Movies That Makeup Jonathan Frakes’ Directorial Portfolio, His Net Worth and Family

Jonathan Frakes is one of the actors that grew their career within a short time, with credits linked to the Marvel Comics series, Captain America. After making a name for himself on set, he decided to venture into film directing, and of course, he has proven that he is as adept in movie directing as he is in acting.

Frakes made his acting debut on the set of Ѕhеnаndоаh, which announced him to the world and opened several inroads into other successful roles. He also starred in and directed the popular American science fiction television series, Star Trek, for over 25 years and counting and has remained a stalwart fixture of the series.

A Brief Look At Jonathan Frakes’ Acting Career

Initially, when Jonathan ventured into acting, he started his career as Captain American in the Marvel Comics series, appearing at conventions in costumes, as well as working with the Impossible Regime Theater. His craze to grow his career made him relocate to New York, and within a short period, he landed a role in the Broadway play, Ѕhеnаndоаh. That project showcased his acting skills to the world, leading to several minor and major roles in television series.

It was exactly in 1987 that he became a cast in the series Star Trek: The Next Generation. The project Star Trek became globally known and was one of the most-watched television series that period. With the rise in his career, the Pennsylvania native later made a film appearance in the movie, Franchise. For his performances in the project, Jonathan Frakes was nominated for the Вlосkbuѕtеr Еntеrtаіnmеnt Аwаrd аnd Нugо Аwаrdѕ, but unfortunately, he didn’t get to take home any one of them.

He has since appeared in several other productions like The Doctors, The Waltons, Eight Is Enough, Matlock, The Dukes of Hazzard, Hill Street Blues, Bare Essence, Paper Dolls, Falcon Crest, North and South, Dream West, and a whole lot more.

His Directorial Gig Started With The Star Trek Series

In 1987, the famed actor Jonathan Frakes was cast as Commander William T. Riker on the set of Star Trek: The Next Generation. There were just only two actors who were privileged to appear in the series until its wrap-up in 1994, and Jonathan was one of them. Midway through his tenure on the series, Frakes made his directorial debut, and that switch in roles heralded the veteran entertainer’s second career behind the camera. Frakes would go on to direct 14 episodes of the show.

In addition to his gig on Star Trek: The Next Generation, the movie star was also part of the cast of other shows in the series, namely Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise, Star Trek: Voyager, as well as Star Trek: Picard. He made the records as one of the only two regulars on the show to appear in five different Star Trek series, with the other being Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Jonathan Frakes also takes the credit for directing episodes in five of the series (DS9, TNG, VOY, DIS, and PIC). With this, we can conveniently say that his gig in Star Trek is the most successful of his career as an actor and as a director.

Frakes Also Proved His Mettle As A Director In Other Productions

Guest-starring in three episodes of the WB series, Roswell, Frakes functioned as the executive producer, as well as director of several episodes of the series. Additionally, the popular entertainer has directed episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles, Leverage, Castle, Falling Skies, Сlосkѕtорреrѕ, Тhundеrbіrdѕ, and Burn Notice. His most recent directorial efforts include Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Hit the Floor, Switched at Birth, The Orville, and The Librarians. He has shared photos proving his directorial skills on Instagram.

Jonathan Frakes’ directorial prowess does not just end onset; the talented director has taken his wealth of knowledge to the classroom. He is currently part of the Saltwater Film Society and the Waterfall Arts Center, which are workshops where he teaches classes on film directing. His delve into movie directing has made him one of the best directors the movie industry has ever produced. He stood a chance during the 1996 nomination for the Saturn Award.

Who Are The Members of Jonathan Frakes’ Family?

Born on August 19, 1952, in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, Jonathan Frakes is the son of Dr. James R. Frakes, who earned a living working as a critic and editor for the New York Times Book Review. Dr. James was equally a professor in English Literature at Lehigh University – a position he held for over four decades, from 1958 to 2001, functioning as the Edmund W. Fairchild Professor in American Studies. Frakes’ dad died in 2002. His mum’s name is Doris J. (née Yingling).

He spent his growing up years in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he attended Bethlehem’s Liberty High School and is from German and English descent. The actor was not the only child of his parents; he was brought up alongside a younger brother, Daniel, who died in 1997 after suffering from pancreatic cancer.

He Started Earning The Big Buck From Star Trek

Because Jonathan Frakes had been active onscreen for over four decades, nothing less is expected from him, especially when it comes to his money bag. After the release of the movie, Ѕtаr Тrеk: Тhе Nехt Gеnеrаtіоn, sources say that was making over $100,000 during his peak in the series’ final seasons, though his earning as at the onset was $45k per episode. In the release of the movie’s sequel, Ѕtаr Тrеk: Fіrѕt Соntасt, he made over $5 million.

While it is true that the Star Trek series has contributed immensely to his fortune, the rise of the actor’s career, especially the switch from acting to directing, has been lining his pocket with more wealth. As of this writing, Frakes is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million and still counting.

Jonathan Frakes Fell In Love While Filming Bare Essence

Love they say is a beautiful thing, but the most beautiful part of love is meeting someone who practically thinks and understands you. Jonathan Frakes fell in love with his better half, Genie Francis, while both of them were playing different roles on the soap opera, Bare Essence. You can imagine the thoughts of the producers, co-actors, and directors while the two were on set, we could take a bet that they all felt that the chemistry between the two was just fictional, little did they know that the couple had been stung by love bees while on set.

Well, while noses were poking in the couple’s business to find out if the assumed chemistry between them existed, the duo, while filming the mini-series North and South, confirmed their love journey.

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They Wasted No Time In Formalizing Their Relationship

Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Frakes and Genie Francis: image source

Eventually, Jonathan and Genie started dating in 1985, and in the following year, they got engaged. Two years after that, precisely on the 28th of May, 1988, they sealed their union in an elaborate marriage ceremony. They have two children, Jameson Ivor Frakes and Elizabeth Francis Frakes. The Frakes were formerly residents of Belfast Maine before relocating to Beverly Hills, California, in 2008. Presently, they live in Calabasas, CA.

Jonathan’s wife, who was born as Eugenie Ann “Genie” Francis on the 26th of May 1962, is best recognized for portraying the character of Laura Spencer on the set of the TV soap opera General Hospital from 1977 to present. Her outstanding performance on the show earned her a Daytime Emmy Award in 2007. She has also co-starred with her better half in quite a few productions.


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