Who Is This Jon Grissom Accused of Molestation By Actor Corey Feldman?

Revelations of sexual assault allegations and rape accusations have been shaking up Hollywood for a while now. A lot of top industry players from producers to actors have been embroiled in scandals as the revelations keep coming and coming. Actor Jon Grissom has become one in what is becoming a long list of names to be accused of sexual indiscretions in their past.

Corey Feldman, a much younger actor, has accused Jon Grissom of sexual abuse. The younger actor worked with Jon Grissom in two films when he was a child. Feldman who is now 46 years old released a seven-minute video where he divulged information along the lines of six people who he alleged to have committed sexual abuse against him. Feldman has spoken severally about the issue, even mentioning it in his memoir Coreyography which he published in 2013. He has shared hopes to actually produce a movie about his life and pedophilia in Hollywood. In his memoir, one of the characters of the alleged abusers was named Ron Crimson and Feldman revealed on one episode of the Dr Oz show that the character had actually referred to Jon Grissom.

It confirmed speculations that had swirled since the book was released. Feldman told Dr Oz that the name change in the book was required on legal grounds and his lawyers had insisted that it be changed although he had chosen to pick a name that sounded closest to Jon Grissom.

Who is Jon Grissom?

As mentioned earlier Jon Grissom is an actor but below we look more in-depth at the life of the man who has had this serious charge leveled against him.

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Early Life

Grissom was born Cloyd Jon Grissom. He was given birth to in Alaska but went to high school in Arizona. Although he is mostly referred to as an actor, he has really only worked on two films; “License to Drive” in 1988 and “Dream a Little Dream” in 1989. Corey Feldman and his friend Corey Haim (now dead) both starred in the movies. Jon Grissom was a trusted friend of the Feldmans and he was given the job of being a personal assistant to Corey Feldman whose career at the time held exceeding promise.

Relationship with the Two Coreys

Jon Grissom
Jon Grissom and Corey Feldman

Jon Grissom became very close with the “Two Coreys” while serving as Corey Feldman’s personal assistant. Feldman wrote in his book that at age 15, he and Jon had become friends and partied regularly at clubs where they also allegedly did drugs. Feldman claimed that he was given cocaine and crack by Jon after which sexual acts were then performed on him.

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Problems with the Law

Grissom also seems to have had some previous run-ins with the law. He has a criminal record from a 2001 arrest for child molestation charge. After the Dr Oz show, a video was released stating that the Dr Oz legal team believed Jon Grisson had served time in prison in 2003 but also that he was a possible fugitive as he had never registered as a sex offender. This puts the actor in violation of “Megan’s Law” which makes it imperative for sex offenders to register with the state.

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Active on Social Media

Although Jon Grissom has stayed mum on the accusations, his whereabouts are a little well known. He is said to be living in Mazatlan, Sinaloa in Mexico. He still remains relatively active on social media platforms, namely My Space and Facebook and has posted pictures of himself and the “Two Coreys” from when they had all worked together. This is a particular point of pain for Corey Feldman.

A Target of Public Anger

Jon Grissom was swiftly attacked on social media after the accusations from Corey Feldman came out. Another Jon Grissom was even unfortunately cut in the cross-hairs of public anger against the former actor just on the basis of sharing a name with him.

Feldman meanwhile, spoke to the Los Angeles police over the phone while on the Dr Oz show. The force has said that although the situation has been brought to their attention there was no open investigation at the time. Feldman would have to file a formal report in person if he finally wants to see Grissom pay for the alleged actions against him and the late Haim.

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