Jojo Babie
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Fitness models such as Jojo Babie have become synonymous to the perfect body stature. It shouldn’t surprise you to know just how many young women follow this dynamic and successful social media influencer. Without a doubt, social sites have in no small way propelled her career to millions of fans.

She has gained a massive following by putting up her risqué selfies and style photos, most of which she consistently posts on her Instagram and Twitter handles. While at that, she advertises for different brands while selling her own products. So far, this young cyber star commands a following of over 8.5 million on Instagram and well over 40K on Twitter. Let’s get to know more about her career, personal life, and every other thing in between.

Jojo Babie’s Bio

Jojo Babie was born Jojo Von Southi in Kansas City, Kansas, United States on November 7, 1988. Although she’s done a pretty great job keeping a large chunk of her early life away from the public, we know that her mother, who inspires her so much, hails from far-away Laos.

Though born in Kansas, little Jojo spent some time living in Los Angeles, California. We also don’t know so much about her educational background altogether. But Jojo Babie is not a university professor neither is she vying for public office, is she?

All we can say is that she obviously has all it takes to be the successful Insta-model that she is. So far, she’s doing pretty well…more about her net worth soon.

Jojo Babie got her start as an Instagram super-model back in 2013 when she began uploading those hot pictures of herself on the platform. Thanks to her mixed Asian-American background, her looks and body build quickly fetched her so much attention from fellow models and everyone who had the eyes to appreciate. Hers was a rapid rise in popularity. Within three years of starting, she’s already garnered over 3.5 million followers on Instagram.

However, as they say, your follower is not always your fan. With more followers came the body shamers and the cyberbully wags who sought to perforate her self-esteem. But then, Jojo never seemed perturbed at all. As of 2019, her following has almost tripled to nearly 9 million. Although she’s had a twitter account since October 2010, that seems to have gone backstage a bit. She currently operates an OnlyFans account where she shares exclusive content with her large fanbase for a fee. Now, this isn’t some random AI virtual assistant reeling out intelligent responses to real people. Here, Jojo Babie gets to communicate with her fans one-on-one about new products, services, and of course, some fair opportunity to know her personally.

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With a huge following comes a huge market and Jojo understands that pretty well. She leverages her influence to sell T-shirt and posters on her frequently-visited website. Plus, she also models and advertises for various brands.

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Things To Know About The Instagram Model

1. Her Net Worth

With about 9 million followers on Instagram, one wouldn’t have to wander far about her size of income. As of this writing, sources say that Jojo Babie makes between $16,000 and $28,000 for every new Instagram post she puts up. Her net worth is estimated at over $300,000.

2. Jojo’s Boyfriend, Is She Dating Anyone?

So far, Jojo Babie has kept her followers glued and occupied with her jaw-dropping pictures and attractive products. However, that hasn’t stopped some from asking who the man in her life really is. Concerning this, we admit that no name has popped unto the radar yet. But be rest assured the paparazzi are doing what they know to do best. When we do find the mystery man, we’ll be the first to tell you.

As of this writing, we can only say Jojo Babie is single and enjoying her life. Her Instagram feed also shows her taking luxurious trips around the globe.

3. Height and Body Measurement

Even for a model, Jojo Babie has an incredibly voluptuous build. The Kansas-born beauty stands at 5 feet 4 inches (1.7 meters) and weighs 123 lb (56 kg). She has light-brown hair and dark-brown eyes and, her bust, waist, and hips measure 36-25-36 inches. There are no specifics as to her shoe and dress sizes.

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