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Jonathan Coachman who is popularly known as the Coach has had one of the most motley careers in broadcasting. He began his career as a local sportscaster and he is now a famed host of World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view shows. He is best known as an ESPN SportsCenter anchor, PGA Tour Live commentator and World Wrestling Entertainment announcer. Coachman who often entertained World Wrestling Entertainment fans with lively interview sessions has also moved on to endear himself to many lovers of football and basketball games, having called many football and basketball games for College Sports Television.

He has also announced New York Knickerbockers games and served as a provisional Raw General Manager. Jonathan Coachman is no doubt, a prominent media personality who has made great impacts in the arena of sports. To learn more interesting facts about the famed sportscaster, scroll further.

Jonathan Coachman Biography

The imminent sports analyst was born as Jonathan William Coachman in McPherson, Kansas, United States on 12th August 1975. There is no available information about his parents, siblings, and childhood. Concerning his academic history, Coachman went to McPherson high school where he took part in his school’s basketball ball games and claimed two basketball championships. While in college, he participated in other activities which includes serving as a color analyst for local football and basketball games. He has also been featured in a directory video where he provided basic principles on flight navigation and airplanes.

Why Did Jonathan Coachman Leave ESPN Despite Huge Salary

Jonathan Coachman was recruited by one of the notable sports broadcasting network, ESPN in 2008. In the following year, he began hosting SportsCenter and while on the show, the sports commentary expert was providing sound analysis and background information on World Wrestling Entertainment as well as having interview sessions with some Wrestling Personalities. Later on, he was made the anchor of a nationally syndicated ESPN radio show titled, Coach & Company in the year 2012.

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Having worked for ESPN for almost 10 years, Jonathan Coachman publicised of his departure from the sports network in 2018 as he failed to renew his contract with them. Despite earning a stupendous salary that is reportedly $500 thousand per annum, Coachman opted not to sign a new deal with ESPN because of their minor coverage of Wrestling activities rather than making it a major focus.

Other Facts About The Sportscaster

1. Jonathan Coachman’s Family

Jonathan Coachman
Jonathan Coachman and wife, Amy image source

The notable media personality is a married man and he is married to Amy Coachman, an immunotherapy sales specialist. The pair exchanged marital vows in 1999 and has welcomed two kids, a daughter named Kayana Coachman and a son who goes by the name of JJ Coachman.

2. His World Wrestling Entertainment Career

Coachman began conducting interviews as well as providing commentary for World Wrestling Federation in 1999. During that time, he interviewed top Wrestling figures like Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”. Later on, he started announcing Wrestling matches and equally served as a color analyst. In 2005, he sealed a multi-year deal with World Wrestling Entertainment and was made to join the Raw broadcast team for which he held a leadership position when Jim Ross was relieved of his work.

After some time, Coachman quit his announcing job and was later made McMahon’s Executive Assistant. Then in 2007, he became a provisional Raw General Manager, a position he held for a brief moment before William Regal succeeded him. Coachman provided commentary on Smackdown prior to the expiry of his contract in 2008 and eventually refrained from renewing his contract. He then became a member of staff of ESPN in the same year.

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In 2018, Coachman sealed a new deal with the World Wrestling Entertainment and worked along with Michael Cole as a member of Raw Commentary team. After working as Raw Color analyst for a while, Jonathan Coachman began hosting World Wrestling Entertainment pay-per-view show, which he is still doing till present.

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3. Coachman’s Wrestling Match Competitions

The well-known sports analyst has also contested in a few wrestling matches while he was associated with the World Wrestling Entertainment in 2005, which includes SmackDown! vs Raw Storylines where he fought against David Bautista, and Royal Rumble matches against Jerry Lawler and The Big Show.

4. His Video Game Voice Works

In addition to his sports broadcasting work, the prominent color analyst has also done some video games voice-over works which include Madden NFL 19 and Black College Football Xperience: The Doug Williams Edition.

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