songs, rants, challenges, bizarre shows, vulgar and filthy contents through which he got his moniker – Filthy Frank.

Although he has veered into music, thereby reducing his activities on the YouTube channels, subscribers have continued to troop on a daily basis to his channels. Joji as a musician has dropped an Extended Play (EP) in 2017 titled In Tongues, and a studio album Ballads 1 in 2018.

Joji – Biography

Joji was born George Miller on the 18th day of September 1992, in Osaka, Japan to Japanese-Australian parents.  He has carefully maintained a private and discreet lifestyle thus keeping in the dark his details of his family and personal life along with the knowledge of his parents and early life. However, it is an open secret that Joji is of Japanese-Australian race and holds Japanese-Australian nationality.

He was raised in Japan where he attended the Canadian Academy, in Kobe, Japan from whence he graduated from in the summer of 2012. When he turned eighteen in 2010, he left Japan for the United States where he built his career as a vlogger.

At the moment, there is a strong indication that Joji is a college student in Brooklyn, New York owing to the video titled Filthy Frank Exposed Himself? where he made the revelation of being a college student in Brooklyn, New York. He has long pulled down the video in his attempt to keep privacy.

Career As A YouTuber

Joji created his first YouTube channel Dizastamusic on June 15, 2008. The channel commands over 895k subscribers with over nearly 170 million views from 92 video uploads. His first video uploaded in the channel Lil Jon Falls off a table was posted on June 19, 2008, it has recorded over 753,130 views. After the first video, Joji went on to create sketch comedy-based content and Filthy Frank character that was highly considered the anti-vlogger of YouTube.

His second channel is named TVFilthyFrank created on January 22, 2013, and has garnered about 6.3 million subscribers with over 881 million views from over 162 video uploads. His first video upload is Welcome to the Second Channel and was uploaded on February 11, 2013, which has racked up over 1.2 million views. Joji’s third YouTube channel TooDamnFilthy is not left out with sizable subscribers of over two million who have hooked on over 105 million videos although the channel came into existence on July 1, 2014.

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The internet personality has, however, long made statements that he would not continue uploading videos in the channels due to health challenges and career change. He has stopped uploading more videos in the channels but the channels have continued to attract more subscribers. Thanks to his Filthy Frank show and the Frank character.

His Music Career

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He adopted a music style that is known and considered as trip-hop and Lo-fi which blends elements of trap, folk, electronic, and R&B. from his days of Pink Guy music in his YouTube channel, he has always showcased his musical talents and made known his desire to tow that path. Under his comedy rap stage name, Pink Guy, he dropped one mixtape Pink Guy (2014), one album titled Pink Season (2017) which debuted at number 70 on the billboard 200, and one EP titled Pink Season: The Prophecy.

Under the name Joji, he has dropped an EP titled In Tongues (2017) and a studio album Ballads 1 (2018). His kind of music has been well received worldwide so far and it is sure taking him places.

Net Worth

Although the Filthy Frank aka Joji may have gone off Posting and making videos on the net, he sure made a tangible income from his artistry as a video blogger. His net worth is estimated to be within the ranges of $1.3 million to $ 2 million. A fortune he obtained from his YouTube activities, as a businessman and musician.

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Facts About The Internet Celebrity

    His Family

Joji reportedly lost his parents at a tender age and was raised by his uncle named Frank. Although his uncle started taking care of him since he was seven, he still referred to him (uncle) as “weird” and “Bald Man”. One expected him to call him father or uncle owing to the parental role he played in his life. Joji has always called him by his name, Frank. Details of his biological parents are not disclosed.

      He Is An Entrepreneur

Aside from vlogging and his current music career, Joji also makes a chunk of money as an entrepreneur selling phone accessories, hoodies, tank tops, and T-shirts and other merchandises

       Personal Life And Social Media Involvement

Being a celebrity opens one’s life to public scrutiny especially from the media. The media has been able to spot a lady who might be having a thing for Joji, she is no other person but Lily May Mac, a social media personality. The two have not come to clear the air on the status of their relationship, but they have been spotted at events together. Who knows if the wedding bell will sound pretty soon. We shall keep you posted if it does.

       Author of Francis of the Filth

He is the author of the book Francis of the Filth which was published on September 27, 2017.


Joji stands at a good height advantage of 5 ft 8 inches (1.73m) while maintaining a good body mass which currently has not been disclosed.

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