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Jon Cozart drove social media fans crazy in 2017 when he tweeted that he was “disgusted” by both genders and so was bisexual. Unlike other YouTubers who post a string of videos before being recognized, Paint, as his moniker went, struck success earlier on when he uploaded the video Harry Potter in 99 Seconds in 2011. The video was immensely lauded by viewers and went viral in a matter of seconds. In 2012, Jon garnered more attention when he auditioned to be on Glee. Though he did not make it to the show, he went far enough to make himself a household name. As of now, this American YouTube personality, musician, and comedian has a YouTube channel with over 4.6 million subscribers.

Biography of Jon Cozart

Jon Cozart was born on the 26th of April, 1992, in Little Rock, Arkansas, the U.S. It was here that he was raised, but he moved to Houston, Texas when he was only 6. He was raised alongside two brothers and a sister, and it was since he was a child that he had the knack for music. For this reason, he was able to learn the piano very early.

Before fame, the YouTube sensation grew up loving Disney World. Cozart made the best use of his high school theater where he was able to make a very good impact and was successful. Nevertheless, Jon revealed that he believed there was going to be even more success waiting for him when it comes to film.

His YouTube Career

His YouTube channel – “Paint”, an account gifted to him by his brother, was created on the 27th of December, 2005, and has over 4.6 million subscribers as of August 2019. Jon Cozart’s career in vlogging started in middle school as a way to avoid writing papers, offering to make videos instead, and he continued this through high school. On the 27th of July, 2011, Cozart uploaded Harry Potter in 99 Seconds, which quickly became a viral video, with 45 million views as of this writing.

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Cozart grew his audience on YouTube with his Disney parody videos, which place Disney Princesses into modern circumstances through a cappella layering of his voice to supply the music. The video After Ever After was uploaded in 2013 and has amassed 85 million views as of February 2019. Two additional After Ever After videos were released in 2014 and 2018.

In 2015, Cozart performed his first one-man show, Laughter Ever After, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. His live performance of musical comedy was well-reviewed by attendees who pointed out that Jon Cozart delights with his witty, heartfelt music. He also joined fellow YouTube musicians – Dodie Clark, Tessa Violet, and Rusty Clanton in 2016 for selected shows of the small and intimate Transatlantic Tour along the east coast. At the time of writing, Paint has gained close to half a billion views and he has over 4.6 million subscribers and many videos.

Is He Gay; If Not, Who’s His Girlfriend?

Jon Cozart
Jon and Shannon Barry

Jon first stoked the rumor about him being gay when he mentioned in a video that even though people thought he was gay, he still loved them. Although he said that, it is believed that he’s come out of the closet many times, mostly on Twitter. There was a time he tweeted that all he got out of the year 2009 were ‘dick pics’ and another time, he tweeted that his pubic hair was still straightened from gay pride in case anybody fancied him. In a nutshell, his sexuality is best explained by what he once twitted as shown below:

I’m disgusted by both genders equally so yes I’m bisexual

Jon Cozart was once in a relationship with a blogger called Shannon Barry. The pair reportedly dated between 2014 and 2015. Their relationship was a known affair as they shared photos of each other online while professing love for each other. However, they are no more together.

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Other Facts About Jon Cozart

Jon Cozart’s Net Worth

Jon has earned an enviable fortune from his YouTube career. As of 2018, he has a net worth estimated around $600k. The contents he uploads are mostly hilarious and funny videos that entertain his fans. This is the main reason for all the hype surrounding his channel.

Height and Other Body Measurements

The YouTube personality stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters). In addition to this, he is reported to weigh about 61 kg (134.5 pounds). He is a handsome man and his fans, especially the female ones, really love him for this.

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